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Hooray! 'The Blood Of Eternity' is finally done!

Posted on 10 Aug 2014 @ 9:09pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

So with the post that Karen (Dhael) just sent out, we can finally mark the end of Episode #4 - The Blood of Eternity. Thank you to everyone who worked hard over the last couple of months to see this mission come to its conclusion. It's greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, like Episode #2, this mission lasted way too long. I'd tried to make it shorter, and I think it was in scope, however we suffered in the late winter months of this past year when people went on LOA as well as new players just letting us down by going absent without a word. I would like to reiterate that for the upcoming mission I'm going to try my hardest to make these missions go a little bit faster. One year to complete a mission is just too much. It's something I've complained to other COs about in the past.. and it's something that I want to see improved here.

In that specific vein of thought, I am going to introduce 'goals' for us to meet every month. You don't really get anything for meeting those goals but it's just sort of a guideline to help us get things done. In August, thus far, we've managed a total of eight posts which is awesome! I'd like us to work hard for the next twenty-one days and try to get out another eight posts at least. Be mindful of what you write though.. don't write posts for the sake of doing them. Make sure there's a purpose to them, and make sure they tell a good story. You guys haven't let me down up until now so let's keep things go! On to our next mission!

As some of you might have seen, the name of our next mission is 'Silent Infestation' and it will involve our brethren the Remans and also the Borg. For the next week or so, here are some items to keep in mind regarding any posts you wish to write.

- It will take us 18 days to go from Anaeth to the D'deridex System.
- Mission Day 1 (MD1) will be when we arrive at the outpost at D'deridex.
- Any posts that are to happen before our arrival should be labelled as 'Recently...'
- We will only be staying at D'deridex until late MD2. From there we are to deliver supplies and cargo to the Devoras System.

I think that's pretty much all you guys need to know for now. I'll probably give us a week or two to do some posts that are more laid back before we get into the thick of things with our new mission. I'd encourage you all to do some posts together. I think the one thing that's always been lacking on the Imperiax is character bonding (for a variety of reasons), so let's try to fix that a little bit. Make use of NPCs! There are some that are owned by specific players but just let those people know and we can get stuff done.

Oh, as already mentioned, everyone who participated in this last mission will have a shiny new commendation attached to the 'awards' section of their bios. As our last mission was so lengthy and there were only four of us who played for the majority of it, I won't be doing awards this time.

I think that's all. Thank you to everyone who has kept up with the Imperiax up until now. Our 2 year anniversary is fast approaching! I look forward to seeing how this next mission develops!

J.P. / Commander Volus


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