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New Mission: 'The Choices We Make'

Posted on 16 Oct 2016 @ 12:42pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

Jolan Tru!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend thus far. So, as I mentioned yesterday, I closed off the 'Revealing Truths' mission and we are now onto episode number seven. I can't believe that we've completed six missions no matter their quality. I just hope that moving forward we continue to tell better stories and do better missions. As always, despite that I am a Romulan here, I'm not perfect but I am always doing my best to make this sim as great as it can be. I can't do it alone so I appreciate any help that I can get. I just want to share some thoughts about our last mission and then we'll be properly moving forward.

Mission 6: 'Revealing Truths'
I will be honest in saying 'Revealing Truths' didn't end up the way that I planned. It seems to be the trend here on the Imperiax. For some reason, even after all this time, I'm still not able to fully anticipate what some of your characters may or may not do. Essentially I didn't expect for our time on the V'ashnu to end so quickly. With that being said, we did lose two players who were on the away team there at the time, and I know Valkis was dealing with real life stuff so maybe those factors contributed to things happening the way they did. I just don't think we got as much out of the mission as we could have. I'm not really sure how to improve that. I'll communicate more than I already do (which is alot) to try and make sure everyone knows what's going on. As you all know as well, the end of the mission wasn't what I had originally planned but as part of our soft-reboot here I thought it was best to abandon the storyline, and start with something new that would have less of an impact on the Empire as a whole. I won't really get into the specific as to why this was all done. I'm pretty sure that you all know.

Mission 7: 'The Choices We Make'
Here is the synopsis for our new mission.

A vote for independence from the Empire has resulted in civil unrest on Ketrillon IV. Forty-nine percent of the colony’s population voted to remain, and as such have chosen not to accept the result of the referendum. In protest of the entire thing, they have taken the governor of the planet captive and refuse to release him unless another vote is allowed to take place where a majority of seventy-five percent would be needed to show that the people truly wish to leave the Empire. Those wanting to leave are not sitting idly by though. They are mobilizing their forces to free their leader. The Imperiax has been ordered to the Ketrillon System to seek a resolution to the crisis; one that will be most beneficial in the end for the Romulan people.

Now, for those who are aware of real life stuff going on in the world. Yes, our above mission looks alot like the UK referendum that was held this past summer with regards to whether or not it should leave the EU. I do tend to use real life events to come up with my missions. Star Trek has always done that. Obviously our take is going to be with a Romulan twist though. I know that planets wanting to leave the Empire is something that was done I think in the Star Trek Online canon so it's not that far fetched. Considering the Romulans are still dealing with the fallout from Hobus (after over a year when we start the mission), I don't think this story is that far of a stretch. We just need to make sure that it's very Romulan in nature.

So what do I have planned for this mission? I'm going to be listing these in point form.

- There is an ongoing conflict over the Gavarian Corridor between the Cardassians and Romulans. As I don't even know what the details are we are going to just be keeping this conflict in the background and just tell our own stories. For dating purposes, this conflict began on February 11, 2388.

- 6 months have passed since three Cardassian Galor-class starships destroyed our original Imperiax. This happened on March 16, 2388 (15th d. of 4th m. of Fire, y. 1940 AS.)

- Mission picks up on September 19, 2388 (2nd d. of 5th m. of Earth, y. 1940 AS.)

- MD1-MD3: What's left of the Imperiax crew are ordered by Galae Command to report to Starbase Sei (Three) for reassignment. I don't think your characters will know what ship they're being reassigned to.. mostly for it to be a surprise. :D I imagine we'll have some kind of group post where everyone is told. For the time between then and now, your characters are free to do whatever they want. They could have been on leave. They could have been temporarily reassigned somewhere else. It's up to you! Make sure to update your bios if anything significant happened to your characters during that time.

- MD4: We'll be 're-launching' the Imperiax and heading for the Ketrillon System.

- MD5-6: Room for characters to get accustomed to the new ship and accomodations.

- MD7: The Imperiax arrives to the Ketrillon System and we begin the main part of the mission. As I expect it might take a month or so for us to reach this point, I won't really go into detail about what we'll be doing from this point. I expect we'll be handling that, for the most part, in a briefing post.

So for now, I think that's all that I need to tell you guys. As mentioned in the OOC, there is a post that is nearly done being worked on currently that will kick off the mission. I will be getting to it shortly to finish my part in it and then we get to see the poor Imperiax get blown to bits so that we can get our new one. I will probably be starting some posts with people as well. I believe that we will be continuing the storyline with regards to the device that caused Hobus to happen. My plan was to have myself and someone else (Dhael, or anyone else) meet with a shady person on the Starbase to see if they can get information from them. Haven't really planned it further than that though.

I will be adding the above information to the mission notes so that you can see it when writing posts. If anything comes up I will let you know!

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me via PM or in the OOC.

J.P. / Commander Volus


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