General Items
Romulan Disruptor   Romulan disruptors were a type of hand-held disruptor weapon used by Romulan officers. During the 24th century, the Romulans were using a sleeker designed disruptors that featured various power settings as well as an overload setting.
Romulan Disruptor Rifle   The Romulans also had two larger versions referred to as disruptor rifles. These versions were capable of firing a more powerful beam than their smaller counterparts.
PADD   "PADD" is an acronym for Personal Access Display Device, a hand-held computer interface, used as early as the 22nd century and well into the 24th century.

Consisting of a large touchscreen display and minimalistic manual interface or control panel (generally only one or two buttons), the typical PADD is used for a variety of functions including logging manifests, compiling duty rosters or diagnostic reports, entering personal data, and/or accessing library computer systems using the LCARS Interface.
Romulan Tricorder   A tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device useful for data sensing, analysis, and recording data, with many specialized abilities which make it an asset to crews aboard starships and space stations as well as on away missions. The Romulan tricorder was very similar to the Federation version. Although it was much larger, but still featured touch interface control surfaces.

D'deridex-class    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The bridge is the starship equivalent of an operations center or command center. The bridge on a D'deridex-class starship is located on Deck 22. From the bridge, the commander supervises all ship's operations, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems. Officers can access a turbolift and the Commander's Ready Room from the front of the bridge. There are also two access corridors at the rear of the bridge.
Commander's Ready Room   The commander's ready room is a personal office reserved for the commander of a starship and is typically accessed from the port side of the bridge.

Here, the commander can engage in administrative work with all relevant office equipment at hand without interfering with bridge operations. In addition, this room is usually the preferred place where the commander can hold private discussions and/or receive classified communications.
Interior Design   The primary color scheme aboard Romulan starships was distinctively beige and green-gray or teal. These vessels were littered with numerous long corridors.
Wardroom   The wardroom was the conference or officers room connected via a corridor at the rear of the bridge. Its function was similar to that of an observation lounge, but also served as the dining area for the ship's senior officers.