Commander Volus tr'Keirheol

Name Volus tr'Keirheol

Position Commander

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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 118
Date of Birth April 18, 2269
Place of Birth Ki Baratan, Romulus
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Volus is a very imposing Romulan. He is tall and has broad shoulders. He is clearly a man of his age, being neither fit or bulky. He is somewhere comfortably in between. There are several creases on his face around the eyes and mouth that demonstrate the many years that have passed in his life. His brown eyes are filled with years of experience. He has seen many things. In recent times, when a person looks at him, one can see a very sad and tired man. Most of this is due to the events surrounding the supernova that destroyed his homeworld. Like some of his kin, Volus has two brow ridges above the bridge of his nose that forms a V-shape on the forehead. He has thick, angled eyebrows and the same pointed ears that are shared amongst his kind. He also has a big nose and a wide chin. Lastly, Volus sports the traditional military haircut. His hair is dark brown in colour though there are hints of purple in it. It is always kept short and neat, especially while on duty.


Spouse Desara (Deceased in Hobus Supernova - 2387)
Children Endreia (Daughter)
Terokal (Son)
Suren (Daughter, Deceased in Hobus Supernova - 2387)
Father Nordan (Deceased during the Dominion War - 2375)
Mother Halaren (Deceased in Hobus Supernova - 2387)
Brother(s) Sulanek, Rogar
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Alpha-One
Data Access Level Level Five
Security Code Volus-jhimn-lhi-the-kre
Living Quarters Deck 18 - Room 1020
Personal Office Location Deck 22 - Commander's Ready Room

Personality & Traits

General Overview Volus is completely loyal and devoted to the Romulan Star Empire. This is simply how he has been brought up. He is completely devoted to doing what is right for the Empire, as well as his family. Despite his sometimes blind devotion to his people, as a scientist he does try to maintain an open mind on most fronts. Science and the study of life in its simplest forms is one of the most important things to him. As an officer, Volus is strict and he expects those under his command to do their best at all times. He has a very authoritarian feel about him. People will know when he is in command of a situation regardless of his past reservations about command itself. In contrast, on a personal level, he is very approachable and enjoys sharing many of his life experiences with others in an attempt to give a life lesson when needed. He likes children and he is very passionate about providing a good future for the next generation. He isn’t afraid to laugh if the situation calls for it.

Personal History Early Life
Volus tr’Keirheol was born on the eighth day of the Second Month of Air, otherwise known as Khaidoa nukrer s’Jaeih, in the galactic year 2269. He was born into a noble house as the youngest of three children. While they weren’t exactly rich, the family was well known in Ki Baratan and they were respected. His father Nordan served proudly in the Romulan Guard while his mother Halaren served as an aide to the leader of their House in the Romulan Senate.

When Volus reached the age of five, he was entered into the standard Romulan training programs which included schooling, cultural indoctrination and physical training. Above all things, Volus excelled in mathematics and sciences. The training program lasted for fifteen years. At the end of his training, aided by his family’s reputation and wealth, Volus had become one of the top five up and coming scientific minds of the Romulan Star Empire.

By the time he was twenty, both the Romulan Guard and the Ministry of Science sought Volus’s scientific expertise. Although he would have opted to join the prestigious Ministry of Science, he felt that doing so would perhaps bring shame to his father and tarnish his career. It was his father’s wish for his sons to do as he had done, and follow in his footsteps to obtain a military career. So, Volus did just that. He enlisted into the Romulan Guard. Even if it wasn’t the ideal place that he would have wanted, there were still plenty of opportunities to be had in space. His scientific career was far from dead. It was just beginning.

Till Death Do Us Part
Following his five year term aboard the IRV Pesanius, Volus returned home to Romulus. As he had now done his obligatory service to the Empire, he was now free to marry, amongst other things. On the two hundred fifty-third day of the year 2299, in the fourth month of Earth (Khaidoa numner s’Avilh), Volus married fellow officer and scientist Desara t’Meldaik. Shortly thereafter, both scientists accepted military positions on the planet Xanitla where they would spend the next twelve years together.

Endreia, Terokal and Suren
Over the course of his military career, Volus has taken some personal leave in order to spend some time with his family. During those allotted respites, he and his wife Desara have welcomed three children into their lives. Endreia, the eldest of the three was born in 2305 on Xanitla. As of 2387, prior to the destruction of Romulus and Remus, she was a teacher at the military academy. The second of the three children and the only boy, Terokal, was born in the year 2311 on Romulus. He currently serves as a propulsion theorist at S’harien Station in orbit of Dimorus II. The last of the three children, Suren, was born in the year 2337. Like her father, she served in the Romulan Guard. Unfortunately, it is said that Suren perished on Romulus when the Hobus Supernova struck the planet. She had been assigned to helping civilians get to their transports when the disaster occurred.
Military History ChR Pesanius
Upon completion of his training at the Imperial War College, Volus’s first assignment was as a general scientist aboard the Bird-of-Prey Pesanius. While nothing of significance occurred during his five year service, he did come to be regarded as a valued member of the science department aboard the ship. He began to refine his area of expertise to organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical ecology and biophysics. It was also during his tenure there that he was introduced to his future wife Desara.

