Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell

Name Varuh i'r'Dhain tr'Krell

Position Leader of Singularity Control

Rank Sublieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 38
Date of Birth 2350
Place of Birth r'Dhain, Umbrios, Samnar Sector
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft
Weight 175lb
Hair Color black, w blue shade
Eye Color emerald green
Physical Description A bit bulk with soft facial properties. Left facial side sports a crude-looking bionic eye-implant resulting from an injury after destruction of the IRV Imperiax. Bald head adorned with mourning tattoes giving him a dark aura. Cleanly shaven beard giving a smart, but also devilish or impish look. Likes to smile often - but what his smile means is often unknown. Filigrane hands and adept with tools of all kinds - a tinkerer. Loves exotic food, body weight resulting of a bit hedonistic lifestyle. Aware of this and countering by doing athletics - expect muscle under his somewhat puffy appearance. At least does not appear to be wiry for a Romulan.


Spouse none yet
Children none he is aware of
Father Luthian tr'Krell, Tal Shiar Officer and Scientist (IRV Kaleh - M.I.A.)
Mother Naheen t'Vok, Political assistant to senator tr'Bakt (deceased since Shinzon incident 2379)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Tuvok ir'Satelk tr'Krell, Ale Merchant. Uncle. Varuh spent most of his life with his uncle while his father was absent.
Salkia i'Pau t'Krell, Aunt, Ale Merchant
Zerok ir' Satelk tr'Krell, Cousin, will inherit his father
Mardek ir'Rateg tr'Krell, adopted clan member

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-Two
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Varuh-fvehai-sei-mne-kre
Living Quarters Deck 20 - Room 0344
Personal Office Location Deck 8 - Leader of Singularity Control's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liberal interpreteur of way of D'Era. Believes serving the Empire best by analyzing and exploiting xeno-species behavior and code of honour and adapting strengths into his own way of D'Era.

Inerested in xeno-technology and collector of related specimens/artifacts. Average knowledge in the fields of politics. Expert knowledge in fields of weapon engineering, especially torpedo maintenance/modifications. Advanced knowledge in singularity drive engineering. Practical experience in repelling boarders once during service on scout craft IRV D'Ven in Cardassian space.

Amateur player of Ferengi Tongo game, but skilled. If not admires but at least aknowledges Vulcan philosophy but keeps this secret. Believes that both people must be united to fulfill the legacy of the Vhorani, but does not think that this is to be forced in the near future. Is aware of the vulcan underground but does not partake as this is a too hot topic for him. Likes smalltalk but can be seclusive if he senses danger in his words.

While he was groomed to lead a house he was introduced into the art of swordsplay and hunt. He is quite proficient with disruptor rifles and his military training helped much to improve that. He kept on training both the sword and rifle since he joined Galae.

His duty on the Imperiax held many occasions to think outside the box and he has grown to not only a skilled engineer, but also could put his knowledge in the fields of weapons, physics and chemistry into guerilla warefare tactics.

Currently he is aware that he has to mate and produce a heir to the house if it was to prosper and recuperae from the years without acting lord. Unfortunately, he has not found a suitable match yet.

What Varuh thinks of...:
Ferengi - Interesting species. While their behavior clashes blatantly with the way of D'Era and is therefore unacceptable their perception of profit is something that holds lessons to be learned since money means power.
Federation - He is overwhelmed by their compassion they showed after the Shinzon Incident. But he also believes that they might have a hidden agenda. They need to be watched.
Klingons - Fierce, stubborn, reliable allies if they recognize you. Othervise dangerously unreliable and prone to be predictable. Nevertheless they make good Rak'tajino.
Cardassians - They drink fish juice for breakfast and ally with the Dominion - anything more to say?
The Borg - An abonimation - kill on sight (but try to explore their technology). Maybe there is salvation, however...
The Dominion - The Enemy - past, present and in the future
Bajorans - Always wanted to examine one of their wormhole-related artifacts...
Zakdorn - Interesting species. They have plans within plans which is remarkable. Something worth to learn.

