Centurion D'Galan tr'Jevihkh

Name D'Galan ir-Leinarrh tr'Jevihkh

Position Leader of Warbird Control

Rank Centurion


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 182
Date of Birth 10-3-Avilh, 1757 AS (2205)
Place of Birth Leinarrh province, ch’Rihan
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Though only of average height, D’Galan’s lean frame and imposing presence make him seem taller. Like most of his line, he lacks the distinctive Romulan brow ridges, a throwback to their Vulcan forebears. His silver grey hair frames strong features, weathered but hardly wrinkled with age, the most striking of which are his piercing blue eyes.


Spouse Kihaia ir-Artaleirh t'Jevihkh (married 2272, deceased 2320)
Children Shiarrael e-Jevihkh t'Arvrahn (daughter, b. 2272 d. 2343)
Atalan e-Jevihkh tr'Dor (son, b. 2273)
Caithanha i-Trilakas t'Jevihkh (daughter, b. 2275 d. 2344)
Aidoann e-Jevihkh t'Ventel (daughter, b. 2282)
D'Talrahv e-Jevihkh tr'Eridius (son, b. 2286)
Father D'Nar i-Elehu tr'Jevihkh (d. 2269)
Mother Mnheia ir-Leinarrh t'Jevihkh (d. 2302)
Brother(s) Nveid e-Jevihkh tr'Callonen (b. 2211, d. 2269)
Other Family Numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code D'Galan-caelis-kre-kre-lliu
Living Quarters Deck 14 - Section 02, Room 10
Personal Office Location Deck 5 - Warbird Control Leader's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet, observant, and stoic, age and experience have tempered D’Galan’s passions and taught him to keep his own counsel. He is now essentially a man out of time, with a loyalty to the ideals of the past, to his own mnhei'sahe and that of his people, which can place him at odds with more modern interpretations of D’era.

Personal History D’Galan ir-Leinarrh tr’Jevihkh was born in 2205, into a family that had risen to a small measure of prominence during the turmoil after the war with Earth. D’Galan’s mother was an architect and his father was a shipwright, careers which often called them away from the hearthworlds; their son most often journeyed with them, and his childhood was spent as much aboard starships and colony worlds as it was home on ch’Rihan.

At the age of 20, D’Galan began his d’talla alongside his peers and served in a variety of capacities in the Romulan Guard. In keeping with his family’s background, he showed aptitude as an engineer, but also for tactics and strategy. After his mandatory service, D’Galan’s parents intended for him to join their family enterprises as a prelude to entering the political arena, but he defied them and chose a life of military service.

For the next four decades, he served well, earning the respect of his comrades and the commendation of his superiors, rising to the rank of Centurion. He could have gone much farther in that time, were it not for a simple factor -- he gave his devotion to the men under his command instead of currying favor with his politically-minded superiors. He was content in his honorable service to the Empire without seeking power simply for its own sake.

However, D’Galan’s fortunes changed in the wake of the Empire’s renewed contact with the Federation. After the disastrous mission that ended in the Battle of Icarus IV, many noble houses were thrown into chaos, most notably House Chironsala, with whom the s’Jevihkh family was affiliated through distant ties of blood and marriage. Though not dishonored, D’Galan’s family lost much in the political realignments that took place. Shortly thereafter, his father and brother were among those who died while testing a new ship which had been rushed into service at the behest of Galae Command.

While continuing to serve in the galae, D’Galan’s heart was growing troubled. He was not pleased with the Empire’s newly aggressive stance toward the Federation, whom he believed should simply be left alone; he was even more critical of the growing alliance with the Klingons, which he knew was borne out of political expediency and belief that the UFP was a “common threat.” He knew the Klingons would eventually betray the Empire, though he wisely kept all these opinions to himself.

Several years later, he was unfortunately proven right when the Klingon and Romulan fleets clashed in the Battle of Klach D’Kel Bracht. D’Galan was seriously wounded in the engagement. Following his recuperation, he left the Fleet rather than return to the service of an Empire that he believed had forsaken its mnhei'sahe.

Instead of going home to ch’Rihan, he settled on Artaleirh, where a portion of his family’s shipbuilding business was centered. In 2272, he married Kihaia, and finally began his own family. The couple soon had three children, two daughters and a son, and D’Galan joked that he was “making up for lost time.”

