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A Couple Of Awards

Posted on 14 Jun 2016 @ 6:54pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol
Edited on 14 Jun 2016 @ 6:56pm

Jolan tru!

Just a couple of brief announcements to make. It seems that the Romulan gods have been looking over us in the month of May as we came out of it with two awards. Firstly, COs have to nominate someone every month for player of the month for the task force. I'm pleased to announce that Michael (who plays Varuh) has won the Task Force 93 player of the month! Here's what I wrote about him!

My nomination for player of the month goes to Michael who plays Sublieutenant Varuh tr’Krell, my Leader of Singularity Control. He, as always, is one of the most active players on the Imperiax and you can just tell that he’s very enthusiastic about playing a Romulan character. He dedicates alot of time and effort into all of the writing he does and has even gone out of his way in previous months to try and liven up the ship’s crew by creating a multitude of NPCs. He also plays several other NPCs in other departments. I truly enjoy having him on my ship and he is a great asset. Link.

Congrats Varuh!

That's not all though. Surprisingly, we also came away with the sim of the month for May! Here is what was written regarding the Imperiax by our one and own Patrick (Mr. Grax).

Being a member of the ship itself, I nominate IRV Imperiax for their large contribution of the Romulan Star Empire side of the story. JP is doing a great job of telling us that story! Link.

Thank you for nominating us Patrick. It is appreciated. I can only hope that people will see all of our accomplishment and maybe even join us in the future.

Great job everyone! Keep things going. The best is still to come!

J.P. / Commander Volus


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