Personal History Raised as only child of Luthian tr'Krell and Naheen t'Vok. Grown up in his uncle's estates on Umbrios where he got insight in the process of making decent Romulan Ale (and building up resistance to consuming alcoholics since he joined military service). Inherited family recipe for Romulan Ale. Educated by his Uncle and several private teachers on the tr'Satelk estate. Kept away by his uncle from peers thus formed by extensive contact to adults which explains his urge to play occasionally up to gambling. Eloquent in return and sometimes showing signs of scholarly behaviour. Jack of all trades. Due to frequent partaking of sales/customer negotiations adept in xeno-social behaviour, etiquette and diplomacy.

Although his father is (was?) Tal Shiar he has no good experiences with this organisation. In fact he thinks that this organisation need to be kept in check if it is not to become a "state in the state". Joined the Imperial Academy of Science upon adulthood and partook courses in weapon engineering, field technologĂ˝, propulsions and xeno-archeology as free subject. Thesis in xeno-tech adaption techniques. Joined the fleet as associate tech on a Romulan Scout vessel performing surveillance in Cardassian space. Participated in the successful repulsion of a boarding attack.

Varuh is - as he has known only recently - acting hru'firh of House Krell as his father is M.I.A. He had struggled to get the confirmation of his status and lead his house - or at least make it act for itself and prosper. Finally, the death of his father was confirmed and now he leads his house. He is very seclusive about his father's history as it is fitting for one with family ties to the Tal Shiar. His father groomed him to become the leader of House Krell and Varuh had lessons in swordsplay from a private tutor. His father was an excellent fencer but did not spar with Varuh often - almost never.

Behind the facade of the jovial Singularity Controller lives a sharp analyzing mind and a warrior with deadly surprises at hand. Varuh plans to continue his training with sword and disruptor secretly and tries to acquire xeno-artifacts and writings on the topic of warfare if he can.

After confirming the death of his father and being officially accepted as Lord tr'Krell by Duke Valkis s'Tellus he has to turn his attention to politics as well. New political challenges await.

On the 15th d. of 4th m. of Fire, y. 1940 AS, the IRV Imperiax was destroyed in a Cardassian ambush. No fewer than 5 Galor class assaulted and destroyed the Romulan ship. Varuh could escape on the IRS Mortis, severly wounded. He lost his left eye and had it replaced with a bionic one.
Military History Tours of duty
Fleet basic training on Umbrius Space Station
IRV r'Demak - militia patrol vessel stationed in Umbrius system for 2 years
IRV D'Ven: 2 year as associate weapons engineer. Engagement in Cardassian Space.
IRV r'Rashan - Torpedo Tech on Strike Cruiser for 2 years.
IRV Terix - Engineering Officer on D'deridex Class vessel under Commander Sirol for 4 years.
IRV Imperiax - Began assignment as lower controller to singularity under Subcommander Volus tr'Kheirhol (later promoted to Commander). Promotion to sublieutenant after playing a crucial role in crushing an incursion by a rouge ex-Tal Shiar. War with the United Federation of Planets could be avoided successfully. Currently acting Head of Singularity as his superior Sublieutenant Lhaerth is M.I.A.
Took part in the evacuation of Romulan citizens out of territory ceded to the Federation and attacked by the Klingon House of Tartang.
Successfully installed a secret Ale Distillery on the science deck together with Decurion Bisrik and Wardroom Chef Zhanduk.
Took part in retrival of borg technology on Reman Colony, Xolecis II
Escaped destruction of the IRV Imperiax aboard the IRS Mortis, a Lanora Scout vessel he took part in salvaging on Xolecis II.
IRW Imperiax - Assigned Leader of Singularity Control on successor ship.
Service Record Promoted to Uhlan after tour of duty on IRV D'Ven
Promoted to Sublieutenant during assignment on IRV Imperiax
Inherited title of 'hru'fihr s'Krell' after his father was declared K.I.A.

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