Valkis tr'Tellus

Name Valkis ir-Kae'raktar tr'Tellus

Position Senator


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 54
Date of Birth 5th d. of 2nd m. of Fire, y. 1886 AS (January 25, 2334)
Place of Birth Kae'raktar Mountains, Romulus
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 189 lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Valkis is a tall Romulan with more Vulcan features and blue eyes. Being of ancient nobility he is proud of his heritage. It can be seen in his eyes and his entire body language. He wears tailored uniforms of finest garment, but within military regulations. He knows how to fill a room with his presence, although he seldomly does. He always wears his hair and uniform almost perfectly. It is a remnant of what his parents taught him. They wanted him to become a leader and did everything to push him into this direction.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Valkis ir-Kae'raktar tr'Tellus (killed in Senate in 2379)
Mother Verelan ir-Aihai t'Rehu (killed in battle in 2379)
Brother(s) Argelian ir-Kae'raktar tr'Tellus (deceased in Hobus supernova 2387)
Sister(s) Ariana ir-Kae'raktar t'Tellus (aged 47)
Other Family Khoren i-Mhiessan tr'Tellus, cousin (aged 39)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Clearance Level Alpha-Three
Data Access Level Level Four
Security Code Valkis-hhvaeh-sei-sei-mne
Living Quarters Deck 14 - Section 10, Room 12
Personal Office Location Deck 14 - Tal Diann Intelligence Centre

Personality & Traits

General Overview Valkis has a great sense of fairness and tries to be just to everybody. For him this also means that everybody needs to know his place in society. His loyalty to the Star Empire is very high, only his family comes first. D'era is everything to him and for him discipline is a very important part of D'era.

It is very seldom that he shows true emotions (but he knows when it is adequate to show a polite smile or similar gestures). Some people would say that he may be Vulcan, although this is not the case. On the other hand, it is not completely wrong in a way that the Vulcan heritage is very strong in him.

He possesses psionic powers which he mostly uses to shield his mind, but he can mind meld if necessary. Special Tal Shiar training was used upon him to further develop his powers up to what ancient Vulcans were capable of, but he does rarely tell about it. Those who have access to the files or who were informed of him know that the training was a success, but the full extent stays unknown to anyone except himself. Additionally he started to study the ancient writings and developed and is still developing his psionic abilities beyond what the Tal Shiar was able to teach him. He has managed to shield his mind permanently using a combination of a simple, yet effective mind block (to block any unwanted telepathic contact), a mind reflection (to let anyone intruding his mind see the own mind instead) and, most importantly, the technique of the hidden mind which makes it very difficult for other telepaths to even find his mind.

Unknown to anyone except those he trusts most, Valkis was also able to overcome the limitations of touch telepathy. There is no need for him to be in physical contact with his target to use his psionic powers. However, this ability strongly decreases with range. His options to influence his targets are limited to basic mental functions, i.e. pain, and false perception, although no strong illusions are possible yet. Altogether, he would have been considered a mediocre battlefield psionic warrior (ahkhinahru) before the Time of Awakening.

His family heritage in combination with his psi training and the loss of the Hearthworlds formed the ambition to become a warrior in the best traditions of Tellus and the ancient Vulcan warlords. He is not fully aware of this ambition yet, but he has a feeling that he has to complete a challenging education only very few people went through since his ancestors had left Vulcan.

Personal History Valkis was born as the eldest son and heir of one of the oldest noble houses of Romulus. The house of Tellus claimed to be descendants of S'Task, the man who led the Romulan people to Romulus. Although this can be doubted from a historic point of view, tradition meant everything to his parents. Maybe this was because the other claim of the house, to be in direct primogeniture succession of Tellus, was true. Plus they were one of the founding houses of the Senate. They were tremendously rich as their house controlled and exploited the wealth of minerals and ore found in the Kae'raktar mountains when the Romulans built their civilization after planetfall. The wealth they obtained in these early years of Romulan history had been invested to earn even more money as the Star empire expanded.

He missed nothing and, starting when he was three years old, he had the best teachers one could get. The training was far beyond what young Romulans were expected to learn. He had to be perfect. The more he knew, the higher were his parent's expectations. In thess years, he found and read ancient scrolls in his family's library. The scrolls were written in ancient Vulcan, a language he had to learn anyway. The knowledge they contained was mostly of philosophical nature, but one showed him how to shield his mind, if he had any psi abilities. And he had.

