Call Of The Empire

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Status Completed Mission
Description 16th d. of 2nd m. of Air, y. 1939 AS. It has been a few weeks since the destruction of Romulus and Remus. Since then, a provisional Romulan government has been established on Rator III to try and provide stability to the Empire. In an effort to aid that call for normalcy, the Romulan Guard has placed all former, reserve and retired personnel back on duty. They are also making use of any ship they can get their hands on.

In orbit of Rator III is T'Rehu Station. There, docked at the station is the newly recommissioned Khellian-Class starship, the IRV Imperiax. Although it still has many damaged systems left over from the Dominion War, the Imperiax has been ordered to launch in a week, giving the crew only that much time in order to get her ready for their very first mission.
Mission Group Season 1 - The Fallout Of Hobus
Start Date 23 Sep 2012 @ 8:31am
End Date 14 Nov 2012 @ 8:31am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Flight Of The Imperiax
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Valkis tr'Tellus
MD7, 0900 Hours Deck 10 - Bridge
To Dine Like Kings And Queens
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Shiarrael t'Kiell & Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas & Valkis tr'Tellus
MD6, 1830 Hours Deck 10 - Wardroom
Added Responsibility
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka
MD6, 1330 Hours Deck 10 - Commander's Ready Room
Computer Trouble
by Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar & Valkis tr'Tellus
MD6, 1200 Hours Deck 14 - Tal Diann Centre
Enter The Junkyard
by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD2, 1000 Hours Deck 10 - Medical Bay
Whetting The Beak Of A Bird Of Prey
by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell
MD5, 0906 Hours Deck 20 - Torpedo Room
The Black Box
by Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar & Commander Volus tr'Keirheol
MD5, 0900 Hours Main Cargo Bay
Under Lock and Key
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD4, 0900 Hours Deck 10 - Medical Bay
A Tal Diann Among Us
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Valkis tr'Tellus & Gekha L'Mekratek
MD3, 1300 Hours Deck 21 - Main Docking Hatch
Noise In The Floor
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka
MD3, 0839 Hours Deck 11 - Section 01, Room 07
by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell
MD1, 2240 Hours IRV Terix, Inbound to T'Rehu Station
All Considered, the Losses Are Almost Negligible
by Valkis tr'Tellus
MD3, 2300 Hours Deck 14 - Valkis' Quarters
The Favor, Part Two
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol
MD2, 1250 Hours City of Ch'ros, Rator III
A Surprising Meeting
by Valkis tr'Tellus
MD3, 0946 Hours T'Rehu station
Dark Dreams
by Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD3, 2230 Hours Deck 14 - Doctor Lothaw's Quarters
Circuit Breaker
by Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar
MD4, 2300 Hours Singularity Control/Computer Core
The Favor, Part One
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol
MD2, 1225 Hours City of Ch'ros, Rator III
Plagues, Poisons and Spirits
by Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD3, 1400 Hours Deck 12 - Medical Lab 4
Dinner with Dhael
by Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar
MD3, 2000 Hours Sub-Commander's Quarters
A Breath of Life
by Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Shiarrael t'Kiell & Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar
MD3, 1500 Hours Singularity Control/Bridge
by Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD2, 0900 Hours Deck 10 - Medical Bay
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD2, 0745 Hours Deck 10 - Bridge, Wardroom
by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Centurion Shiarrael t'Kiell
MD1, 1735 Hours Deck 7 - Science Lab 1
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
by Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD2, 2100 Hours Medical Bay
He doth murder sleep
by Sublieutenant Lhaerth ir-Pollar & Sublieutenant Lothaw tr'Katas
MD2, 1230 Hours Medical Bay

Mission Summary

Stardate Unknown
Uhlan Lhaerth ir-Pollar receives his re-assignment orders while he is about to de-certify the Imperiax's singularity core.

11th d. of 2nd m. of Air, y. 1939 AS
0611 Hours - Aboard the IRV Antius, Centurion Dhael t'Anaka receives her re-assignment orders while she is in bed with a Romulan man by the name of Kaol. She coldly notifies him that he can show himself out.

