Sublieutenant S'Havraha ir-Torel

Name S'Havraha ir-Torel

Position Leader of Flight Control

Rank Sublieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 30
Date of Birth January 31st, 2357
Place of Birth Romulus
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 189lbs
Hair Color Greying
Eye Color Blue-grey
Physical Description Tall and strong, uncommonly-loose greying hair (at an early age), a stance proud and firm.


Spouse None
Children None
Father S'Hav ir'Torel, died in battle in the RSE (Centurian)
Mother Kora ir'Torel, died at birth
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code S'Havraha-hlai'vna-sei-lliu-lliu
Living Quarters Deck 13 - Section 03, Room 15
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dry, quiet. Not the best choice for political dealings in his early career, but he takes on any task as if it were the most important in the Empire. As he aged, so grew his maturity and overall charisma.

Strong, leaderful, quick to make decisions. A bit quick to judge, a bit less "xenophobic" than many Romulans. Not a fan of the Tal'Shiar in general. Very good pilot and communications expert.

Hobbies: Romulan equivalent of "Tai'Chi", a meditative martial art that has applicable principles in melee combat.

Personal History Born Havraha ir'Torel, he was raised by a "foster" family on Romulus. He was a smart young man, but was often getting into trouble due to lack of a focus and a bit of anger over his father's death. His foster family worked hard to wrangle him in and they did a fair job as he grew.

Almost against his will, he joined the local protection force ("police") and served for 5 years. His foster family and this local force helped him grow from an upset young man into a strong, dutiful Romulan. At the age of 20 he enrolled in the Romulan Star Empire Academy and finally began to walk in his father's footsteps - not in anger, but in pride of who his father was.
Military History Then-called Havraha was a keen pilot and communications recruit in the academy. As a young Uhlan, although older than most recruits, he was quickly grabbed up by the IRV Grahleb and put into a third shift communications officer position, for his communications and sensor systems abilities. On the side he helped out with the shuttle and fighter folks in flight control.

The Romulan was on vacation on his homeworld in 2384, visiting his foster family and making a trip to the old Academy, when an altercation broke out on one of the main city transport vessels. Havraha was able to subdue three other Romulans and a Reman and all but save the life of a fellow RSE officer. It turned out that the Reman was a hired gun and, while the details are not known to him, Havraha was awarded a civilian commendation for honor and allowed to change his name to S'Havraha.

It was soon after this that the Romulan was moved to the IRV Laehval, an advanced scout ship that helped run escort and diplomatic missions, usually in the veil of cloak, throughout Romulan, Federation, and Klingon territory. It was a smaller vessel so he was in charge of both Flight Control and Communications.

During a small rescue operation, still at the rank of Uhlan, he was asked to fill in as the Subcommander (title not rank) as the current XO was MIA and much of the crew were on leave. In the emergency situation surrounding the destruction of the Hobus star and their homeworld of Romulus, he did fairly well and earned some command respect.

After almost 8 years in service, S'havraha was afforded some time off a ship working at the Rator III diplomatic offices. He never left the planet for nearly 8 months, but learned a lot about the political arena inside the RSE, including the Tal Dian and Tal Shiar. He began not to care for either service, but he knew he would have to work with them throughout his career so he made a point of befriending several folks from both groups.

Right as he began to get antsy on Rator III, S'Havraha was given transfer orders to the IRV Imperiax, along with a long-awaited promotion to Sublieutenant. He would be in charge of Flight Control on the large vessel, with his first real official lead role on a ship. His excitement was almost uncontrollable.
Service Record Pre-Academy:
(2372-2377) Romulan Civilian "Police" Force

* (2377-2381) RSE Academy

* (2381-2385) Served as Uhlan on the Grahleb warbird at Communications.
* (2384) Awarded Dathe for honor - Name changed to S'Havraha.
* (2385-2387) Served on the Laehval advanced scout warbird at Flight Control and Communications (combined on that small vessel) before and after the Hobus destruction. Acting XO (even at a low rank) for a small rescue operation.
* (2387) Performed some diplomatic functions from Rator III before being shipped out to a new vessel.
* (2387-Present) Promoted to Sublieutenant and transferred to the IRV Imperiax at Flight Control

Awards (Official Use Only)

Mission Badges Awarded Dathe for honor in 2384 while not on duty, on Romulus - Name changed to S'Havraha.