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A Change Is Looming, Part Three

Posted on 26 Mar 2015 @ 8:29am by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Decurion Bisrik i-Mnaeha & Lieutenant Isha t'Laroc & Lieutenant Grax & Valkis tr'Tellus & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa

Mission: Silent Infestation
Location: Deck 10 - Medical Bay
Timeline: MD18 - 2000 Hours

Sienae was busy documenting Volus' latest vitals when the infirmary doors opened and admitted a person she'd never seen before along with Bisrik whom she had met on many occasions with his sidekick N'alae.

Isha arrived in the Medical Bay with Bisrik in tow. She spotted a woman she assumed was Dr Sienae and approached her.

"Lieutenant Isha, Leader of Research and Development. Dr Sienae asked to see me," she said with a polite smile.

"That would be me." Sienae replied, holding out a hand in greeting, "Pleased to meet you Lieutenant."

Isha accepted the hand. "Its a pleasure to meet you, I just wish it was under more pleasant circumstances. How is the Commander doing?"

Valkis stood aside and did not interfere. He was concerned about the state of his commanding officer, yet he was starting to find a solution to this problem. He did not like the idea to deal with the enhanced senses technologically. He would prefer a situation where the Commander could use them, much like he did with his psionically enhanced senses. Mental discipline and proper training could do the job. Maybe vedrah prah, an ancient Vulcan training to accept and neglect pain and discomfort, would be a beginning. Although he doubted that his superior would agree on this. Volus had a dislike of their Vulcan heritage. So he did not say anything yet.

"He's stable, but his senses appear to have been enhanced." Sienae began to explain, "We have him behind a forcefield damping down all noise and light so that it doesn't hurt him."

"Enhanced?!" Bisrik shuffled over to the edge of the forcefield where their Commanding Officer was contained in an effort to try and 'see' what was wrong. Obviously he was really able to but he found it all the more fascinating regardless.

Isha frowned slightly, wondering what could possibly cause enhanced senses. She went to stand at the forcefield with Bisrik, looking in at the Commander.

"Doctor, are all his senses enhanced? Are there any signs of physical changes, such as more nerve endings, that you've noted?" She pulled a PADD from a pocket and started to make notes on her thoughts, waiting for new information to add to her own musings. It was a truly peculiar problem.

"As far as I can tell they're all enhanced yes." Sienae nodded, "But basic scans haven't picked up anything unusual about his anatomy as yet." she pointed to a piece of equipment across the room and added "I'm running a biochemical analysis series right now."

Leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, Grax listened towards every word that was spoken. Everything was enhanced, his body was functional normally. Grax shrugged as he closed his eyes "Nano..." he spoke "Did you look for anything mechanical"

"No." Sienae replied to the Reman, "But it's a good thought, I'll check his blood samples for that." then she looked at the two scientists and added "Then again, nanotechnology would be your field, perhaps you'd like to take on that project?"

"Do we know if he was injected with anything out of the ordinary?" Decurion Bisrik asked all the while not taking his eyes away from his Commanding Officer. "Maybe something happened to him in the outpost... like he was stabbed with an injection of nanoprobes by Commander Nuvol... assuming of course there are nanoprobes present in his bloodstream. It would explain how he survived the explosion afterwards."

Isha rubbed her chin as he mind wandered on to her knowledge of nanoprobes. It was by no means extensive, having worked more with nanofibres then anything else. It might be an explanation, but possibly there would be other signs?

"We'll certainly have a look for any nanotechnology that might be in his blood stream. It shouldn't take long to isolate them if they are present, although I find it odd that they would enhance his senses like this. Are any of his other bodily functions, strength, stamina or such showing any changes at all?" she asked, more to herself than anyone else. "I guess the scan you are running, Doctor, may provide more answers in that line of thought."

She paused for a moment. "After the explosion, did the Commander show any unusual signs or symptoms, other than the fact he survived?"

"Before we continue, I think talking to the best witness of the whole situation is probably in order don't you?" Sienae gestured towards Volus.

With a slight nod, Isha agreed that Volus would be he best person to ask about the situation. Looking at him, however, did not fill her with confidence that he'd be in a fit state to answer questions like that.

"Is he well enough to answer questions, especially with his senses as they are?" she asked, wondering if it meant whispering to the stricken Commander. No, that would be a bit silly. It was still an awkward thing to have to ask an ill man how he cheated death the last time.

"I don't think we have a choice, do you Lieutenant?" Sienae replied, knowing that it wasn't ideal but also knowing that they needed more information if they were going to target their search for a way to treat him.

Isha frowned slightly, wondering how to get around talking to the Commander without causing him further distress. Perhaps altering the forcefield would allow them to talk without the volume of speaking being an assault on his hearing? She pondered the idea, thinking about other options as well.

Valkis felt that the Commander was in good care. "I will return to the bridge. Doctor, keep me informed."

"I will." Sienae looked at Valkis and smiled as she added "And don't worry Sir, we've got this."

Valkis nodded and turned to the Reman officer. "Grax, you should also be on the bridge. With the situation on the planet I prefer to have experienced senior staff there." With that said, he left the medical bay.

