Major Tanjien Dar

Name Tanjien Dar

Position Tal Shiar Representative

Rank Major


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 113
Date of Birth 2274
Place of Birth Hsien Vor II (arctic colony world)
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 69"
Weight 108lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall and very thin, Tanjien (Jen for short) has what humans would consider Asiatic features. She is extremely frail for her species, and had to rely on corruption and influence from her family to make it past initial trials at age 20, and on illegal performance enhancing drugs to (barely) survive her military graduation test.

Jen is comparatively weak, with perhaps what would be average strength in a non-athletic human female. That said, she can often appear stronger due to an extremely high threshold of pain and an athlete's level of stamina. It is only in pure brute strength that she is lacking. Jen is also extremely dextrous, a useful trait for picking both mechanical and electronic locks, not to mention shooting accurately.

In passing her military graduation physical Jen has to use strong performance enhancing drugs and powerful pain killers despite her extremely high pain threshold. In so doing, she was able to perform the physical trials at close to normal Romulan standards, though at a cost of bone and nerve damage that could not be reported so as to avoid disqualification. This results in residual nerve, bone and muscle issues to this day.

Jen lacks the brow ridges found on many Romulans, likely due to her ancestors having settled on Hsien Vor II many centuries ago. Likewise her Asiatic features, specifically the epicanthic folds of her eyes are characteristic of Vulcanoids from the arctic regions of Vulcan where Jen's ancestor's originated. Jen is extremely well adapted to cold environments, but retains the heat resistance of most Vulcanoids, only to a lesser extent.


Spouse Robert Tanaka (deceased)
Children Jelen Dar, deceased
Father Juren Dar, deceased
Mother Hisad Tr'Leska
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandmother Caithlin Dar (Romulan Ambassador from ST V)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Alpha-Three
Data Access Level Level Five
Security Code Dar-temviahra-hwi-sei-lhi
Living Quarters Deck 8 - Section 07, Room 13
Personal Office Location Deck 8 - Tal Shiar Centre

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jen is a hedonist to the extreme, and cares very little about regulation or protocol, except when they can be used to further her lavish lifestyle. She views the universe as a big cosmic joke, and seeks to advance her own position within its rules.

Long since retired, Jen was living a life of pleasure on a resort island on Romulus when the Hobus star went Nova, and much to her chagrin found herself recalled to active Tal'Shiar service.

Jen enjoys pain and pleasure in almost equal measures, both giving and receiving. While not her specialty by any means, she is a competent torturer, and due to her many years spent in the Federation has acquired a taste for Terran wines and a deep knowledge and appreciation for classical music and late 19th/early 20th century art, particularly Picasso and Kandinsky.

Unknown to most other than those at very high levels in the Tal'Shiar, Jen has an extensive, and rather unusual psionic background. She was personally trained by her grandmother, Caithlin Dar, who mastered the teachings of the renegade Vulcan Sybok at Nimbus 3. Jen is capable of initiating and blocking mind melds, but has the further ability to manipulate the emotion and memory of the individual to whom her mind is melded (see Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). She also knows how to do the nerve pinch, but cannot do so with her left hand due to weakness and nerve damage.

Personal History Jen has a long history as a Tal'Shiar operative. While thin and frail, she was found very early in life to have an eidetic memory and an affinity for languages. She learned Reman barely a few days after a Reman slave was brought into the home, and generally can pick up a new language after only minimal contact with it.

At age 20 she was set to be terminated on account of her frail build, but her famous grandmother (Ambassador Caithlin Dar of ST V fame) intervened and her test results were "modified".

She completed her military training, but before her final combat trials her illustrious grandmother died and Jen found herself without the means to modify her scores. Using illegal performance enhancing drugs, Jen (barely) completed the trials and concealed the many injuries she sustained doing so, but she was safe, and newly commissioned.

Jen spent many long years under cover in the Federation as a Vulcan science officer, specializing in communications and computer technologies as well as advanced sensor operations. When back in Romulan space she frequently was a member of covert operations teams, specializing in the bypass of security systems and hacking.

In later years Jen served in leadership positions in the Tal'Shiar, eventually retiring as a colonel in 2328 to pursue a second career in politics. She served one six-year term in the Imperial Senate, but following a purge of her party she was pushed from office, only saved from execution due to her illustrious past and certain information she had configured for release in the event of her death. She was permitted again to retire to a luxurious villa on a generous pension, but given little in the way of freedom or influence.

The Dominion War changed everything, and with new leadership in the senate, knowing of Jen's extensive Federation background recalled her to active duty to lead the Tal'Shiar cell on DS9 and work with their Federation counterparts.

Once the war was over Jen returned to her simple life of luxury retirement while continuing to provide "services" to the empire on occasion.
Military History Jen's first assignment was deep cover in the Federation. She served with distinction on the USS Endeavor under the cover of Lieutenant JG S'Far, a Vulcan science officer and later served on the USS Gemini, where as a full Lieutenant she was listed as killed in action at Wolf 359.

Jen re-emerged in the federation, this time as a Romulan liaison officer during the Dominion war and was stationed at Deep Space 9, where again she served with distinction coordinating Starfleet Intelligence and Tal'Shiar collection activity as well as running many "black" operations, again as part of a joint Starfleet Intelligence and Tal'Shiar task force.

Jen returned to her island paradise until recent events forced the senate to again seek Jen's knowledge and experience on the front lines. She was assigned as the Tal'Shiar representative to the IRV Imperiax, a ship working in joint Romulan/Federation operations.
Service Record 2294 Military Indoctrination
2298 Assigned to Tal'Shiar, trained in Vulcan impersonation
2301 Uhlan
Assigned USS Endeavor, Deep Cover.

2306 Sub-LIeutenant
Surveillance Operations

2311 Lieutenant
Black Ops, Security Bypass

2317 Captain
USS Lexington, Deep Cover

2321 Major
USS Stargazer, Deep Cover

2328 Colonel
Director, Infiltration Operations - Federation Sector

2339 Retired from Military Service

2342 Senator

2348 Retired

2365-2367 Colonel: Reactivated, deep cover, USS Gemini. "Killed in Action" at battle of Wolf 359.

2367 Retired

2373-2375 Colonel: DOMINION WAR - REINSTATED
Deep Space Nine (Tal'Shiar Liaison, task force leader)

2375 - Retired (Again)

2387 - Recalled to Active Duty, Assigned IRV Imperiax

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