Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas

Name Lothaw tr'Katas

Position Leader of Medical Sciences

Rank Sublieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 42
Date of Birth October 1, 2345
Place of Birth Ki'Baratan, Romulus
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A Romulan of slender build, he has very typical features of an aristocratic Romulan including the standard style of hair, the subtle forehead ridges and well defined cheekbones.


Spouse Kallita, Lieutenant, Tal Shiar, died 2387(age 42)
Children Daeron, died 2387(age 8)
Father Marvok, Romulan Senator, died 2379(age 108)
Mother Maedra, Major, Tal Shiar, died 2371(age 89)
Brother(s) Neverok, Ulhan Romulan guard(age 22)
Sister(s) Kaela, Warbird commander, died 2375 second battle of Chin'taka(age 51)
Other Family A few various cousins and other distant relatives survived the Hobus supernova but none he is close to.

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Security Code Lothaw-anaerai-hwi-mne-rhi
Living Quarters Deck 14 - Section 07, Room 57
Personal Office Location Deck 10 - Medical Sciences Leader's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like many Romulans he as a reserved personality. Being raised in an aristocratic household he often comes across as elitist and condescending in social situations.

Personal History Lothaw was born in 2345. His father was a politician being elected to the Romulan Senate during the apex of his career and his mother an operative in the Tal Shiar, though stopped accepting regular missions once her husband was elected to the Senate.

He was the second of three siblings, all born rather far apart due to the busy professional lives of his parents. He grew up under the finest private education that could be bought by parents of influence.

Upon reaching adulthood, his service to the Romulan military was temporarily deferred so he could continue his education. While he did so he interned himself in the Ministry of Medical Sciences and after eight years achieved a doctorate in medical sciences. During this time, his mother died during the Tal Shiar's attack on the Founders at the Omarion Nebula. Both he and his father had no clue to this incursion his mother only stating she was taking one more "classified mission."

He entered the military for his 5 year tour of duty upon receiving his doctorate, which was during the Dominion War, serving as a physician for the Romulan guard. His sister, Kaela, who has risen to command a warbird in that war, was killed at the second battle of Chin'taka.

After the war, with his service completed, he was accepted as a citizen and married Kallita in 2377 who was a subordinate of his mother's during her time in the Tal Shiar. A year later their son Daeron was born. His wife, retiring from active missions was an instructor at the Intelligence Academy, while Lothaw was a medical researcher at the Ministry of Medical Sciences.

His father was killed during the Reman coup of 2379, which in effect ended Lothaw's slow rise to prominence in the political world. He had every ambition of winning a Senate seat once he had risen high enough in the Ministry of Medical Sciences, but without his father's influence pushing for promotions his career stalled. His family history with the Tal Shiar also negatively effected his career advancement without his father's influence to shield him from that as well. His younger brother Neverok lived in his house until adulthood and had to enter the Romulan guard as a lowly Ulhan, Lothaw's own influence not being adequate to secure him a prominent position.

He was on Casperia Prime, attending a medical conference with the Federation during the Hobus Supernova, which killed his wife and son. His younger brother, who was on a posting off world, survived however. Shortly after this we was informed he had been called back to return to the military due to personnel shortages. Convinced his future had been killed with Romulus, Lothaw unenthusiastically returned to duty.
Military History Lothaw's initial entry into the military in 2365 was deferred due to the influence of his father, a Romulan Senator. Upon completing his higher education and receiving a doctorate in medical sciences, he was commissioned as a sublieutenant in the Romulan guard in 2373. His father secured him a posting on Romulus initially. When the Romulan Star Empire declared war on the Dominion, they established a hospital on the Bajorian moon of Derna he was posted there where he treated the large number of injured from the war. He was present during the Bajorian blockade of the moon when it was armed with weapons.

His service record reflects he competently went about his duties during the war, though his commanding officer on Derna reflected in his personnel file suspicions that the doctor was a Tal Shiar agent citing his mother and wife's involvement in the organization.

After the war he served the rest of his career in a military hospital on Romulus before accepting an honorable discharge at the end of his five year term of service. Ten years later, shortly after the Hobus Supernova he was called back to duty.
Service Record 2365- Initial entry into the military deferred so he could continue his education
2373- Entered Romuluan guard as a sublieutenant, serving as a physician. Assigned to a military hospital on Romulus.
2374- Assigned to Romulan hospital on Derna, which was closer to the front than any Romulan territories.
2375- Assigned to military hospital on Romulus after the Dominion War was ended and Derna was evacuated.
2377- Honorably discharged from the military.
2387- Called back to duty after the Hobus Supernova

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