Through Kihaia, D’Galan became involved with the dissident movement nicknamed the Free Rihannsu, and quietly supported them through the so-called “civil war” of 2276. With the regime change in the Empire, and an easing of relations with the Federation, D’Galan spent the next quarter century in peace with his family, which grew to include another son and daughter.

But as the 24th century dawned, peace seemed to be an ever more fleeting notion. Between the Tomed Incident, the Taurhai conflicts and the countless skirmishes with the Klingons, D’Galan saw the Empire drawn again and again into an endless cycle of strife. Personal tragedy struck him as well. In 2320, Kihaia died suddenly of Velderix Riehn'va, a neurological disorder that resulted in a fatal aneurysm. His daughter Shiarrael also died, in the Battle of Chi’tan in 2343.

Shortly afterwards, D’Galan was once again the victim of political turmoil within the Empire. After the fall of the mad Praetor Dralath, those loyal to him began exacting old vengeances, and those loyal to the Houses of Chironsala and Rllaillieu were in the crossfire. Before he knew what was happening, D’Galan lost his daughter Caithanha to an assassin’s bullet. More assassins came after him over the next few years, eventually forcing him to leave Artaleirh. With his remaining children married and under the protection of other, stronger Houses, he faked his own death and in secret began stalking the verrul that were after his blood.

For twenty years, D’Galan haunted the outmarches of the Empire, without a name, protecting his family from the shadows and exacting his own vengeance. During that time, he made numerous contacts among the Empire’s rogue and criminal elements, and his activities earned him the moniker of Khel’aehallh, “the hunting ghost.” By 2368, he had almost accomplished his goals and was considering a “return from the dead,” when he was approached by the Reunificationist movement who believed he and his contacts would be useful in smuggling defectors and dissidents out of the Empire and away from the Tal Shiar. D’Galan agreed, and helped run the movement’s “underground railroad” until the Dominion War broke out, necessitating they put their efforts on hold.

D’Galan spent the duration of the war on Rigel V, under an assumed identity, watching from the sidelines as the galaxy tore itself apart. In the aftermath, he saw the political climate in the Empire changing once again, and reached out to old contacts in Clan Ortikant, laying groundwork that would enable his return to Romulus if such circumstances ever arose.

That chance game in the wake of Shinzon’s coup. In 2380, at the age of 175, D’Galan returned to the Empire openly as an adviser to the Ortikant. The official story was that he had gone to friends in the clan for safe haven after the assassination attempts, they had secreted him away from Romulan space, and he had spent the last several decades acting as an emissary to their trading partners in the Nyberrite Alliance and other distant galactic powers. With the government in chaos and the Tal Shiar’s attention focused elsewhere, no one questioned the tale, and there was enough evidence to withstand any scrutiny that might arise. After reuniting with his children and grandchildren, D’Galan settled into a comfortable retirement on Talvath, a colony near the Neutral Zone.

Seven years later, the Hobus star went supernova, and the galaxy changed forever. Now in his eighteenth decade, D’Galan wept as the hearthworlds were seared to ash. In the confusion and chaos that descended upon the Empire after the cataclysm, he lost track of his surviving family, knowing only that some of them had been offworld.

Aged but not ancient, D’Galan was still healthy and able, and mnhei'sahe would not let him stand by and do nothing in the hour of the Empire’s greatest need. Even though he had not served in the galae for over a century, he had not been idle and his knowledge of starship systems was current as ever. Through his contacts among the Ortikant survivors, he arranged for his commission to be reactivated and returned to duty as a Centurion, seeking to render aid to the survivors of the Empire, to keep watch against those who would exploit their suffering, and in hopes of finding his family.
Service Record 2225 - 2230: D'talla mandatory service, cross-training in a variety of disciplines in the ground forces and galae.
2230: Continues military service, serves as helmsman aboard the Tovarek
2236: Promoted to decurion, transfers to the Opalius as senior navigation controller
2243: Promoted to sublieutenant, assumes duties of chief of tactical operations
2251: Promoted to lieutenant, transfers to the N'Venkar as chief of starship control
2258: Promoted to centurion and second officer
2267: Transfers to the D-7 cruiser project, oversees construction of several cruisers based off Klingon design.
2268: Returns to active duty as chief of starship control aboard the Chulak
2271: Survives the battle of Klach D'Kel Bracht, retires from military service.
2387: Returns to active duty as leader of warbird control aboard the IRW Imperiax

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