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Mission Update (October 2016)

Posted on 02 Nov 2016 @ 3:41pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

Jolan tru everyone!

The month of October is behind us. Ahead is November! This is going to be a short mission update as alot of the stuff that's happening going forward has already been addressed in the news post that was sent out in the middle of last month. So without further ado!

The Current Mission
As a reminder, here are some important time stamps to be aware of:

- There is an ongoing conflict over the Gavarian Corridor between the Cardassians and Romulans. As I don't even know what the details are we are going to just be keeping this conflict in the background and just tell our own stories. For dating purposes, this conflict began on February 11, 2388.

- 6 months have passed since three Cardassian Galor-class starships destroyed our original Imperiax. This happened on March 16, 2388 (15th d. of 4th m. of Fire, y. 1940 AS.)

- Mission picks up on September 19, 2388 (2nd d. of 5th m. of Earth, y. 1940 AS.)

- MD1-MD3: What's left of the Imperiax crew are ordered by Galae Command to report to Starbase Sei (Three) for reassignment. I don't think your characters will know what ship they're being reassigned to.. mostly for it to be a surprise. :D I imagine we'll have some kind of group post where everyone is told. For the time between then and now, your characters are free to do whatever they want. They could have been on leave. They could have been temporarily reassigned somewhere else. It's up to you! Make sure to update your bios if anything significant happened to your characters during that time.

- MD4: We'll be 're-launching' the Imperiax and heading for the Ketrillon System.

- MD5-6: Room for characters to get accustomed to the new ship and accomodations.

- MD7: The Imperiax arrives to the Ketrillon System and we begin the main part of the mission. As I expect it might take a month or so for us to reach this point, I won't really go into detail about what we'll be doing from this point. I expect we'll be handling that, for the most part, in a briefing post.

I want this month to be all about us getting onto the new Imperiax. December 1st I want to have us be on MD4 and relaunching the ship. I imagine we'll be doing a briefing post at that point and getting full on with the mission itself. This is all dependent on how much is done this month of course. I know that I have like four posts going on at the moment and there'll likely be more. Please note that we are all here to write, and if you're not doing that then we need to discuss why that's the case.

As stated in the OOC, I plan on starting recruitment in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we can get a few new members to fill up our senior officer positions.

Site Things
With regards to upgrading everything to the new look, as well as our new ship the D'deridex, I think that I'm more or less done. As noted before, the one thing I am working on and that will take some time is the deck listing. This is going to be a major priority for me to accomplish this month. As always, take a look at it and if anything sticks out like a sore Reman thumb, just let me know! This also goes for if anything is missing!

That's more or less it for this week. Keep up the good work and let's get at least five posts out this month, if not more! I know that we can do it.

J.P. / Commander Volus


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