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A Scaly Situation

Posted on 21 May 2015 @ 7:56pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Decurion Bisrik i-Mnaeha & Lieutenant Isha t'Laroc & Lieutenant Grax & Decurion N'alae t'Lareth & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa

Mission: Silent Infestation
Location: Deck 10 - Medical Bay
Timeline: MD18 - 2030 Hours

Walking into the Medical Bay, Grax stopped looking at the force field seeing the Commander, yet he was not the Commander. Looking at the doctors "Care to explain what I am looking at?" Grax asked boldly as he moved forward towards the force field "Commander?" He said with a shrug.'

"Commander Volus is undergoing a transformation." Sienae looked on in horror, "My best guess is that he's changing into one of those serpents from Anaeth." she added, wondering how in the hell they were going to stop it from happening.

As the minutes passed, Volus was quickly losing himself to whatever it was he was becoming. He spasmed at times and staggered about on his feet. The majority of his uniform was now stretched and ripped in places. For all intents and purposes, Volus didn't really look like himself any longer. When the change seemed to come to an end, the Commander slumped back against the wall and wrapped his scaly arms around himself in an effort to not only protect himself but to try and understand what had just occurred.

"Sir?" Sienae said tentatively, "Sir, can you understand me?"

Volus snapped his head towards the voice but in his current state due to the amount of trauma he'd suffered, he couldn't really comprehend what was being said or what what going on around him. Suddenly he leapt up to his feet and charged towards Sienae but as he got close to her he collided hard with the forcefield which effectively startled him.

"I'm guessing he can't understand." Sienae replied having taken several steps backward in fear, despite the safety of the forcefield in front of them.

"Oh, that's not good," Bisrik said as he took his attention away from the action for a split second to check the readings on his computer display. "Whatever the Commander's become... he's much stronger than an average man now. His attack weakened the forcefield."

"Can you strengthen it?" Sienae asked with concern, "I'd hate to think what might happen if he escapes." she added grimly.

"I'm already on it," Isha replied as she worked on the console. "Unfortunately the forcefield is set to keep contagions in, so it will take a few minutes to alter the energy patterns for brute force. It might be wise to try soothing the Commander. Isn't music meant to be good?" she suggested, not wanting to say 'music soothes the savage beast' out loud about her superior.

"Anyone know what his favourite music is?" Sienae looked around at the assembled group, hoping that someone might know, or at least know how to find out.

"It might say in his personnel file," the Decurion said. As he mentioned it, he brought the file up on his computer display and started perusing its contents in the hope of finding that information.

Whatever it was that they intended to do, it needed to be done quickly. All of the talking that was going on between them was causing Volus to react and not in a good way. He charged at the force field again and bounced off of it much in the same way as he had before.

Cracking his neck and fingers, "Don't worry doctor, you're quite safe. Call for Reman backup please." Grax said formally as he clicked his armor off as it smacked with a loud sound onto the ground as if the armor had heavy weights in it. Letting go of his gloves that slammed onto the ground as well. Most likely the gloves were in weight, the muscles of the Reman were now in clear view. He walked forward towards the force field and stood ready "Find the cure, I will keep him occupied."

"The forcefield will only take another few hits," Isha reported. "If it gives out as he charges it, there is a good chance he'll come through at speed and it may cause damaging feedback in the emitters. I don't think I can increase the intensity before he gets through."

She looked at the others in the room for a moment while her fingers continued to fly over the console. "It might be best to bring the field down and let Lieutenant Grax distract the Commander until the forcefield is strengthened. It might help to keep the Commander from running around the Med Bay."

"He looks vicious." Sienae commented, "What about if he kills Grax?" she asked with concern for the Reman.

Looking from the Commander towards Sienae "Don't worry, I will do my best not to get killed. Plus I got you here" he said as Grax looked back at the Commander "Release the forcefield..."

Suddenly the idea seemed very stupid indeed, but it still looked like the best way to go, at least to Isha. Probably because she wasn't going to be wrestling a huge lizard man. Her only hope was that Grax or Volus were injured while she worked.

