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Mission Update (September 2016)

Posted on 01 Oct 2016 @ 8:56pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

Jolan tru!

This is something that I have been doing for the last few months on the two other ships I command, and I figured that it's about time that I start doing it over here, especially as I've decided that I will be continuing to command the Imperiax. I blame Michael for my 'change of heart'. :P Really though, it came down to me knowing that I would regret closing it if I did. So I'm not. And the 2015 sim of the year will continue.

The purpose of these mission updates is to keep everyone on the same page with what's going on in the sim whether it's about the current mission, future missions, or things involving the site itself. I tend to do them at the beginning of the month so look out for them from this point forward.

The Current Mission
The Imperiax arrived at the location of the collapsed singularity and found the wreckage of a Romulan ship. A short distance from the wreckage was a damaged shuttlecraft. It was discovered that the away team was aboard the aforementioned shuttlecraft, much to Commander Volus’ relief. The Imperiax altered course once again and headed for the Vreenak. Due to the damage it suffered from the explosion of the V’ashnu, the Imperiax could not retrieve the shuttlecraft through conventional means. Sublieutenant Varuh had a plan though. He, and Commander Volus took one of the Imperiax’s own shuttlecraft to mount a rescue operation which proved to be successful.

The Next Mission
Revealing Truths is mission number six. That means our next mission will be number seven. We have four more missions until we conclude season one. Things are going to start ramping up big time with some of the things that I have planned. As I was not expecting to continue the Imperiax, it's probably going to take some time for me and Karen to figure out what we're doing for the next mission. We have a basic premise but we still need to discuss things. As we are still working on the final post for this mission there is still time and I envision we'll have things planned out sufficiently for the start of mission seven.

We need people! Not yet, but when we start the new mission. With Patrick's departure in August we are down to five players. I'm okay with that for now. We're wrapping up the current mission.. however I will be trying to recruit people for some of our department head positions. I'd like to get at least three more if I can. Currently, the Tal Prai'ex and Tal Shiar rep positions have been disabled. I just feel like they are problematic positions (unless played by really good people). If we start getting alot of new players I might open them up again but we'll see how things go. I'd like to fill in some other positions first. We're in need of a Leader of Medical, Leader of Science, Leader of R&D, Leader of Flight Control, Leader of Communications and lastly a new Reman Master.

Site Things
I have a couple of site things to mention in this update. Firstly, we finally have a new skin. It is now the default skin but if you can't see it then you'll need to go your site options and change it to LCARS. The skin was something that was plaguing me for MONTHS and I'm so glad that I've finally come up with something that I really like and I think revitalizes the sim's look a little bit by making it appear more Romulan! I've changed the bio buttons again to coincide with the new look. If you notice anything that might be out of the ordinary, let me know and I'll investigate.

The other thing I'd like to mention is that I might be putting together a wiki. This is because the Imperiax is kind of in a unique situation as we're one of the only alien sims in all of Bravo Fleet and thus we have our own history and events happening that we need to keep track of. I can't do this alone though and I am going to need some help so if anyone would like to volunteer I would greatly appreciate it. I don't know when I'm going to start on this project. University stuff starts for me soon.. but it's on my agenda.

That's more or less it for this month. I apologize for flip-flopping so much about whether or not I was staying or not. It hasn't been an easy decision for me and I hope you will all understand. I've been really frustrated with alot of things. I still am. So much is expected of me but I can only do so much. I will always do my best though. I am a perfectionist in that regard. Anyhow, let's push through the post that's currently going on so that we can wrap up this mission and move on to the next!

J.P. / Commander Volus tr'Keirheol


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