There was not much he could do here for the Commander and nodded towards the Lieutenant "I will accompany you" he stated as he looked at the ship doctor "Please keep me informed about the progress of Commander tr'Keirheol" he said as Grax looked back at Valkis "Being on the bridge is good, but there are not that many functions I can fulfill there. However I can be the direct contact person on the progress of the Commander while you focus on the duties on the bridge" Grax offered.

After the Valkis and Grax had left, Isha turned to Sienae. "Doctor, I've been considering trying to tune the forcefield so we can talk to the Commander without causing him undue discomfort. Is this acceptable from your medical point of view?"

"It is." Sienae nodded, "The sooner we can communicate with him without causing him distress the better."

Isha nodded and went to inspect the forcefield controls. The getting the settings right were going to be the hardest part of this, which would mean several small steps instead of one big one. What was needed was to ensure the sound waves going into the area would be reduced for the Commander, but that his voice wouldn't be muffled to the outside.

"Doctor, can you please try talking to Commander Volus while I make the adjustments. If you can talk at a normal level it will help get accurate settings. Can everyone else please try to be as quiet as possible," she stated. Last thing they needed was too much background noise interfering.

Bisrik nodded in understanding. Really he was more interested in seeing what was about to happen. Oh did he wish that N'alae was here so that she could witness this too.

Isha took a breath and started to work on the forcefield. It should be a very straightforward process, but the consequences of getting it wrong were unknown. "Decurion Bisrik, can you keep an eye on the forcefield settings independently? If anything starts to drift too far or too quickly, more than 1% per second, let me know. I don't want to be the one that deafened the Commander...." she said.

"Right. I'll just scoot on over here then," Bisrik said as he moved over to a console to do what the Lieutenant asked of him. He did position himself in such a way that he could still see what was going on.

Whilst Isha got on and adjusted the forcefield, Sienae spoke to Volus, speaking in as normal a tone of voice as possible. "Commander, tell me what you are experiencing."

The Commander had been laying on the biobed all the while his crew were trying to determine the best way to help him. The measures they'd taken in reducing the severity of the noises all around seemed to have helped and Volus' head was hurting much less. His sense of hearing wasn't the only one affected by whatever was wrong with him though. "Hearing... is fine now," he muttered. "B... body aches everywhere." He hadn't moved much since coming to the Med Bay because it hurt too much to do so.

"I can give you something for the pain." Sienae replied, "What can you tell us about the lab where you had your accident. Can you think of anything unusual that might be causing what's happening to you now?" she prompted him as she drew up a hypospray.

Volus was silent for a few long moments. He was still unsure whether or not he should tell the Doctor and the others in attendance what he knew of the situation. "Is.... is my life at risk, Doctor?" he rasped.

"Truthfully?" Sienae looked at him with sincerity, "I don't know...but it's entirely possible. Without more information, I just don't know what I'm dealing with here Sir."

Did he have much of a choice but to reveal a part of what happened on the planet to them? Not if he wanted to live. "You... you detected a foreign substance in my blood upon my return to the Imperiax after our previous mission. It is called Eternity; a serum designed by Commander Nuvol and his team to grant us everlasting life. That is how I am still alive."

Sienae's eyebrows lifted in surprise before her eyes narrowed and she said "You really should have said something Sir...we have no idea what was in that stuff and it's clearly unstable." She sighed, wondering just what they were dealing with here and with the lab gone there was no way of analysing the original serum.

Isha managed to keep her face vaguely neutral as she overheard the conversation. She had heard of a planet in Federation space that had properties that gave people long lives and good health, but that only worked on the planet. How was it that someone had made a drug to make someone immortal. Intrigue at the scientific breakthrough mixed with mild horror at the idea, but she said nothing.

"It was never perfected," Volus informed them. "I was going to die anyways and so I acted without much thought and injected myself. I didn't think I would survive. Yet here I am." He took a deep breath, still obviously in pain from what his body was experiencing. "Nuvol used the blood of the draed'jhimn... life serpents. They were plentiful in the region where the outpost was located. They live.... a very long time."

"Well we're going to have to work on your blood samples then...see what we can extract." Sienae commented as she pressed a hypo containing analgesic to Volus' neck and the proceeded to take some blood samples from his arm.

"Agh!" Volus cried as the hypo sought to drain him of his blood. His arm spasmed and despite his better judgment he pulled it away from the Doctor.

"What the hell?" Sienae frowned as she stared down at Volus' arm, "Sir...something is very, very wrong. Look at your arm." she gestured to him as she stared down at the rapidly thickening scaly skin that was starting to appear there.

Volus did as the Doctor said and looked at his arm. What was happening to him? He was about to reach with his other hand to touch where the skin had changed but was prevented from doing so when his whole body lurched and he rolled off to the side of the biobed, landing onto his knees and hands.

"Oh boy, that doesn't look good," Decurion Bisrik said as he looked on from very far away.

"Sir?" Sienae asked as she backed off a little. She had no idea what was happening but whatever it was, it wasn't good. Deciding that the assembled group wasn't going to be a match for the mutating Romulan before them, she opted to call in reinforcements and contacted the bridge. Something was very, very wrong.


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