Lieutenant Isha t'Laroc

Name Isha i-Ra'tleihfi t'Laroc

Position Leader of R&D

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 72
Date of Birth 15/05/2315
Place of Birth Ra'tleihfi
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Green
Physical Description Isha is a small, neat woman with soft, lean features and a friendly face. Her black hair is barely acceptable by military standards as she is completely unconcerned by her appearance.

To most people she appears to be a typical scientist. On duty she is always acceptably turned out, but off duty she tends be somewhat dishevelled.

Despite her small size, Isha is deceptively resilient and is in reasonable physical shape.


Spouse Rai
Children None
Father R'Kal
Mother Ekkhae
Brother(s) Dalok, Jalad, Mandukar
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Isha-afwe-lhi-hwi-kre
Living Quarters Deck 14 - Section 02, Room 14
Personal Office Location Deck 6 - R&D Leader's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isha lives up to the meaning of her name, "dream". She lives in her own little dream world for most of the time, often appearing oblivious to the world around her. This is not the case, it is simply that she prefers to study what happens around her quietly.

Technology is one of her greatest loves. She loved nothing more to to strip a new piece of equipment down to figure out how it works and utilise what has been learned. Learning about new things in general is a major driver in her life.

When working she can become absorbed in a task, often working long hours to solve a problem or crack the secrets of a newly acquired piece of technology. Off duty she is very playful, having an almost child like quality to her. Although not the best at not questioning authority, Isha is very loyal and will follow orders, but will usually want to understand why an order has been given. She follows the Imperial propaganda, but doesn't completely believe it, however, she is smart enough to never voice such doubts. Gaining position and rising up the ranks is not overly important to her, beyond being able to access better projects.

Isha is completely devoted to her partner, Rai.

Personal History Isha was born in the Laroc family compound in Ra'tleihfi, the youngest of four children. Her father R'Kal served in the military, but had taken a teaching role at the Imperial War College by the time Isha was born. Her mother Ekkhae was a scientist and well known specialist in astrophysics.

The Laroc family had once been a truly Great House, with family members serving as important members of government and even two Praetors, the House having spawned shortly after arriving on Romulus from one of the original Houses. The family fortunes peaked in the 2160s and declined after a number of political and military blunders during the Earth-Romulan War. A steady decline in status followed with attempts to regain glory often succeeding, only to be followed by another fall from grace. By the early 2300s the House was one of the weakest Great Houses and in danger of fading into obscurity.

As a child Isha was loved deeply and enjoyed life, playing with her siblings and cousins. From an early age she showed great intelligence and hopes for a good career in science blossomed in her parents. However, it soon became clear that Isha was not quite like most children. She was often distant one moment, only to be very excitable the next, easily distracted by odd questions about life and the universe.

During schooling it became apparent that Isha was somewhat of a technical savant. She could dismantle most things and rebuild them then utilise what she'd learnt to build other things based on the concept. That said, she excelled in all fields of science, but her abilities in other areas were somewhat lacking. Only a good memory served to help, but only with aspects that interested her. Isha also showed some athletic ability, but was never particularly interested in the competitive nature of sports.

At 20, Isha was enlisted in the military and was enthusiastic about the prospect, much to her family's surprise. No one had expected her to go for the rigid nature of the military, the expectation being she do her 5 years and leave. Even more surprising was the fact she performed well.

After completing her training, Isha was assigned to the cruiser IRV Liorae as Developer. The Liorae was tasked with pushing out into the frontier to find new worlds worth conquering. Isha did well in her duties, but was often isolated from the more traditional crew members who found her an oddity. The Tal Shiar operative on board took considerable interest in Isha, unsure if she was a dangerous element or a useful tool.

Isha met Rai i-Iuruth, a fellow developer, on the Liorae. The two worked very closely on a number of projects, despite their different early lives and social statuses. The relationship eventually became romantic and the two women have been together since 2349.

By 2379 the Laroc family fortunes had once again risen. Isha's brother Mandukar had managed to secure an advantageous political position, however, was unable to gain enough clout to enter the Senate as he wished, while Isha herself was gaining prominence within the military. However, things soured when Mandukar sided with Shinzon of Remus on the promise of a seat on the Senate.

After Shinzon's defeat, the Laroc family was disgraced and most left Romulus for Rator and holdings there. Isha found herself falling out of favour with the military elite, but this didn't matter as she was still to valuable to through away. This political blunder saved the majority of the House from the Hobus Supernova.
Military History After 5 years on the Liorae, Isha was offered a chance to continue her work on the ship. She accepted and continued working as a developer. Her skills quickly became valued by her Commander. During this time she managed to study dozens of different technologies and found some advantageous use for them in the field.

After a decade she moved to a research outpost near the Federation Border, working on various bits of technology that had been acquired from the Federation, usually through third parties.

In 2364 Isha and her partner Rai were reassigned to the Gath'thong which was deployed to the Neutral Zone to investigate the disappearance of several outposts.

When the Dominion War broke out, Isha was almost immediately deployed to the front lines. Her mission was to find any technology worth study, enemy or allied. Isha found herself often in the company of Federation officers, her warmer than expected attitude disarming their defences to allow her to study their technology.

Despite a lot of time on the ground, Isha rarely saw combat. Her technical ability kept her in secure bases, working on equipment repair and assessment of enemy technology. In an effort to keep her allies from finding out she was stealing their secrets, she often made small gifts of discoveries, suitably adjusted to keep the advantage to the Empire. While this was usually unsanctioned, her superiors often saw the sense of her actions.

After the arrival of the Breen in the War, Isha and Rai were assigned to an isolated research station to work on the problem of protecting Romulan ships. The war ended before any progress was made, but the research continued to protect in the future.

With family fortunes improving for the first time in decades, Isha was able to pick more favourable positions, with Rai joining her. In 2377 she became Senior Developer on the IRV Valdore. After the Battle of the Bassen Rift in 2379, Isha was sent to the Enterprise to assist in repairs. True to her nature, Isha closely analysed the Starfleet systems, gather significant information. She was particularly pleased with meeting the legendary Captain Picard during her brief visit.

When the Valdore returned to Romulus, Isha was reassigned to a remote outpost on the edge of Romulan space as punishment for her brother's involvement in Shinzon's coup. She wasn't too concerned by this as the projects were still interesting.

In 2384 Isha was reassigned again after an experiment caused significant damage to the outpost. She and Rai were sent to a frozen colony world to continue their research. This was particularly difficult due to the isolation and inhospitable nature of the planet.

After the Hobus Supernova, Isha and Rai were recalled from exile and assigned to the IRV Imperiax, Isha taking the position of Leader of R&D.
Service Record 2335 - Enters the Imperial War College

2339 - Graduates the Imperial War College

2339 - Assigned to the IRV Liorae as a Researcher

2349 - Assigned to Ael'Aidoann near the Federation Border

2364 - Assigned to the IRV Gath'thong as a Developer

2374 - Deployed in multiple ground theatres during the Dominion War as a Researcher

2375 - Assigned to Chernon Research Outpost to develop defences against the Breen

2377 - Promoted to Senior Developer on the IRV Valdore

2379 - Reassigned to Zeta Volantis Outpost

2384 - Reassigned to Belak Outpost

2387 - Post Hobus Supernova Promoted to Leader of R&D, IRV Imperiax

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