Lieutenant Xenos

Name Xenos

Position Leader of the Reman Commandos

Rank Lieutenant

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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Reman
Age 67
Date of Birth 17th July 2320
Place of Birth Remus
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Like most Remans, Xenos is a bald grey-skinned male who has a dominating physical stature. Thanks to this and his naturally superior strength that his kind possess, he is an intimidating man that uses this feature to promote himself as a worthy bodyguard.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Corvus (Deceased)
Mother Lenia (Deceased)
Brother(s) R'Var (Deceased)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-Two
Data Access Level Level Two
Security Code Xenos-sienov-sei-kre-lliu
Living Quarters Deck 18 - Master's Barrack
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview While loyal to the Romulan Star Empire, Xenos is torn between the loyalties towards his maltreated race and the Romulan flag. Words such as 'determined' and 'proud' could be used to describe Xenos if others such as 'ruthless' and 'bloodthirsty' weren't available. Towards his fellow Remans he has been known for rewarding loyalty and valour but severely punishing those who are either weak or those who disobey orders. Despite these somewhat ruthless measures, he is fully capable of maintaining the loyalty of those beneath him. Perhaps towards Xenos himself than their Romulan masters.

Towards Romulans themselves Xenos can be rather uncomfortable speaking to them. Or at least, being spoken to as he rarely initiates contact. When conversations do arise Xenos tends to be rather passive and cold, perhaps taking sniping comments if the situation allows.

Personal History Born to be a mining slave on Remus, Xenos only experienced pain and suffering in his earlier years at both the conditions of the mine and at the hands of the Romulan enforcement guards. Xenos and his brother R'var didn't make things easier on themselves by playing tricks on some of the guards and hoping to escape their wrath. The resulting beatings only taught Xenos how to endure pain at the hands of others. Due to their superior strength and warrior prowess it was not unheard of for Remans to be conscripted into the Reman Commando Corps as shock troops. Thanks to their antics, both Xenos and R'var had been placed on the radar for possible candidates. They were instantly shipped out to begin their brutal training which forged both of the brothers into the warriors Romulus needed them to be.

That was the last time they ever saw one another.
Military History 5th Company, 2nd Reman Regiment, 2336

Following his passing out of basic training with the rank of kor, Xenos soon accepted his fate within military life. Unlike the mainstream Romulan military which was harsh by Federation standards, it was nothing when compared to the conditions of the Reman Commando Corps. Adversity breeds strength or at least that was the lesson that Xenos had imprinted onto him. As a Reman rifleman he was also taught about how to be a good soldier, about the skills he'd need to survive in combat. With the 5th Company he was his own man, a solider, something to be proud of where outside of the Commando Corps he was nothing. Amongst his new brothers and sisters; he was a warrior.

Liberation of Benzar, 2374

Despite Xenos' excellent military conduct and obvious skill in combat there wasn't enough reason for him to be promoted to the next rank. For just under four decades he languished as a lowly kor with merit to his name but no reason for advancement. Despite the recommendations of senior Reman commandos, the Romulan commander in charge of the regiment was loathe to promote a Reman based on nothing more than good conduct. During the Dominion War, the Romulans fought a joint Dominion-Cardassian force on Benzar in the hopes of taking it from their enemies. Xenos' commando company was charged with the task of disabling a large artillery complex operated by the 74th Bombardment Order.

Outmanned, the 5th Company attacked the complex under brutal fire but due to their Reman determination they managed to established an assault head within the complex to pour forth commandos. Xenos' squad was tasked with the honour of taking out the command and control complex. The 'senior' kor was given command of this squad, returning hours later with the head of the Order's Gul. Such a feat was the one thing that could give him the needed push towards Gekha.

For the rest of the Dominion War Xenos and the 5th Company would mop up Dominion resistance on the planet before being deployed on special operations assignments. When the Hobus Supernova would wrack Romulus and Remus into nothing, the Regiment was disbanded as commandos were placed on the sudden influx of ships.

Xenos and a section of the 5th were slated for the IRV Imperiax.

Service Record Born, Civilian, 2320
Reman Commando Corps Traning, 2336
5th Company, 2nd Reman Commando Regiment, Kor
Romulan Imperial Forces, Kor, 2374
Promoted for role in assault operations, Gekha
Reman Master, IRV Imperiax, Lieutenant 2387

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