Decurion Ikan ir'Aihai

Name Ikan ir'Aihai

Position Senior Weapons Controller

Rank Decurion


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 54
Date of Birth November 8, 2334
Place of Birth Aihai, Romulus
Marital Status Divorced
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Bluish-Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At six feet tall, Ikan is not the most intimidating Romulan. His build is trim without being overly athletic. His skin is a greenish-tan. A set of prominent ridges form a 'Y' with the crest of his nose. A well-trimmed goatee forms an hourglass shape on his chin, with edges neatly lined up to a gray-tipped mustache. Long eyebrows curve upwards. His expression is cold, but somehow calm. There is something genuine about his demeanor. Calculating, but honest and approachable.


Spouse Marima i'Mhiessan - 47 (divorced)
Children Palika ir'Aihai - 17 (daughter)
Father Tolaik - 147
Mother Cuvik - 125
Brother(s) Rajen - 76
Areero - 50
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various farmers and traders across the Aihai plains.

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Beta-Two
Data Access Level Level Two
Security Code Ikan-gekha-hwi-hwi-lhi
Living Quarters TBD
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ikan is almost innocent in his blind loyalty to the Romulan Empire. He knows nothing else, being born into the highly militant life of a commoner. The only thing that was certain was that he would do military service. The Empire's needs were the most important needs. Every decision he makes is highly influenced by Romulan propaganda. It's almost controlling, as if he can't think for himself. His own life is secondary to the Empire and he would sacrifice it in a heartbeat.

He's known for not being overly aggressive. One would fathom him a diplomat before a weapons officer. He's a negotiator from a lineage of traders and salesmen.

At 54, he's still fairly young for a Romulan but still has a fair bit of experience.

Personal History Ikan was born into a highly-militarized society. Even on the farm his family had clung to for generations, the military was present. He was trained in combat and military protocol. It became a hobby. The young Romulan dreamed of the day he would serve in the Imperial Navy.

His family was tied to the house of Karkan. Ikan's family ran a large estate where farming came into play. Some of his uncles were important local merchants, some even owning their businesses. They were commoners, but they were making a name for themselves.

Ikan completed his mandatory military service from 2256-2261. It was an enlistment focused on weapons maintenance.

He married in 2263 but divorced in 2278. They had a daughter who stayed with her mother in Mhiessan. Ikan had been accepted into the Imperial War College in 2269. His family called on a favor from the Karkans. Unfortunately, the military life is what ultimately lead to his divorce. Marima just could not handle the long distance relationship.

Ikan has a decent relationship with his daughter who is now almost grown and considering her own military career.
Military History Ikan's first five year term focused on weapon's maintenance. He was assigned to an ageing starbase, one that would give him plenty to do. It became clear the young soldier was talented at understanding a weapon system. It was here that he learned the basics in military strategy. He was also assigned to a security team responsible for guarding the station's engineering section. It was here that he fired his first disruptor.

There were a few incidents. At one point, a group of Klingon rebels threatened his post. He silenced his first intruder, but also lost several of his friends and mentors. It was the first time the military became real, more than a series of protocol and rank.

Ikan took a few years off to live his life before returning to the Imperial War College in 2269. He graduated just in time to be shipped on a Warbird and sent to the Dominion War. He was now a General Weapons Controller. His Leader of Weapon Control took him under his wing. Ikan was still fairly green, but had some military experience compared to those who had only served as cadets.

His team was in charge of maintaining the ship's disruptors. He was also part of an emergency response team designed to react to a boarding. During the Dominion War, his ship was a part of many battles. Ikan came face-to-face with war's reality on many occasions.

He was even injured by a Jem-Hadar boarding party. Since then he's been building a career as a stable, reliable officer.
Service Record 2256-2261 - 5 Year Enlisted Service Term, Weapons Maintainer
2269-2273 - Completes Weapons Officer Program at Imperial War College
2273-2275 - Fights in the Dominion War as a General Weapons Officer on the Dividices.
2276-2380 - Assigned to Planetary Guard duties in a security function
2381-2384 - Resumes role of General Weapons Officer aboard the T'Met.
2384-2388 - Assigned to a starbase as the officer in charge of a security team.
2388- Applies for transfer to the Imperiax.

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