Centurion Shiarrael t'Kiell

Name Shiarrael t'Kiell

Position Leader of Science

Second Position Sciences Head

Rank Centurion


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 57
Date of Birth 28th November 2330
Place of Birth Rhehiv'je, Romulus
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Shiarrael may seem like a typical female, being that she is only just above average height but then appearances can be deceiving and that is especially true in this case. Her body is well toned from years of care meaning that while her height is less than imposing, she can still pack a wallop when necessary. That said, she is still a woman at heart, and therefore while she has a soft muscular tone to her, it is never to the disadvantage of her natural curves. She appears young for her recorded age, but when those calculating brown eyes of hers are taken into account, it is clear that her age is indeed accurate. Her eyes show experience, and they also show a wisdom that could only have come from years of dedicated service. While tradition is important, Shiarrael tends to wear her hair against the trends of her fellow Romulan females, mostly to stand out, but never to the detriment of her duties. As with her kind, her ears as well pointed and distinctive, a feature when combined with her raised eyebrows and slightly risen forward make her unmistakable.


Spouse None
Children None
Father S'harien (Deceased Hobus Supernova - 2387)
Mother Teelis (Deceased Hobus Supernova - 2387)
Brother(s) S'Ten (Deceased Hobus Supernova - 2387)
Sister(s) N'alae
Other Family N/a

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Shiarrael-khaa-sei-sei-lliu
Living Quarters Deck 15 - Section 04, Room 10
Personal Office Location Deck 7 - Science Leader's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shiarrael is devoted to the Romulan Star Empire, and her loyalty is beyond question. She will protect the Empire, its people, and what remains of her family with everything she has left, and is not someone to be taken lightly. Her interests, knowledge, and experiences in the sciences have allowed the formation of an open mind and an explorer to come out, but she would never sacrifice her responsibility to her crew, her family, the Empire to satisfy her curiosity. As an officer, she’ll follow orders without question, sometimes blinded and will not accept any doubt or questioning of orders from anybody. She is very reserved, very closeted when on duty - somebody that can be cold, calculating and analytical, while off-duty she warms up to be more open and more conscious of feelings. Her sense of humor is deep down inside her; sometimes it takes a lot to coax it out, other times very little, but it is needless to say that she does have a sense of humor and enjoys the occasional opportunity to laugh.

Personal History Early Life
Shiarrael t'Kiell was born in 2330 to a noble house on Romulus. While not considered the wealthiest of houses, their family was well known and respected in Rhehiv'je. Her father was a decorated and honored officer of the Romulan Guard, and her mother served loyally as an Ambassador and representative of the Romulan Senate. They were happily married and were permitted the opportunity to raise three children, including Shiarrael.

As loyal and devoted citizens, when Shiarrael was of the age, she was entered into numerous training programs which were designed to test and prepare any Romulan to be an effective contributor to their society. Shairrael found an aptitude for sciences during the grueling program that last many years of her childhood. At the conclusion of the training program regiment, and courtesy of some ruthlessness, Shiarrael had shown herself to be a strong prospect in the field of sciences, and thanks to her excellence during the past fifteen years of the program, she was considered one of the great scientific minds of her generation. It was an honor to be say recognized but she knew that this was only the beginning and that the challenges to come would be more taxing on her mind, scientific or otherwise.

When she reached the age of twenty, she had choices to continue forward her advancement in Romulan society which included the Ministry of Science, but courtesy of her father’s wishes for her to serve the Empire as he once did, she decided to enlist into the Romulan Guard and start her military career at that stage. It did not stop her pursuit of science, on the contrary in fact, as her scientific curiosity was one quality the military found appealing.

Family Commitments
During the course of her military career, Shiarrael took a total of two personal leaves purely due to family commitments. It was on both occasions that she returned to her family to spend some time with them, especially when her father grew gravely ill in 2378. It was only by the power of science, and her own father’s stubborn will, that he was able to pull through and regain much of his strength, but it had changed him. In 2386, her second leave of absence was requested in order to return to attend the marriage of her brother, something that her mother had made such a deal out of.
Military History IRV S'harien
Upon her graduation from the Imperial War College, she was promoted to the rank of Uhlan and assigned to the IRV S’harien; an ironic name given it was shared by her father. Her position was General Scientist where she spent the next four years of service integrating herself into the Romulan Guard as an accomplished scientist. She excelled in her posting, choosing to concentrate entirely on her duties for those four years after graduating to distinguish herself.