1034 Hours - Volus tr'Keirheol is mourning the loss of his mother, former wife, and youngest daughter who were all lost to Hobus during the destruction of Romulus. With three bottles of Romulan Ale at his side, he watches a holographic recording of his homeworld's annihilation over and over again.

1549 Hours - A few hours after finally falling asleep, Volus is visited at his home on Drovna III by a member of the Romulan Guard who hands him a datapad containing new military orders. Despite resigning his commission five years ago, he has been recalled to duty and assigned as the commanding officer of the IRV Imperiax.

1642 Hours - While staying on Khazara Colony, Centurion Shiarrael t'Kiell receives word that she has been recalled to duty in the Romulan Guard. Her new assignment is as the Sciences Head / Leader of Science aboard the IRV Imperiax.

0950 Hours - Repairs to the ailing Imperiax are underway. Uhlan Lhaerth is already aboard. He has been assigned to the ship as its Leader of Singularity Control. While in Main Engineering, he is visited by Sub-Commander Volus who wishes to know the exact severity of the Imperiax's damages which date back to the Dominion War over a decade ago. Lhaerth reveals that there are quite a few systems missing but that he has already made several calls to get the parts he needs. The only part he is unable to get is a cloaking device. Encouraged by the man's enthusiasm, Volus promotes Lhaerth to Sub-Lieutenant.

1300 Hours - After Centurion Dhael boards the Imperiax, she meets with Sub-Commander Volus who is having lunch in the Main Lounge. The Lounge is one of the ship's only sources of working replicators. Volus informs Dhael of the Imperiax's current plight and she sets off to work right away. Her first task is to organize the ship's duty rosters.

1410 Hours - The new Reman Master arrives on the Imperiax and wishes to have a word with Sub-Commander Volus in his Ready Room. As the destruction of Romulus and Remus changed so many things, Volus and Xenos came to an agreement that the Remans wouldn't be treated so harshly by the crew. Although, if they happened to provoke their Romulan brethren, Volus couldn't guarantee any Reman's safety.

1735 Hours - Centurion Shiarrael boards the Imperiax and reports to Sub-Commander Volus who is in Science Lab 1. Volus immediately sees much of himself in the new Leader of Science. He is also haunted by his past where much of his crew died because of a sabotaged science experiment on the IRV Lhorakis. Volus comes to the realization that the Imperiax needs a commander and not another scientist. And so, he decides that it is time for him to move on from those events.

2200 Hours - The newly promoted Sub-Lieutenant Lhaerth is working in the main cargo bay with a Reman to sort through the equipment and parts that were delivered to the Imperiax from T'Rehu Station.

2240 Hours - While en route to T'Rehu Station aboard the IRV Terix, Uhlan Varuh tr'Krell receives his transfer orders from Galae Command. He is to become a Singularity Controller aboard the Imperiax.

0300 Hours - Lhaerth is confronted by his former commanding officer, Dhoriet, about the equipment he conveniently had transported over to the Imperiax around the time he was reassigned. Although he was nothing more than a mindless worker for so long, the Sub-Lieutenant sticks up for himself and drives the other Romulan away. Following this, he and his Reman helper get back to work.

0700 Hours - While working on some power relays on deck twelve with his Reman assistant, Lhaerth is paid a visit by Xenos, the new Reman Master. While their conversation is a short one, Xenos reaffirms his position that the Remans are there to assist wherever they are needed in order to get the ship operational again.

0730 Hours - Sub-Lieutenant Lothaw, the newly assigned Leader of Medical Sciences arrives on the Imperiax and makes his way to the bridge on deck ten to meet with Sub-Commander Volus.

0745 Hours - As Lothaw arrives on the bridge, he bumps into Volus who is just on his way to having breakfast in the wardroom with Centurion Dhael. The Sub-Commander invites the Doctor to come along with him and after he is introduced to the ship's first officer, they all have breakfast. To their surprise, they find out that the wardroom chef is none other than a Reman by the name of Zhanduk. While the three officers feel that the Reman outdid himself with the preparation of the food, Zhanduk's notifies them that he poisoned the food prior to serving it. Naturally, this does not go over well with the three officers in the room. Although they would soo find out that Zhanduk was only joking.

