Sublieutenant Durnak Khev

Name Durnak Khev

Position Leader of Weapons Control

Rank Sublieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan / Cardassian
Age 88
Date of Birth 31-Oct-2300
Place of Birth Romulus
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4" / 193cm
Weight 170 lbs / 77kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber (tapetum lucidum reflective)
Physical Description His skin is thick, leathery and mottled like an aged Cardassian but the pointed ears add an almost feral quality as they resemble a more prehistoric Vulcan form. His eyes are a bold orange-amber in color, they catch the light with a bright reflective quality due to a vestigial tapetum lucidum behind his retinas. His hair is a pitch raven black, typical of Romulans and yet his full head of hair starting far atop the forehead like a Cardassian, typically slicked straight back.

His advanced age (for his biology) means that he is now much slimmer than he used to be, even a little frail; still, his striking height and wide set shoulders still betray the imposing figure he used to in his younger days, even today still quite commanding with old world military stance. His stride is still military in swagger though tempered somewhat with a slight asymetrical gait due to worn knees and an old mans back. However, this does nothing to stop him from standing full upright like a proper veteran officer.


Father Argelian Khev (deceased)
Mother Ashka Khev née Makaratt (deceased)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Khev-teidr-lliu-sei-rhi
Living Quarters TBD
Personal Office Location TBD

Personality & Traits

General Overview An obviously only half-Romulan born on Romulus, he was birthed into a society that treated him like a second class citizen at every turn. This made him grow up to be cold and strong. It is hard to say whether his carnivorous heart was the product of his upbringing or perhaps some genetic throwback of a prehistoric gene set that was somehow tapped into by his hybridized blood. This much is clear though, he is a stone cold predator.

He possesses a sort of old world intelligence; sharp and creative but more like that of a long-toothed lizard problem-solving its next meal rather than some laboratory dwelling academic. He does not speak much but when he does its speaks to all the more reason for his concise choice of words. When silent, all the while, his senses draw in all his surroundings, like some great watchful sentinel.

In his age, he is perhaps not quite the polished blade he used to be but he still garners a keenly kept edge. He stoops to explain lessons to younger personnel in a way he never did in his heyday; though more of the sage teacher today, he is still not one who suffers fools, preferring to temper lesser men into warriors through force and fire rather than coddling.

Personal History Durnak's father was a Romulan army officer who was never more than a low ranking officer. The details on his Cardassian mother are not clear as the mixed union was not something the official record was fond of recording; she died when he was a young child. In a military household, he was not raised but rather forged to be the attack dog that others saw him as. In time, under his own development, he grew to become a monster.

He joined the military at 18; his father calling in every favor he could to get his only son into the Imperial War College as an prospective officer rather than the enlisted animal he more than likely would have ended up otherwise. He works hard and vicious, earning fear and respect alike; in many ways, this does not change much as he transitions from the budding young cadet into the commissioned naval officer.

On a personal level, not much happens in his life at all; his life entirely absorbed by his military career. With every fiber of his being, he pours every drop of effort, blood, sweat, every drop of anger and festering hatred into his work. While other officers deign respect to advance in rank all the quicker, officer Khev advances slowly by only the mettle of his merit and conviction.

Durnak Khev is the product of Romulan society mistreating him throughout his life along with his own embrace of the role he was given. Romulus made a dog but his own efforts have made him Cerberus.

His meritorious actions in the military made him a poster child for victorious but still obedient military service. While retired, a series of books (The "Dragonhawk" series) grows in popularity; it never becomes terribly famous but still puts his name out there. At this point, he is not much more than an old man but still his name grow without him tending to it.

Now older, wiser and calmer; Durnak Khev now returns to the fight in the hopes his wealth of experience can be used to benefit a younger team of weapons controllers.
Military History Durnak Khev attended the Romulan Imperial War College from 2318 to 2323. Graduating with majors in Weapons Control and Tactical Systems Engineering, the big words across the tops of his reports did little to elude to the dozens of minors in other subjects which all served to round him out as a potent military officer.

When he graduated, he was snubbed by the brass; the mongrel officer was assigned as a weapons technician to an underdog, the IRV Merkal was an aging warbird that was little newer nor much more advanced than the Birds of Prey his father knew. Still, the young Durnak saw this as nothing more than a challenge and as time would tell, the IRV Merkal would serve with honor and distinction in its time.

In 2331, still serving aboard the Merkal, he was promoted to General Weapons Controller. It took nine years for his CO to learn to look past his racial prejudice, he could simply no longer deny the young mans proficiency at his job (never once complaining about his position). His CO admitted the young mans skills and transfered him to the position that he was always meant to; to fire the weapons rather than maintain them. The CO never did regret that decision.

In 2337 the IRV Merkal ran into a border skirmish with a couple of Breen vessels. They were only lesser patrol craft but still generally regarded as more than a match for the aged Merkal. Still, due to some clever command decisions from the CO and some exemplary timed and precise shooting from the General Weapons Controller, both Breen ships were destroyed through a hard fought engagement that ended in their resounding victory. Khev was awarded his first commendation that day.

On 2344, the IRV Merkal was part of a small fleet that surrounded and destroyed the Enterprise C. While officer Khev was not particularly cited that day, he was on station and so his name does appear in the report. If nothing else, it is an interesting reference on his military record.

