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New Leader of Science / Sciences Head

Posted on 02 Oct 2012 @ 9:54pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

Hello everyone!

I'd like to welcome aboard Centurion Shiarrael to the Imperiax. She will be filling in the role as the ship's Leader of Science and given the amount of experience her character has, I've also appointed her as the Sciences Head. That means that the Medical, Sciences and R&D departments will report to her directly before anything is passed on to Sub-Commander Dhael.

Shiarrael, if you have the time, take a look at the posts we've already done. There's currently only a handful of them so it shouldn't take you very long to catch up if you haven't already.

Welcome aboard and if you ever have any questions, the command staff is here to help you out.

J.P. / Sub-Commander Volus


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Category: General News