0900 Hours - Following his breakfast with the command staff, Sub-Lieutenant Lothaw returns to the Medical Bay to begin inventorying the equipment and supplies.

1000 Hours - Having just arrived aboard the Imperiax, Uhlan Varuh visits the Medical Bay and has his customary boarding examination.

1225 Hours - After speaking with one of his former commanding officers over subspace about potentially acquiring a cloaking device for the Imperiax, Volus travels down to Rator III for a more private discussion on the matter. Not only does Volus find out that his former CO is now a Senator, but it is also revealed that he is in league with Major Demonak of the Tal Shiar.

1230 Hours - Hoping to get something to keep him on his feet after working all night, Lhaerth ventures into the Medical Bay to visit Doctor Lothaw. Unfortunately for the Singularity Leader, Lothaw is not too keen on giving him anything that a good few hours of sleep couldn't cure. He didn't really tell Lhaerth that, though. Through trickery, the Doctor injected Lhaerth with a sedative which promised to keep him asleep for several hours so that he could get an adequate amount of rest.

1250 Hours - Volus and Demonak exchange words in Senator Vorelian's office. The Tal Shiar agent informs the Sub-Commander that he has the only cloaking device available in this section of space. Volus is reluctant to take it but the Major is insistent, claiming that if he didn't take the cloak that members of his crew would suffer the consequences. Seeing no alternative in the matter, Volus agrees to Demonak's terms.

2100 Hours - Lhaerth wakes up after having slept for over eight hours. When he realizes what happened, he is visibly upset and tries to get the Doctor's name so that he can report him to the command staff. Lothaw, though, knows better than to reveal such information and the Leader of Singularity Control ends up leaving the Medical Bay empty handed. Well, except for having finally gotten some sleep.

0839 Hours - During the previous two nights, Volus has had a difficult time sleeping because of a scratching sound that is occurring underneath the floor. He decides to investigate the matter himself not realizing that he has completely missed his scheduled breakfast with Dhael. His first officer would then visit him in his quarters, bringing him some items from the wardroom. She also offers to lend him a hand. With the Centurion's help, they open up the Sub-Commander's floor and find that a small rodent-like creature was living there. Volus is able to capture the rodent and he hands it over to Dhael so that she could bring it to Centurion Shiarrael for further study. Volus wishes to know if there are any more of the animals on the ship and how they've survived here for so long. When Dhael leaves his quarters, the Sub-Commander hears more scratching sounds underneath his floor. It seems that they have a bigger problem than they'd previously anticipated.

0946 Hours - Sub-Lieutenant Valkis arrives at T'Rehu Station and meets with his sister, Senator Ariana. The two siblings speak briefly before the Lieutenant leaves to speak with the Tal Diann Master of the station.

1300 Hours - Sub-Commander Volus and Centurion Dhael greet the new Tal Diann Master, Sub-Lieutenant Valkis, as he boards the Imperiax. After Volus shares the dire situation of the ship with the Lieutenant, Dhael shows Valkis to the Tal Diann Centre.

1400 Hours - While working in Medical Lab 4, Uhlan Mardek stumbles upon a cold storage unit that is locked and won't open. He calls for his superior, Doctor Lothaw, to look into the matter. Using his access code, Lothaw is able to open the storage locker which then reveals the contents inside; several medical samples in self contained cold storage units. These aren't ordinary samples though. They contain some of the deadliest diseases known in the galaxy.

1500 Hours - After several days of hard work, Lhaerth informs the bridge that the ship is ready to run under its own power. He has the umbilical attached to the station disconnected only for the crew to find out that the main power isn't switching on right away. When it finally did only a few moments later, Lhaerth was congratulated for a job well done and a dinner was arranged for later that evening between himself and Centurion Dhael.