In 2345, Khev was promoted to Senior Weapons Controller; his experience now core to the proficiency of the weapons control team aboard the IRV Merkal. A year later, the IRV Merkal was in the main attack fleet at Khitomer. The entire weapons control team were awarded commendations due to a highly effective set of firing solutions. From this day onwards, the crew of the Merkal would refer to Durkal as the "Firehawk" knowing that it was his guidance that turned simple attack patters into a rain of fire and death. This name spreads throughout the attack fleet at Khitomer, so much so that it is mentioned in his military jacket.

In 2352, the IRV Merkal was by that point one of the oldest vessels in the fleet. It was barley holding itself together; the main reason why nothing less than doom was expected when they found themselves engaged with a hostile Klingon battlecruiser. The Merkal was heavily damaged but makes use of agile movement to avoid disrupter fire and guile sensor ghosting to throw off the torpedo locks. The fire control team was directed to pepper back at the enemies weapons and sensors to make locking on that much more difficult, as well as intercepting torpedoes and all while maintaining good damaging effect on target. A particularly creative set of firing solutions were meant to cripple the battlecruiser but secondary explosions ended up destroying her. The entire crew of the Merkal were awarded commendations but the crew knew that it was the Firehawk that pushed a loosing battle over the edge, into victory.

In 2357, the IRV Merkal was destroyed in action with Breen forces; tragic but altogether not unexpected. Indeed, many where surprised that the Merkal lasted as long as it did. While some one third of the crew were lost, most survived long enough to be rescued. When healed of his injuries, Durnak "Firehawk" Khev was head hunted by a young up-and-coming hot shot Commander who transfered Khev to his new D'deridex as Leader of Weapons Control. On paper at least, the IRV Vohstar was an imposing vessel with an almost all-star lineup of lesser known but still accomplished veterans and bright young things fresh out of War College.

Khev, an older man by then, served on the IRV Vohstar throughout the Dominion War (2373-2375). During this time, he was awarded various commendations for his actions as leader of the weapons control team, a veritable conductor of an orchestra of death. For a brief time, he even became acting XO due to on-board casualties during the battle at the front. By the end of the war, Khev was attributed 26 confirmed starship kills (with who knows how many unconfirmed); Khev was from then on known as the "Void Dragon" for his exemplary career.

Soon after the war, he retired from service; his age was getting the better of him, while far from the end of his lifespan, his height and strenuous military service has played havoc on his knees and back. With favorable treatment, he was honorably discharged an accomplished veteran and hero of the Empire.

In retirement, the reputation of the "Void Dragon" and his exploits spread throughout the armed forces thanks in no small part to a small series of books. While impressive in life, his literature counterpart was nothing short of a demigod whose very name made the enemies of the empire tremble. Though, in almost satirical commentary of Romulan politics, the character in the books is a full blooded Romulan and carries a higher rank.

The brass not only allow the books to gain popularity but even put it on various military and school district reading lists. Not as an instructional book but merely as recruitment propaganda guised as action-packed entertainment. While the books never get terribly popular, today, something of a cult following has grown up around them, even if they are a bastard mix of truth and fiction. Indeed, members of underground dissident movements enjoy pointing to the book as a good example of how the Empire puts the hard earn efforts of one of its citizens to the purposes of it's grand meat grinder and all while still denying certain inconvenient truths.

With the destruction of Romulus, old officers were reactivated all over the empire. Top brass had mixed feelings to learn that the famous / infamous "Void Dragon" was still alive as he was living in a fringe colony. Khev was called out of retirement and back in to service. The brass wanted his name more than anything, they did not expect much bite from this old dog. Still, the minority that respect him believe that such a treasure trove of experience could only be a boon of benefit to the crew.

Durnak Khev was assigned to the IRV Imperiax as Leader of Weapons Control. Some would say this station is beneath his experience and earned exploits but the old war horse could not be more at home then at the master control of a warships weapons. The top brass saw it as a way to place him somewhere where he can do good things for the empire but still in a position to have his credit assigned to his full blooded Romulan CO. Khev himself however, saw it as an opportunity to lend a younger weapons control team some of his hard earned experience.
Service Record 2318 - Joined Romulan Imperial War College

2323 - Graduated Imperial War College,
Majoring in Weapons Control and Tactical Systems Engineering.
Assigned to the IRV Merkal (Warbird) as Weapons Technician.

2331 - IRV Merkal, transfered to General Weapons Controller.

2337 - IRV Merkal, commendation for actions that where instrumental in the destruction of two Breen vessels.

2344 - IRV Merkal, was at station when they fired on and destroyed the Enterprise-C.

2345 - IRV Merkal, Promoted to Senior Weapons Controller.

2346 - IRV Merkal, At station for the Khitomer Massacre,
Awarded commendation, is now known as the "Firehawk" for his actions.

2351 - IRV Merkal, awarded commendation for the destruction of a hostile Klingon battlecruiser.

2357 - The IRV Merkal is destroyed by Breen forces,
He is transferred to the IRV Vohstar (D'deridex class) as Leader of Weapons Control.

2373 - IRV Vohstar, the Dominion War beginns.
2375 - IRV Vohstar, the Dominion War ends.
During this time, he is awarded various commendations, by the end of the war, he is attributed 26 confirmed starship kills.
From hence, he is now known as the "Void Dragon" for his exemplary career.

Soon after the war, he retires from service; his age was getting the better of him, he is honorably discharged.

2388 - Recalled to service,
Assigned to IRV Imperiax as Leader of Weapons Control.

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