IRV Velosh
After the four years, she still had one final year to complete her mandatory five, but she was re-assigned to the IRV Velosh as their General Scientist where she continued from where things were left aboard the S’harien. Her duties were much the same, but she slowly became to show ambition beyond that relevant low scientific post and the Romulan Guard noticed that ambition and choose to contribute a promotion to Shiarrael. In 2361, she was promoted to Sub-Lieutenant for continued devotion to duties, and retained her current assignment aboard the Velosh.

Having completed a further four years of deep space scientific research, she was assigned to Romulus to conduct Exobiology research. It was considered secretive and important work, and she was a devoted officer so therefore her dedication came through strongly as did her loyalty. Two years of research developments and furthering the understanding of Exobiology, she was promoted to full Lieutenant for her successful research and work in Exobiology. The promotion marked her return to space operations.

IRV Lhorakis
With her rank and service within the scientific community, she was assigned to the Lhorakis as Specialist Scientist, her highest posting to date if exceptions were made for the two years on Romulus. She continued her duties and studies with diligence over the next five years aboard, which also included an introduction to command and team leading for the first time.

IRV Velosh
A second assignment aboard this veteran vessel, Shiarrael was assigned with a posting of Senior Scientist, a position that firmly put her in charge of scientific teams and other specialists that were further back in their careers. She was a well established name in the circles of science, and therefore she became a highly respected officer and scientist, known for a ruthless efficiency, and attention to detail. The Romulan Guard noted those qualities and admiration's, and promoted her to Centurion for continued valor and long service to Romulus and the Empire. Her assignment aboard the Velosh lasted for six long years where she had moved from Senior Scientist to Lead of Science during that time span that included service during the Dominion War.

Personal leave of Absence
Granted extended personal leave to Romulus, and that leave lasted for nearly two years. It is understood, although not wildly public, that she taught Exobiology on Romulus during that time.

Recalled from leave of absence and assigned as Sciences Head on Romulus, a position that was perhaps the greatest of her career when considering those that could have held the position, and those that had. It was a position that was given to her purely because she had such a decorated and excellent career spanning a few decades, that they couldn’t see a better assignment for someone so well versed in scientific curiosity. The work was also important to Romulus, and also considered top secret by Romulan Intelligence, so she considered herself well warned and privileged.

Personal leave of Absence
Granted personal leave of absence to attend brother's marriage.

IRV Imperiax
In 2387, she was recalled from Romulus back into a more active environment aboard the Imperiax as the Sciences Head. It was an assignment that saved her life in the events that came afterwards. She retained her rank of Centurion and was allowed to continue her personal growth and loyal service to the Empire in her specialist field of science.
Service Record 2350 – Enlists into the Imperial War College.
2355 – Graduates from Imperial War College with honours in Exoarchaeology and Exobiology.
2355 – Promoted to the rank of Uhlan and assigned to the IRV S'harien as General Scientist.
2359 – Completes four year service aboard IRV S’harien.
2359 – Re-assigned to IRV Velosh as General Scientist.
2361 – Promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant for continued devotion to duties.
2364 – Completes four years service aboard IRV Velosh.
2364 – Re-assigned to Exobiology research facility on Romulus.
2366 – Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for works completed in Exobiology.
2366 – Completed two year service on Romulus.
2366 – Re-assigned to IRV Lhorakis as Specialist Scientist.
2372 – Completes five year service aboard IRV Lhorakis.
2372 – Re-assigned to IRV Velosh for second tour aboard but as Senior Scientist.
2375 – Promoted to Centurion for continued valour and long service.
2375 – Promoted to Lead of Science aboard IRV Velosh.
2378 – Completes six year service aboard IRV Velosh.
2378 – Takes an extended personal leave of absence from Romulan Guard.
2380 – Re-instated into Romulan Guard as Sciences Head on Romulus.
2385 – Completes five year service leading science team on Romulus.
2386 – Takes personal leave of absence from Romulan Guard.
2387 – Re-called to service aboard IRV Imperiax as Sciences Head.

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