Centurion Kefhira Cha'Haeda

Name Kefhira i-Dartha Cha'Haeda

Position Protocol Officer/Tal Prai'ex Representative

Second Position Leader of Medical Sciences

Rank Centurion


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 67
Date of Birth 3rd day of the 2nd month of Fire 1872 AS
Place of Birth Dartha
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kefhira is a younger Romulan female, due to her working in the civilian world for many years she wears he hair long when not working, and held neatly in a bun at the nape of her neck when working. Kefhira always wears black leather gloves when not alone due to unexpected physical contact causing her some distress.


Spouse Daehlli ir-Gath'Thong Cha'Haeda
Children N'alae i-Khraevfl Cha'Haeda (5 years old)
H'ilvh i-Khraevfl Cha'Haeda (3 years old)
Father Tolan Cha'Haeda
Mother Ael Cha'Haeda
Brother(s) Nveid i-Dartha Cha'Haeda
Sister(s) Lhraei i-Dartha Cha'Haeda
Helev i-Dartha Cha'Haeda

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Alpha-Four
Data Access Level Level Five
Security Code Kefhira-fvillhu-lliu-hwi-lhi
Living Quarters Deck 11 - Section 07, Room 24
Personal Office Location Deck 11 - Tal Prai'ex Centre

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kefhira is a reserved person, using her deep knowledge of the Romulan mind and psyche to observe all those around her, rarely adding to a conversation unless she feels she has something important to add. Kefhira is deeply loyal to the Praetorate, using her skills to ensure that the true ethos and meaning of the Romulan Star Empire is maintained in this time of chaos. Kefhira is enjoys spending her free time reading novels and as a member of the Tal Prai'ex she had access to non-Romulan literature.

Personal History Kefhira was born on Romulus in early 2320 the middle daughter of Tolan Cha'Haeda a junior Consul within the Imperial Senate and Admiral Ael Cha'Haeda (the daughter of a former Praetor and previously of the Clan Servlik of the House s'Tahn). Kefhira's childhood was normal for those of someone of her status, she spent her early years playing with the sons and daughters of senior Galae Officers and Senators.

It was discovered in her early years that Kefhira had inherited the dreaded gift from her ancestors who had first landed on Romulus after flying under the Raptor's wing. She was one of the less than 0.0001% of the Romulan population that had telepathic/psionic abilities. Something that her parents were willing to use as political equity, but aware could result in her being 'appropriated' by the Tal Shiar.

At the age of majority Kefhira entered the Imperial Military Academy and underwent the standard 5 year training programme, and then a further 5 years medical officer's training programme. Kefhira was far from the top of her class, but her latent abilities allowed her to excel in military strategy and hand-to-hand combat as well as psychology/psychiatry. As per usual for junior officers she was assigned to a standard tour of duty of 5 years on-board the IRW D'drandra as a Medical Officer.

Kefhira served with distinction on the D'drandra, and when a boarding party on a smugglers vessel captured their prey, but were unable to gain the information from them, Kefhira teleported on board and was able to use her telepathic abilities to interrogate and find the location of the contraband biomimetic gel. When this was reported in dispatches, Kefhira came to the attention of the Tal Diann , Tal Prai'ex and the Tal Shiar. Given her families military and political connections Kefhira was able to avoid being drummed into the Tal Shiar, and instead underwent the almost more intensive training of the Romulan Galae's elite branch - the Tal Prai'ex.

As part of the oldest part of the Romulan Military, Kefhira underwent far greater military, and psychological training that she had at the IMA. Her physical training raised her from being merely fit to being at the peak of physical perfection, she was able to defeat a Gorn in un-armed combat almost without breaking a sweat. The Tal Prai'ex, as well as serving as the Honour Guards of the Imperial Senate and the Praetorate also filled the role of the internal police force for the Galae. Nominally the Tal Shiar were supposed to deal with foreign intelligence and security it wad down to the Tal Prai'ex to deal with internal security; each of the two feeling they could deal with both needs better than the other. It was this need to be able to interrogate and profile potential criminals and subversive elements within the Galae and wider population that resulted in Kefhira being selected to under-go specialist Psychiatric and Psychological training within the Empire-famous Imperial Medical University.