"Decurion Bisrik, please keep an eye on power levels while I work," she said. "On three, Lieutenant Grax, I'm going to drop the forcefield. One, two, three...."

The invisible barrier that had been holding Commander Volus at bay was gone, leaving the safety of everyone in the Med Bay in the hands of Grax until Isha could complete her work. It would only take a few minutes at most, but that could easily be enough to be disastrous for the ship.

Volus was very aware that he was no longer being confined by the energy forcefield. He was cautious at first as he eyed the people in the room, and more specifically Grax. He felt like the prey of a predator and it wasn't a feeling that he was very comfortable with. Nor was he willing to leave his fate to the hands of others. Volus screeched, something that he would not have been able to do as a normal Romulan man which just served to demonstrate how much he'd changed. He then leaned back slightly and with his arms and claws outstretched, he pounced towards the Reman.

"I hope he knows what he's doing." Sienae mumbled as she watched the attack play out as if in slow motion.

Dodging the claws of the Commander, Grax slammed one hand down and grabbed it. Pulling that hand towards him giving him an elbow into the face as he stood back. Raising both arms again "Come on, I know you can do more..." He provoked the creature to give it its best.

Another screech erupted from Volus' mouth but this time it was filled with a much harsher primal sound. Once again he threw himself at Grax with little care as to what could happen to himself. He slashed his clawed hands at the Reman, hoping to eviscerate him and spill his blood on the med bay floor.

"Anyone else really uncomfortable about this?" Sienae asked as she watched the 'fight' in horror.

Isha looked up briefly from her work while several new parameters took effect. "We could always try stunning him. I'm going to need a bit longer to get everything set up properly."

Trying to avoid the claws, however with the minute it seemed that the beast Volus became faster and was predicting what actions Grax was going to take. Making a right dodge and trying to slap the beast, it was only then that Grax was surprised by the counter attack that caught him off guard and cut into his back. Slowly recovering he looked back at the beast and lifted his hands "A plan would be great..." feeling the blood flow out of his back.

"Don't suppose either of you have a disruptor on you?" Sienae turned to Isha and Bisrik.

"If we bring up the forcefield, couldn't we flood what's inside with anesthizine gas?" the Decurion suggested. At this point he was only half-looking at the carnage that was taking place of their Commander ravaging Grax's back.

Isha nodded. "That might work, but what dose would you give him? And I'm afraid I left my disruptor in my quarters..." she added guiltily.

"I've completed the modifications to the forcefield, but only time will tell if its enough. If you are finished dancing, Lieutenant Grax," she said trying not to smile. Sometimes Isha could be slightly inappropriate in the face of danger as a coping strategy.

"I think she means get the hell out of there now." Sienae added as she gestured to the Reman to leave the area.

To help the Reman Master's cause, the door to the Medical Bay opened and a handful of his commandos entered the room. Their rifles were trained on the monster that was attacking the Lieutenant.

In that split second of distraction, Volus climbed off of Grax and eyed the newcomers. The odds were against him. Volus felt this and as a result, survival was the most important thing on his mind. He backed up slowly, looking for a way out of this situation but the exit was blocked. There was no other way. He needed to fight. Volus brandished his clawed hands. He was going to have to kill these people to get free.

Sliding backwards from another slide, Grax looked at his side towards Isha, "NOW!"

Isha slammed her open hand onto the console, desperate to get the forcefield up again. It flickered a few times as it stabilised and hummed loudly. "I've modified it to resist physical attacks more than anything else, but it won't last indefinitely. If the Commander continues to throw himself against it, he'll either bring it down again, or possibly seriously injure himself," she said, letting out a slight sigh of relief.

"Then I guess we need to knock him out asap." Sienae commented, "Are you ready with that gas?" she looked over at Bisrik.

"I wasn't quite sure about the dosage.. uh since I'm not a Doctor.. however I'm assuming that something that would put a raalar to sleep would be good enough?" True enough, their Commander wasn't exactly an ape man now, or ever, but it's not like the Decurion had anything else to go by.

