Jolan tru, citizen of the Empire.

Welcome aboard the Imperial Romulan Vessel Imperiax! Much has happened recently within the Empire that affects us all. Romulus and Remus have been destroyed and we currently have no Praetor to lead us. The realms within our borders are in a state of chaos with people from all sides vying for power. It is a turbulent time indeed.

While for most of us our homeworld is now lost, it is important that we continue to hold onto the ideals and philosophies that have made the Empire strong for so many centuries.

In the wake of our most desperate hour, the Romulan Guard has recommissioned some of their older and partially damaged starships for immediate use. They have also recalled all available and retired military personnel to be deployed on these vessels immediately. Order must be maintained.

It is a difficult time for anyone with Romulan blood in their veins but rest assured, that this is not the end of the Empire. We are Romulan. We will prevail. We will rise from the ashes of our fallen comrades and become much stronger and more feared than ever before.

The IRV Imperiax has been assigned to Task Force 93 which operates within a vast area of Romulan Space but also encompasses a portion of the diminished Romulan Neutral Zone and Federation Space. The sim currently takes place in the year 2388 which is nine years after Star Trek Nemesis.

Here at the Imperiax, we value quality over quantity. If you're interested in trying out something new, have the time at your disposal, want to be part of some engaging and thrilling stories, and most importantly, if you like everything that you've read about the ship so far, then why not give a Romulan ship a chance? Join us on the Imperiax today!

Current Mission: Revealing Truths

Subcommander Dhael has received a cryptic message from an old contact within the reunification movement, indicating that he knows the truth of what really happened at Hobus. Ever-wanting to know this truth, Volus allows Dhael to meet with this contact while the Imperiax maintains a hidden position away from the rendez-vous. During the meeting, Dhael realizes that not everyone wants the truth to come out.

Latest News Items

» Happy Birthday To The Imperiax!

Posted on 15 Sep 2016 @ 5:39pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Four years ago today, I was granted my first ever command in Bravo Fleet; the Imperiax. I'm so proud that she is still around even if it's in her final months / days. So many people have come and gone in the last four years but there have been three individuals (besides myself) who have been a constant the entire way. I know that I've said this before, but I will say it again. Thank you to Karen (Dhael), Andreas (Valkis) and Michael (Varuh) for sticking with this sim for as far as it has traveled. I am sad that I will be stepping down soon, although as it has already been explained OOCly, I need to do this for real life reasons. While this will be the last birthday on the Imperiax that we celebrate together, I ask that we all look back on the good times we've had. It certainly has been a pleasure doing this.

Happy birthday!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» A Couple Of Awards

Posted on 14 Jun 2016 @ 6:54pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Jolan tru!

Just a couple of brief announcements to make. It seems that the Romulan gods have been looking over us in the month of May as we came out of it with two awards. Firstly, COs have to nominate someone every month for player of the month for the task force. I'm pleased to announce that Michael (who plays Varuh) has won the Task Force 93 player of the month! Here's what I wrote about him!

My nomination for player of the month goes to Michael who plays Sublieutenant Varuh tr’Krell, my Leader of Singularity Control. He, as always, is one of the most active players on the Imperiax and you can just tell that he’s very enthusiastic about playing a Romulan character. He dedicates alot of time and effort into all of the writing he does and has even gone out of his way in previous months to try and liven up the ship’s crew by creating a multitude of NPCs. He also plays several other NPCs in other departments. I truly enjoy having him on my ship and he is a great asset. Link.

Congrats Varuh!

That's not all though. Surprisingly, we also came away with the sim of the month for May! Here is what was written regarding the Imperiax by our one and own Patrick (Mr. Grax).

Being a member of the ship itself, I nominate IRV Imperiax for their large contribution of the Romulan Star Empire side of the story. JP is doing a great job of telling us that story! Link.

Thank you for nominating us Patrick. It is appreciated. I can only hope that people will see all of our accomplishment and maybe even join us in the future.

Great job everyone! Keep things going. The best is still to come!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» Bravo Fleet Simulation Of The Year!

Posted on 22 Mar 2016 @ 8:35am by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in Sim Announcement

Good morning everyone! I have some great news for you today. In the last couple of months we were presented with a couple of awards. The Imperiax won the Sim of the Month for November 2015, as well as Sim of the Quarter for the period of November to January. Well, it doesn't look like the awards stopped there! So without further ado, here is a little something from Darian, the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer as written on the Bravo Fleet forums.

The voting for the Simulation of the Year Citation was not as close. One game garnered 2/3s of the votes in the BFA. To my knowledge, this is the first time a non-Federation game has won this award iin Bravo Fleet (but I cannot confirm it). The winner of the Simulation of the Year Citation for 2015 is the IRV Imperiax, which is assigned to the Astraeus Group in Task Force 93.

The Imperiax has handled all the changes we've made in the Task Force 93 and Bravo Fleet canon with ease and professionalism. To be honest, I did not believe the Imperiax would survive the major changes that we made over the past 3 years, but they surprised me, and I couldn't be prouder of them for their accomplishment.

That's right everyone! We've won the Bravo Fleet Simulation of the Year for 2015! Congratulations!

