Lieutenant Terrh tr'Sahen

Name Terrh tr'Sahen

Position Leader of Flight Control

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 51
Date of Birth May 14, 2337
Place of Birth I'Ramnau, Romulus
Marital Status Divorced
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 87 kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown


Spouse Dhivael t'Sahen (divorced)
Children Liorae t'Sahen (daughter, aged 21)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Terrh-aen-hwi-hwi-fve

Personality & Traits

General Overview Terrh is a natural talent when it comes to piloting. It is incredible what he can do with even a warbird. However, this often places him at odds with both command and singularity control as he can bring a ship close to its physical limits during maneuvers. He also has a bad tendency to override maneuver commands in combat to implement more risky, but also more successful maneuvers. He serves best when command allows him to decide on flight actions alone.

Military History Terrh's childhood was within normal boundaries for a Romulan. His grades at school were neither superb nor bad. When he turned 20, instead of serving his compulsory military years he directly applied for the career path at the Romulan Military Academy. It were not his grades in the entry exam that got him a place in the flight officer's program, but his aptitude for flying. Indeed, his flight simulator score was already comparable to advanced pilots.

After finishing the Academy, he was transferred to the 56th Fighter Wing, patrolling the Romulan-Klingon Border. Here, he could prove his skill and was finally transferred to the prestigious 1st Fighter Wing, stationed on Romulus. After three years of service in the 1st Wing, Terrh received a promotion to sublieutenant and squad leader. Normally such an assignment would have led to a nice, calm career, with exercising and performance at flight shows throughout the Star Empire.

Unfortunately, the Dominion War broke out. There was a need for excellent pilots on the front lines, so he applied for a transfer to the 121st Fighter Wing. They were a unit for hit-and-run tactics against Dominion supply lines. Here, he had proven his worth and got command of his own Squadron, B Squadron of the 121st Fighter Wing. He had his pilots train hard all the time, but finally he was the officer with the least losses in a fighter squadron after the Dominion War.

His commanding officer told him that it was a good idea to fly some capital ships. Without this experience it would be difficult to obtain command over a fighter wing, as Admiralty preferred pilots who had an understanding for capital ship maneuvers as wing commanders. With his reputation it was no problem to obtain a position as leader of flight control on a warbird, the IRW Carseus. During a military exercise in 2379 he was so at odds with his commanding officer about correct maneuvering that he received a demotion and an entry into his file for insubordination. Terrh still believes that his maneuvers were both doable and superior to his CO's ordered action. In 2381, after a change of the Cerseus' CO, he was promoted to lieutenant again.

In 2385 he was transferred to the IRW D'Vernex, which had been assigned to a mission of exploration in hazardous space. The Admiralty believed that it would be better to have a flight ace on board for this mission. In 2388 the D'Vernex was in battle with two Galor-class cruisers and won due to his extremely risky maneuvering at the very limits of the Valdore-class warbird's technical capabilities. The commanding officer added both, a recommendation and a negative entry for "by far too risky flying", the latter to remind Terrh that the structural integrity field had been close to failure. Due to the damage sustained during battle and, more importantly, the need to check the hull for any important micro ruptures suffered by Terrh's maneuvering, the ship was sent to the next space dock and the crew transferred to other ships.

Terrh's new assignment was the IRW Imperiax.
Service Record 2357 - Cadet, Romulan Military Academy

2361 - Uhlan, pilot in the 56th Fighter Wing

2366 - Uhlan, Pilot, 1st Fighter Wing

2369 - Sublieutenant, Squad Leader, 1st Fighter Wing

2373 - Sublieutenant, Squad Leader, 121st Fighter Wing

2374 - Lieutenant, Squadron Commander, 121st Fighter Wing, Flying Ace

2376 - Lieutenant, Leader of Flight Control, IRW Carseus

2379 - Demotion to Sublieutenant (for insubordination), IRW Carseus

2381 - Promotion to Lieutenant, IRW Carseus

2385 - Lieutenant, Leader of Flight Control, IRW D'Vernex

2388 - Recommendation for saving the D'Vernex in battle, at the same time entry for "by far too risky flying"

2388 - Transfer to IRW Imperiax as Leader of Flight Control

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