"Sounds like a best guess...I think Romulan concentrations wouldn't do it. He's too big for that." Sienae nodded to Bisrik.

"Well then I'm ready whenever the two of you are," Bisrik informed both the Doctor and his superior officer, the Leader of R&D. His hand hovered over the button that he'd press to release the gas into the contained environment of the forcefield.

"I'm ready." Sienae replied before looking at Isha for confirmation.

Isha looked over a few final readouts. "Everything looks good. Let's hope this puts him to sleep."

"I'll second that." Sienae replied as she looked expectantly over at Bisrik.

With a nod of acknowledgement, Bisrik firmly pressed the button on his console which began to release anethezine gas into the area contained behind the forcefield.

Maybe Volus partly knew what was about to happen. That was only if he retained any of his real memories. The extent of the transformation he'd undergone so far made things unpredictable to say the least. He rushed the forcefield again, colliding with it hard, but Lieutenant Isha's reinforcements were enough to keep him contained. Shortly thereafter, the gas began to take effect. Volus snarled and whimpered until he completely collapsed to the floor.

"Give it a few minutes, I want to make sure he's well and truly dosed up before we get started." Sienae ordered, hating that they were having to do this.

Bisrik left his station and approached the forcefield to get a closer look at his Commander. He did so for a couple of reasons, the first of which was scientific curiosity. His second reason was that it would make for a good story once he told N'alae. "If we had a stick I'd try poking him but I'm afraid that such an action would be used against me to end my career in the Guard."

"Scanners are your friend." Sienae smiled as she began a scan of the inert form and sighed in relief as she added "He's unconscious...we need to get to work. We only have limited time."

Isha joined Bisrik at the forcefield. "I'd be more worried about him waking up and ripping your arm off if you poke him, Decurion," she said with a slight chuckle. "Of course, the scientific data would be quite valuable..." she added as she continued to look at the Commander. Such a metamorphosis was fascinating and there was potential advances to be made. However, vivisection would definitely be a court marshal offence.

"We need to get as much data as we can if we are going to figure out how to change him back. I'll get as many of my team working on it as is required once he have the data we need," Isha stated. It was going to be hard work, but that was often the most rewarding type.

She looked over at Grax. "How does it feel to have wrestled a dragon? Do you need first aid?" she enquired, even though that would basically involve her summoning someone from the medical team.

The blood still dripping down from the areas that was hit by this thing, but Grax was just staring at it as his stare was broken "Huh what" looking at his side and feeling the pain "Yea, mmm need some patching" he points at his back looking back at the Commander.

Sienae looked from Volus to Grax and back again. Time was of the essence as far as Volus was concerned but Grax was injured. Pausing for just a second, her training kicked in and she moved towards the Reman. He needed medical attention and fast. Patting a nearby biobed, she said "Lay up on there, face down so that I can work on your back."

Nodding towards the doctor and not going to give a heroic speech of how he should not be on that table. He laid down on his stomach and placed his head to the side "I'm ready Doc."

"Very well." Sienae injected him with an analgesic before picking up a regeneration device and getting to work, "This will probably be uncomfortable but the pain relief will help." she warned him as she began on the deep layers of the wound.

"Someone should probably inform Lieutenant Valkis about this," Bisrik suggested. "And probably not me... I don't even know where I'd start." He turned from the forcefield and Commander Volus and returned to his station to look over some readings.

Looking over at Isha, Sienae asked "Could you do that? I'm kind of busy." Lowering her head again, she continued to work on Grax's wound.

Isha nodded. "Of course. It might be best if I have the Lieutenant come down here. I'm not sure I'd believe what I'm seeing if I hadn't seen it."

Stepping away from the rest of the assembled group, Isha pondered exactly how to tell the Tal Diann Master that the Commander had turned into a large scaly... something and had tried to go on a rampage through the Medical Bay. Perhaps it was best to be vague.

She opened a comm link. "Lieutenant Isha to Lieutenant Valkis, could you please come to the Medical Bay. Its about Commander Volus."


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