2000 Hours - As they'd arranged earlier in the day, Centurion Dhael has a private dinner in her quarters with Sub-Lieutenant Lhaerth where they discuss various items relating to the ship itself as well as some more private matters.

2230 Hours - Doctor Lothaw retires to his quarters after a long day of work. It is mentioned that he has submitted a detailed report of his findings in Medical Lab 4 to Sub-Commander Volus.

2300 Hours - After completing his work for the day in the Tal Diann Centre, Valkis arrives to his quarters for the first time. He begins to unpack his belongings which includes quite a few Vulcan artifacts.

0900 Hours - When Volus reads Doctor Lothaw's report about the secret storage locker he discovered, he travels down to the Medical Bay to find out more. Lothaw then brings the Sub-Commander down to Med Lab 4 where the locker is revealed to him. Volus instructs the Doctor to catalogue all of the diseases in case they would ever have a need to use them. He also orders the lab to be sealed off until further notice. This discovery prompts Volus to wonder just what Doctor Aselpug's role was aboard the Imperiax when he served on it many years ago.

2300 Hours - Sub-Lieutenant Lhaerth and Uhlan Vorhs are hard at work in Singularity Control to get the core back online. When they hit a roadblock in the repairs, the two men are forced to rethink their solution to the problem. They soon discovered that because the ship currently did not have a primary power grid installed, its absence was preventing the core from going online. Since the auxiliary grid was the only thing currently distributing power throughout the ship, Vorhs tricked the core sensor into believing it was connected to the primary grid. Moments later, the core went online.

0900 Hours - When Sub-Lieutenant Lhaerth finds a mysterious black box with a Tal Shiar symbol on it in the main cargo bay, he contacts Volus over the intercom to ask him about it. Volus arrives there minutes later and reveals to him that it is the cloaking device that was 'given' to them by the Tal Shiar. Lhaerth reluctantly takes the cloak so that he can install it.

0906 Hours - Sub-Lieutenant Lhaerth has Uhlan Varuh work on the ship's weapon systems. More specifically, the torpedo launchers. When he arrives in the main launcher room, he finds it in a complete mess with boxes, crates and wires scattered everywhere. While it takes him the better part of the day to complete the task, Varuh is able to bring the main torpedo launcher online.

1200 Hours - While checking over the computer systems in the Tal Diann Centre, Sub-Lieutenant Valkis comes across an unusual device of unknown origin. He summons the Leader of Singularity to his location to investigate. When he arrives, Lhaerth scans the device and discovers that it has a Tal Shiar signature. It was most likely installed by the Tal Shiar to spy on the Tal Diann. Whether he is reluctant or just unable to remove the device, Lhaerth suggests to Valkis that he use a portable ST-72 computer from the cargo bay for the time being.

1330 Hours - With the shortage of personnel on the Imperiax, Sub-Commander Volus appoints his first officer Dhael, to temporarily take on the duties as the ship's Warfare Head.

1830 Hours - The senior officers of the Imperiax have their first dinner together in the wardroom. During the feast, Sub-Lieutenant Lhaerth reveals the current operational status of the ship. It appears as if they are still lacking a primary power grid. The other officers chime in as well. Dhael explains that while most of the weapon systems are online that they only have a total of 180 plasma torpedoes currently at their disposal. Several of their Aen'rhien-class fighters are also non-functional for the time being. Doctor Lothaw's Medical Department seems to be the only department that is completely ready for what is to come. With all of that in mind, Volus notifies his senior staff about the orders he received earlier in the day from Galae Command. In those orders, the Imperiax is to travel to the Neutral Zone and rendezvous with a Federation transport to take on the Romulan and Reman passengers displaced by the Hobus Supernova. They are then to bring the passengers to Unroth III. When all of the formalities of the dinner were complete, Sub-Lieutenant Valkis shared a story with the crew to lift their spirits on the eve of their first mission together.

0900 Hours - The Imperiax launches in the wake of a few problems creeping up at the last minute. One of which is that the crew can't operate the cloaking device and the warp drive at the same time at least until the main power grid is installed.