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Posted on 26 Oct 2012 @ 5:13pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

Hello everyone. If you take a look at our current roster page you're going to see alot of new names. The majority of them are NPCs that I've created just now. For many of the Romulan characters I'll be adding some pictures very soon for them.

Here is a list of the NPCs I've created.

Zhanduk (Reman) - Wardroom Chef [He has an odd sense of humor, we met him in 'Misery']
Gekha L'Mekratek (Reman) - Slave Overseer [For now, he's going to act as my bodyguard until we get a Slave Master.]

Uhlan Bisrik (Romulan) - R&D Developer
Uhlan Gariol (Romulan) - Flight Controller
Uhlan Mavieste (Romulan) - Warbird Controller [It's like OPS]
Uhlan S'Tethor (Romulan) - Communications Controller
Uhlan Janeya (Romulan) - Weapons Controller

I know that Lhaerth has created a few of his own. Everyone is able to create some NPCs for their department if they want to. I just ask that it follows the naming conventions that I suggested when you created your character to join the Imperiax.

So, feel free to use these NPCs if you want to. Just don't kill them off LOL. They're there to make our lives a bit easier especially in the unoccupied positions where we don't have a player character. If you use them make sure to link their names in your posts via the 'author' section. I think they should be in there. And as always, if you guys have any questions feel free to ask!

J.P. / Sub-Commander Volus


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