Once his five year term aboard the Pesanius was complete, Volus returned home to Romulus to get married. Volus stayed on Romulus for approximately three months after the union. During this time, he and his new bride were weighing their options. Chances are if they were to return into space, they’d be separated and assigned to different ships. No, in the height of their love for each other, that option didn’t really seem like a good one.

After inquiring with the Ministry of Science about any potential openings on their end, they were informed about a new scientific project that was opening up on the planet Xanitla. Thus, the decision was made. Volus and Desara both accepted positions on Xanitla and they departed for the Romulan planet as soon as the orders arrived.

On Xanitla, Volus took part in many research assignments involving the planet’s diverse ecosystems. They studied the plant life and the animals in great detail in an effort to understand life at its base values. As part of the team he was involved with, Volus made several discoveries including a new species of mammal from one of the unexplored areas of the planet. This was the subject of his first research paper that was distributed amongst the scientific community at large.

Volus and Desara stayed on Xanitla for a total of twelve years before returning to Romulus. It was at this time that they were expecting their first child.

Moving Up In Rank
Following the birth of Endreia, their eldest daughter, there was much talk and discussion between Volus and his wife in regards to what should be done in the context of their careers. With a new child in their lives, it made coming to a decision a little more difficult. In the end, Desara chose to stay on Romulus to raise their child. She would later pursue a career on the homeworld that suited her needs. Volus, on the other hand, returned to space.

For the next forty-six years, Volus served on various starships including the D'Soria, the Brak'en, the Seganico and finally, the Velosh. During that time, he progressed through the ranks of the military. When he joined the Red Talon as a specialist scientist in 2312, Volus started off as a Sub-Lieutenant. In the years that followed, he would become a Leader of Science, Second Officer and then eventually a Sub-Commander. By the time he stepped down as Sub-Commander of the Velosh, Volus had achieved the rank itself of Sub-Commander.

Despite the increase in his prestige at a command level, Volus soon came to realize that he didn’t much care about commanding a vessel of his own. When several admirals began inquiring about him on that precise notion, he decided to step down. Having also been contacted by the Ministry of Science on several occasions, Volus accepted a position there instead, citing that he was returning to the life he had always wished to live. A life in the midst of science and discovery. In 2358, Volus returned to Romulus and to his family.

The Ministry of Science
At the Ministry of Science, Volus continued much of the work he had started during the early parts of the century. He led several scientific expeditions back to Xanitla to study the mammals he had discovered before. He also explored various other planets within the Empire that were teeming with life. Much of his time at the ministry was spent administering other teams of scientists although he made certain to set aside enough time to pursue his own goals. Over the seventeen years he spent at the ministry, Volus wrote numerous papers about a form of life he’d discovered on the planet Gotanna III. The species lived in a secluded area but did not require the same elements to breathe. Several specimens were returned to Romulus for further study.

The Dominion War
In the mid 2370s, the Federation and the Klingons were fully entrenched in a war with The Dominion; a vast empire from the depths of the Gamma Quadrant. While Romulus stayed neutral in that war for most of its duration, a Dominion attack on one of the Empire’s most prominent senators changed all of that. Late in 2374, the Romulans entered the war and allied themselves with the other forces of the Alpha Quadrant.

As the war continued into the new year, the casualties slowly began to rise within the military. Because of this, all personnel who were retired or on personal leave, were soon recalled to duty. This included Volus. Although he was now a prominent scientist within the Empire, even he could not ignore the call of his superiors during a great time of need. Volus accepted his promotion and the subsequent reassignment as commanding officer of the Warbird Lhorakis.

In the closing months of the Dominion War, the Lhorakis was involved in several battles with the Dominion. Most notably, it took part in the Battle of Cardassia which saw the end of hostilities between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion.

In such a time of adversity, Volus found a love for command again. He and his crew received several medals and decorations for their service in the name of the Empire. Once the war was over, Volus was offered permanent command of the Lhorakis, to which he gracefully accepted.

A Sabotaged Career
With the Dominion War at an end, the Romulan Guard soon began to rebuild its military forces. There were occasional shifts in the overall direction of the military itself, especially in the midst of changes in leadership as was the case in 2379. When that passed and Shinzon was deposed as Praetor, the Empire really began to heal its wounds. By the 2380s, the military had regained much of its former strength and expansion was on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Helped by the successes of his career, Commander Volus and the Lhorakis started undertaking many more science-related missions. For the most part, the change in the ship’s overall mission was well received amongst the crew. They visited new planets and explored phenomena that no Romulan had ever seen before. It was a good time to be a Romulan. For Volus, this was the kind of thing he dreamed about as a child. But that dream wouldn’t last forever.

