Decurion Rhhaein i-Iuruth

Name Rhhaein i-Iuruth

Position Leader of Flight Control

Rank Decurion


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 46
Date of Birth 2341
Place of Birth Iuruth
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 175
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Lean, athletic build. Rhhaein keeps her hair long.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Darok (deceased)
Mother Lhair (deceased)
Brother(s) Valak (deceased)
Sister(s) Sae'ihr (completing mandatory military service)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Rhhaein-hlai'vna-hwi-sei-rhi
Living Quarters Deck 15 - Section 07, Room 02
Personal Office Location Deck 3 - Flight Control Leader's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outward demeanor is she is cold and stoic. This is because of her humble background she feels socially inferior to her fellow officers. She does not wish to show any sign of weakness or discomfort to them. If she feels comfortable in a social situation she is warm and empathetic.

She is a natural athlete with good reflexes. She has experience piloting a vessel and takes her tasks seriously. She is observant and thoughtful in her work.

Personal History Rhhaein was born to working class parents. She was a bright student, although not exceptional. She was physically small for her age. Because of her small size and normally meek nature she was declared unfit at age fourteen.

She and another girl her age were to fight to the death. The other girl was bigger but rather stupid. She began beating on Rhhaein vigorously. Rhhaein was getting pummeled when something in her flared up. She began striking back at the other girl. She eventually over powered her. Before Rhhaein killed her the girl had a sorrowful look in her eyes, as though asking for mercy. Rhhaein could show none and finished her. The girl's face still haunts Rhhaein.

Rhhaein never showed meekness again. She feared both getting declared unfit and the thought of having to kill another person in such a manner. She also improved as a student.

As Rhhaein grew older she grew larger. By sixteen she was the correct size for her age. By eighteen she was taller than most of her female peers. Her athletic abilities improved and they did not go unnoticed by her instructors.
Military History Because of her athletic abilities Rhhaein was assigned to the Klingon border region for her mandatory service. She was assigned as a runabout and shuttle pilot. She found that she enjoyed it and had talent for military work. During her time there she learned the Klingon language and Klingon culture. She never acquired a taste for Klingon food. After her enlisted service Rhhaein choose the military as her profession.

Rhhaein was promoted to Uhlan and assigned to the IRV Vencus, a D'deridex class warbird.

Rhhaein was next assigned to the Colonization Division as a shuttle pilot. She was courier and transported government officials to various colonies. For the most part it was monotonous duty. It did give her a lot of time at the helm. Thankfully, the duty was cut short. The Dominion had invaded Federation and Klingon areas.

The Empire was on a war footing. Rhhaein was assigned to the D'deridex class warbird IRV D'ereq. The war started well for the crew of the D'ereq. The warbird crossed the Cardassian lines and destroyed several installations and destroyed a number of ships.

During the battle of of Chin'toka the D'ereq was hit several times by Dominion warships. The ship was fatally damaged. The bridge of the D'ereq took a direct hit. Much of the bridge crew were killed, including the Commander, Sub-Commander, and Leader of Flight Control. Rhhaein took control of the helm. She moved the D'ereq out of the engagement area. Many of the crew escaped before the warbird imploded.

The surviving crew were reassigned to new ships. Rhhaein, for her actions, was promoted to Decurion and assigned as Senior Flight Control on board the IRV Kazar. The Kazar finished the war without too much damage.

Rhhaein's next assignment was on board the IRV Chula, a Preax class ship assigned to exploration. As the Chula was a small vessel, Rhhaein was assigned Leader of Flight Control. Rhhaein performed her duties well. All exploration assignments were terminated after the destruction of Romulus.

Service Record 2361-2365- Assigned to Ge'tura military complex along Klingon neutral zone.

2365-2370- Assigned to IRV Vencus as a flight control officer.

2370-2373- Assigned as courier and liaison shuttle pilot in Colonization Division. Assignment terminated and reassigned to the active fleet.

2373-2375- Assigned to IRV D'ereq as a flight control officer. The ship was lost at Chin'toka and surviving crew members were reassigned to other vessels.

2375-2380- Assigned to IRV Kazar as senior flight control officer.

2380-2387- Assigned to IRV Chula as flight control leader. Assignment terminated because of Hobus supernova.

2387- Assigned to IRV Imperiax as flight control leader.

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