For the casual observers, on behalf of the Imperiax and her crew, I would like to thank the Bravo Fleet admiralty for this award. It does mean very much to me on a personal level that we are being recognized for our efforts. To my crew, it's very obvious that we wouldn't be able to achieve something like this without you. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

In light of us winning this award, I will likely be coming up with some kind of graphic for the site. I've already attached a little ribbon to your bios, one that's been supplied by Bravo Fleet. That's all from me today! Good job everyone!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» Awards! Awards! Awards!

Posted on 28 Feb 2016 @ 2:37pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in Sim Announcement

Good afternoon everyone!

I have some good news to share with you all today! The Imperiax was awarded the Bravo Fleet Task Force Simulation of the Quarter for the months ranging from November to January! Congrats guys! I'm so glad that we're finally being recognized. We wouldn't be where we are today without all of your hard work. Keep it going! I've added the ribbon for that award, as well as the ribbon for the November Ship of the Month award to each of your bios. So all the shinies are in there!

On the topic of awards, I've discontinued the Player of the Month awards as I was usually awarding them to the same people. It's not a system that I particularly enjoyed as it didn't properly award people for what they were doing. I will also be discontinuing the original awards that we did however I might incorporate them into something in the future.

With the upcoming website redesign that is planned, there will be a kind of achievement system as well. I'm currently working on something similar for one of my other ships. Once I've laid it all out there, it's likely that the same system will be transferred here. If you've ever played any games such as World of Warcraft, or even Star Trek Online, achievements are kind of like guidelines for things that you can do. You can get an achievement for writing your first post, or for having done 100 posts! Maybe we'll even have an achievement for the amount of Romulan Ale a character has consumed. It's still very much in the planning stages but once we have something concrete, I assure you that I'll share it with you all!

Until next time!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» A Little Late, But Cool Nonetheless!

Posted on 19 Jan 2016 @ 8:07pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Hey everyone! Just a little something to share with you all today. While it might be a little late as I was never informed about this, the Imperiax was awarded the Sim of the Month of Task Force 93 for the month of November! Woohoo! Good job guys. This is what they had to say about us:

Task Force 93 Simulation of the Month - IRV Imperiax, Astraeus Group
In November 2012, the IRV Imperiax debarked T'Rehu Station on its maiden voyage after being reactivated on an impossible schedule by a ragtag crew following the Hobus disaster. Of the six writers that authored that first Flight of the Imperiax, four of them are still writing on the sim three years later. This is a testament to J.P., the Commanding Officer of the Imperiax, and the crew, all of whom have come together to tell a story that has spanned the modern canon of Task Force 93. Their task has not been easy: they're telling the story of an alien sim; they've had to deal with many shifts in leadership and even an abrupt shift in the canon; and they've had to do it all behind the closed borders of the Empire, often left to their own devices. Yet, even through all these challenges, they've succeeded and thrived. It is thus only fitting that, on the third anniversary of the completion of its first mission, I nominate the IRV Imperiax as the Task Force 93 Sim of the Month.

As always, I'm very proud that we have lasted this long and there's still alot of cool things planned, especially for this year. There's a new site design that will be coming first and foremost and with that I might be creating some kind of achievement system that I'd love to have your input on! That will be coming soon.

Thanks again to everyone for making the Imperiax fun. There aren't many alien sims out there. I think we're pretty much the only pure alien sim in Bravo Fleet currently. Keep it going. The best is still to come!

J.P. / Commander Volus

Latest Mission Posts

» A Timely Rescue, Part Three

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 27 Sep 2016 @ 1:08pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Lieutenant Valkis tr'Tellus

Varuh sat in front of the cockpit console of shuttlecraft two. He wore a spacesuit as he expected to have some time in vacuum whilst connecting and securing the magnetic clamps and feeding the wreckage of a shuttlecraft they were to salvage and tow back to the Imperiax with extra…

» A Timely Rescue, Part Two

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 07 Sep 2016 @ 7:30pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Lieutenant Valkis tr'Tellus & Decurion N'alae t'Lareth & Decurion Gariol tr'Serobok & Decurion Mavieste t'Raedianh

"Wort!" Lyirru cursed as his fisted came down heavily on the console. He spent the past eight hours trying to repair the shuttle's engines, but with limited supplies and spare parts his efforts were seemingly in vain. Lack of sleep and living in such close quarters with others wasn't helping…

» A Timely Rescue, Part One

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 25 Jul 2016 @ 3:09pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Lieutenant Grax & Lieutenant Valkis tr'Tellus & Decurion N'alae t'Lareth & Decurion Gariol tr'Serobok

Lyirru picked himself up off the floor and got himself back to the helm. His head was pounding, he must of hit it on his way down but he didn't remember doing it.

A quick diagnostic of the shuttle's systems didn't provide much reassurance. "Everything is pretty much broke!" Lyirru…

» Moonshine - Conclusion

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 15 Jul 2016 @ 3:06pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell

Scientists oftentimes allowed their minds to drift off into imaginary lands, if you will. A side-effect perhaps of being analytical, imaginative or even creative. Always thinking. Sometimes a person just had to filter out all the noise and distractions that were going on around them in order to try and…

» To Dismember A Borg, Part Four

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 12 Jul 2016 @ 3:25pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Sublieutenant Rejik tr'Nansalaem & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa & Uhlan Mardek ir-Rateg & Kon Vyona

With about eighty-five percent of the Borg technology removed from his body, Rejik finally felt free. This was so both on a physical level as well as a psychological one. The virus he'd injected himself with which hindered much of the assimilation process when the Borg got to him on…