In 2382, the Lhorakis was sent to one of the Empire’s frontier systems in order to help the local inhabitants combat a deadly virus that had been introduced into their population. Being the scientist that he was, Volus opted to help his science department with the task of finding a cure. While they were making progress on that front, a freak catastrophe allowed the virus to break free on the ship, killing a third of the crew before it could finally be contained and eradicated.

When the mission was complete, and an investigation by the Tal’Shiar on the matter began, it was found that Volus himself had caused the virus to break free. Although the Commander has always furiously expressed his innocence, all of the evidence tied to the investigation showed otherwise.

Volus though, knew that he didn’t purposely kill his crew and he wasn’t about to stand idly by while he was being accused of such monstrosities. He began his own investigation on the matter. On his way to finding out the truth about the experiments that led to the deaths of his crew, Volus escaped several assassination attempts. It was during one of these attempts that he learned the truth from one of the assassins. Someone was trying to sabotage his career although he could never find out who.

By then, the Tal’Shiar gave Volus two options. He could either resign his post as commanding officer of the Lhorakis or they would have him executed. It was obvious at that point who it was that was behind the whole thing. Saving the last of his dignity and pride, Volus opted to resign from his post and he returned to Romulus. He never expected to serve in the Romulan Guard ever again.

The Hobus Supernova
In one of the most catastrophic events since the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis, the suddenly unstable star known as Hobus went supernova. The resulting shockwave rippled throughout the core worlds of the Romulan Star Empire until it struck and obliterated the planets Romulus and Remus.

At the time of the incident, Volus was on Drovna III and thus avoided the disastrous event completely. News of it soon made its way to him though and like all Romulans, he stopped what he was doing to take in what had happened. While he did know that the planet itself was in the process of being evacuated in fear of the effects of Hobus, nobody had expected it to happen so soon.

To make matters much worse, Volus discovered that his mother, wife and youngest daughter had all perished on Romulus when it happened. His youngest daughter! That news in itself nearly killed him.

With Romulan Space in much disarray, the Romulan Guard once again turned towards its former officers to try and keep the peace. Although Volus initially rejected the military’s call in order to grieve for his lost family, he changed his mind soon thereafter. In the end, he was still Romulan and he had a duty to do. At the very least, it would be in honor of all the people who had been lost.
Service Record 2289 - Enlists into the Imperial War College.

2294 - Completes training at the Imperial War College, majoring in Exobiology and Exochemistry.

2294 - Promoted to the rank of Uhlan and assigned to the ChR Pesanius (Vas Hatham-class) as a General Scientist.

2299 - Completes his five year service aboard the Pesanius. Re-assigned to the science outpost on the planet Xanitla where he begins work with a team of scientists on several new biological and chemical experiments.

2301 - Promoted to the rank of Sublieutenant for his devotion to his duties.

2304 - Is part of several scientific breakthroughs involving some of the local wildlife on Xanitla.

2311 - Takes a personal leave of absence from the Romulan Guard.

2312 - Returns to active duty and is assigned to the ChR D'Soria (Stormbird-class) as a General Scientist.

2317 - Re-assigned as Specialist Scientist aboard the D'Soria.

2320 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

2322 - Re-assigned as Leader of Science aboard the ChR Brak'en (K't'inga-class).

2332 - Begins command training. Promoted to Second Officer of the Brak'en.

2337 - Takes a personal leave of absence from the Romulan Guard.

2338 - Returns to active duty and is assigned to the IRW Seganico (D'deridex-class) as Leader of Science.

2341 - Promoted to the rank of Centurion.

2348 - Re-assigned as Subcommander aboard the IRW Velosh (D'deridex-class).

2357 - Promoted to the rank of Subcommander.

2358 - Steps down as Subcommander of the Velosh and is re-assigned to the Ministry of Science on Romulus.

2375 - Promoted to the rank of Commander and re-assigned to the IRW Lhorakis (D'deridex-class) as Commander. Commanded the ship in several battles during the Dominion War, most notably the Battle of Cardassia.

2382 - An experiment headed by Volus on the Lhorakis goes horribly wrong, killing a third of the crew. Although he later learned that his project had been sabotaged, Volus was never able to prove it. As a result, he resigned his commission and returned to Romulus.

2387 - Re-instated into the Romulan Guard in the wake of the Hobus Supernova that destroyed Romulus and Remus. Given the rank of Subcommander and assigned to the IRV Imperiax (Khellian-class) as its commander.

2387 - Promoted to the rank of Commander.

2388 - Re-assigned to the IRW Imperiax (D'deridex-class) as its commander.

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