Site Credits

Nova has been developed on the CodeIgniter PHP framework by EllisLab.

Icons used throughout Nova were created by FamFamFam and Pinvoke.

The LCARS Nova 2 skin was created by Matthew Williams. Edits are permissible as long as original credits stay intact. The LCARS skin includes the jQuery BlockUI plugin by Malsup. More information can be found at

The rank sets was created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. The rankset (and others) can be found at Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy or modify the images.

D'deridex-class starship model in banner brought to you by Stefan May from

Imperiax Title art brought to you by J.P. / Commander Volus.

Special thanks to Obsidian Fleet for parts of the Specifications and Deck Listing.

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