On completion of her training as a gemaen'maenek (approximation of a Federation Psychiatrist/Clinical Psychologist) Kefhira was assigned to the Tal Prai'ex High Command where she served as an interrogator, using her abilities both academic and inherent to get information out of unwilling sources. In addition to this she acted as an expert witness in prosecutions brought by the Tal Prai'ex (who unlike their Tal Shiar brethren used legal recourse rather than assassination), as well as profiling and testing all new entrants to the Tal Prai'ex as well as for more specialist Galae units.

In 2369 Kefhira was assigned to the Praetorian Guard of the Tal Prai'ex (for whom all Tal Prai'ex were named) and served as the Doctor of the Praetor, a coveted position that gave her daily un-observed or recorded access to the Praetor, acting as his counsellor as well as his physician. Kefhira was with the Praetor when he died of an acute aneurism that was impossible to detect on any medical scans. The Praetor died in her arms, but not before he whispered to her "Neral".

With the ascension of Praetor Neral, Kefhira remained in her post for the first year, but given her knowledge of his involvement with the attempted invasion of Vulcan several years previous, and her belief that he was the cause of his predecessor's death (although she could not prove it) she requested a transfer. This was approved by her superiors in the Tal Prai'ex who also had severe reservations about the new Praetor and his connections with the Tal Shiar. In 2375 Kefhira was assigned to act as Tal Prai'ex Liaison on the 2nd Warbird Group assigned to fight alongside the Federation Alliance against the Dominion, on this assignment she served with distinction and honour receiving the Imperial Legion of Merit - something she refuses to discuss.

After the end of the Dominion War, Kefhira served as Tal Prai'ex to the Romulan Embassy on Cardassia, where she worked to foster peaceful relationships between her people and the recovering Cardassians. During her time on Cardassia Kefhira became aware of the Reman coup that had resulted in the deaths of the senate and the Praetor. Knowing that everything she had spent her life defending had been destroyed, and the guilty party accepted as the new Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, she felt she could no longer continue in her role, and tendered her resignation to the head of the Tal Prai'ex.

Given her meritorious service within the Tal Prai'ex she was granted immediate retirement, and as per tradition her files were locked to anyone other than the Tal Prai'ex High Command. She was given a suitable legend that allowed her to take up a post as a Professor of Psychiatry/Psychology at the University of Khreavfl, a small university on one of the outer-worlds near the Out Marches. During her tenure rumours began to of her true past as Tal Prai'ex, but she quashed the majority of these stories: but still allowing the underlying theme to remain to allow her to exert influence over her superiors, and for information to find its way to her.

In 2380 Kefhira met and married Daehlli, formerly of the house Anira of the clan s'Jeiai. Due to her house being of the Line of Tellus, it was agreed that Daehlli would join her house and clan. They shortly children. As the better paid of the two Kefhira was the one who remained in full-time employment whilst Daehlli worked part-time as a Prosecutor in the judicial service. Kefhira's abilities led to her promotion to Head of Medical Education at Khreavfl.

With information of the impending Hobus incident Kefhira worked with her House and Clan to ensure that if the worse was to happen that they would remain strong, and prepared their resources to be on several non-core worlds. In the months leading to the Hobus Incident Kefhira was requested to attend a 1 month symposium on the future of Medical Education to ensure parity between the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire and Cardassian Union. She was at this symposium when news reached her of the destruction of her home system.
Military History 2342 - 2347: Romulan Imperial Military Academy
2347 - 2352: Romulan Imperial Military Medical Institute
2352 - 2357: IRW D'drandra, Medical Officer
2357 - 2358: Tal Prai'ex Training
2358 - 2360: Imperial Medical University
2360 - 2369: Tal Prai'ex High Command
2369 - 2375: Praetorian Guard, Maenek to Praetor
2375 - 2375: Tal Prai'ex Liaison, 2nd Wardbird Group
2375 - 2379: Tal Prai'ex, Embassy on Cardassia
2379 - 2387: Professor, University of Khreavfl
Service Record 2347 - COMMISSIONED: Uhlan
2352 - PROMOTED: erie'Arrain (Sub-Lieutantant)
2357 - PROMOTED: Arrain (Lieutenant)
2365 - PROMOTED: EnArrain (Centurion)
2369 - PROMOTED: erie'Riov (Sub-Commander)
2375 - PROMOTED: Riov (Commander)
2379 - COMMISSION RETIRED: Records sealed.
2387 - COMMISSION REACTIVATED: Records unsealed, recommissioned as EnArrain.

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