When he was twenty years old, he began his military education. Actually, he had no choice. Military was a tradition of the house of Tellus. Both his parents were warbird commanders at that time. It was expected of him to serve. After the basic military training it became clear that he had some potential to join either the Tal Diann or the Tal Shiar. Both agencies invited him for some initial tests. During those tests, the Tal Shiar found out that he was able to shield his mind. They told him about a secret training facility where he could fully develop his abilities. He did not care much of their propaganda, but he would take his chance. He stayed there for ten years and the Tal Shiar promised him a great career. But he rejected.

Being 31 years old, Valkis left the Tal Shiar and studied archaeology, Romulan history and administration. His father was senator now, occupying a seat that was passed onto the hru'hfirh s'Tellus as head of a founding member house of the Senate, and expected Valkis to learn some more about history and administration, skills that would benefit him in becoming a senator himself one day. After five years of study, Valkis re-enlisted in the military. He became a Tal Diann agent, which caused severe tensions with the Tal Shiar. He became a sublieutenant in the Tal Diann headquarters, in the division of counterintelligence. Later on, he was stationed aboard warbirds as Tal Diann officer. After his parents were killed in Shinzon's coup d'etat Valkis became hru'hfirh s'Tellus. Although it was his birthright, he did not take the seat of Tellus in the Senate after Shinzon's defeat. Instead, he decided that it was in the best interest of the Star Empire to give the seat to his sister Ariana.

Instead of joining the ranks of the Senate he participated in a Federation-Romulan officer exchange program and stayed on the Federation starship USS Thesis as liaison officer for an additional year before he was ordered to return to Tal Diann HQ. In 2385, he resigned from duty and conducted some archaelogical reasearch. This was what saved his life when Romulus and Remus were destroyed by the Hobus supernova. Valkis immediately knew that the Empire itself was in danger now and joined the Tal Diann again. The agency placed him as Tal Diann Master aboard the IRV Imperiax.

On the Imperiax, Valkis had found some time to study ancient scrolls from Vulcan. This gave him further insight into the use of his psi abilities, but it also showed that house s'Tellus was in consanguinity of a man called S'Terion, a king of Cheleb-khor on Vulcan, who lived about six thousand years ago. It took him a while, but finally he decided to claim the ancient titles of Tellus on Vulcan and also express a claim on the Vulcan lands of Tellus.

A note on Cheleb-mor, the ancient sword belonging to House Tellus:
Cheleb-mor is an over six thousand years old sword looking much like a Terran jian. The blade is 90 cm long and made of an unknown alloy. It is harder than steel and even harder than duranium. The blade starts with a width of 3 cm at the hilt and reduced to 2 cm a hand before the tip. The first half of the blade is executed as ricasso, the remaining blade is double edged. On the blade is a script shining in bluish letters when light falls upon it in the right angle. The first part of the text is at one side and reads:

Namdhórh neshvè Cheleb-mor, namdhórh neshvè tvezh è sochaya.

I am Cheleb-mor, I am death and peace.

The second part, on the other side of the blade, reads:

Dvhalh'vò k'khá. Rì pàbhukhdhórh Ket-Cheleb.

Choose wisely. Ket-Cheleb does not forgive.

The hilt hardly exceeds the blade and has a golden gleam, yet it is not made of gold. The grip is sufficient to allow two-handed use. Its dark blue silk wrapping has been renewed a few decades ago. The golden pommel has the form of a falcon's head.

Cheleb-mor demands a very fast fighting style. It is much more of a stabbing weapon than a cutting weapon and requires utmost precision in combat.
Service Record 2354 - Imperial War College

2355 - joined the Tal Shiar

2355 - transferred to secret Tal Shiar psi training facility

2365 - return to civil life

2370 - Tal Diann HQ, Romulus

2373 - Tal Diann officer, IRV S'Horan

2375 - Tal Diann officer, IRV Ruven

2380 - Exchange officer, USS Thesis

2381 - Liaison officer, USS Thesis

2382 - Tal Diann HQ, Romulus

2385 - return to civil life

2387 - Tal Diann master, IRV Imperiax

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