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Volus Reformed

Posted on 04 Sep 2015 @ 4:11pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Decurion Bisrik i-Mnaeha & Gekha L'Mekratek & Lieutenant Isha t'Laroc & Lieutenant Grax & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa & Kon Z'Mek

Mission: Silent Infestation
Location: Deck 10 - Transporter Room 1
Timeline: MD19 - 0200 Hours

Due to the sensitive nature of the transporters, it was inadvisable to use them to bring Commander Volus to the transporter room. The procedure that Doctor Sienae, Lieutenant Isha and Decurion Bisrik were about to perform in an attempt to return the Commander to his former self, was a risky one. There was much that could go wrong. They could lose their superior altogether. And so, transporting him multiple times wasn't a good idea. They had to get all of his molecules back in the right places. This meant that Volus had to be transported by hand.

Walking through the corridor with the reformed Commander in his arms and two Reman soldiers walking behind him. Grax walked towards the desire location of where the doctors told him to go. The Commander had done so much for him, now it was time to repay him and turn him back into the person he was. Grax entered the transport room and looked at the personnel standing there and nodded towards them "Where you want him?"

"Place him on the transporter pad." Sienae replied as she gestured to it, "And be gentle with him." she added as an afterthought.

Grax nodded towards the doctor and walked towards the transporter pad. He laid down the Commander and backed away from the pad. Looking at the doctor and giving a nod that he was ready for whatever was going to happen next.

Looking at Isha and Bisrik, Sienae took a deep breath and said "Okay...are we sure we're all ready to do this?"

Isha gave a slight smile and shrug. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be. The modifications have been made and it was all rather neat, which was surprising. I'm certain it will work, but just in case, I will raise a forcefield around the pad once we begin."

She looked at Volus and sighed. "I guess we really should be asking the Commander if he's ready, but I fear we wouldn't understand his reply and it would be hard to keep him still. All in all, I think we are ready," she added looking to Sienae and Bisrik.

"It's unfortunate that we couldn't keep him around like this as a pet, you know?" the Decurion said. "Talk to it and feed it. We'd be able to learn so much about this incredible transformation." He then looked to the others. "You know, if he wasn't our Commander and all that."

Sienae looked at Bisrik as if he'd grown a second head and said "Well he is our Commander and it's our duty to restore him to his former glory." she glowered at the scientist. "Now let's begin. I'll monitor things whilst you two work the transporter."

Isha flashed a smile as Bisrik, finding the image of him sitting with the lizard-commander's head on his lap, stroking it at talking to him like a pet amusing. "I fear, Decurion, that the Commander might not take well to that. Look what happened when poor Lieutenant Grax tried to pet him."

Not even smiling at the tried joke, Grax just looked at the Commander and wanted things to roll back as soon as possible.

She tapped in a few commands to bring the modifications into sync with the normal transporter systems. It meant that the transporter was useless for anything other than reverting Commander Volus to his former self. Due to the critical nature of the attempt, all the sensors had been tuned to monitor only the pad, the pattern buffer was set to accept the old and new patterns and hopefully all would be well. The uncertainty principle compensator had been the worst part to deal with, since most of the particles would require to be rearranged rather than returned to their previous condition.

"Can you check the readings, Decurion," Isha asked as she worked. "Everything must be within the preset control limits before I even think of trying this."

Bisrik did as he was asked and reviewed the settings on the controls. After about two or three minutes, the Decurion nodded. He seemed happy with how everything was arranged. "I think we're all set," he said.

"Well then," Sienae took a deep breath, "I guess it's time to see if we can get our Commander back." she added, nodded to the others to begin the transporter sequence.

Isha sighed as she nodded, hoping they wouldn't be scraping the Commander out of the circuitry for weeks. The sequence had been mostly entered, so it was just a case of identifying the target and ensuring the right DNA sequence was ready. "Any final objections, concerns? Speak now, or forever hold your peace," she said, hand hovering over the energize button.

When there was none and they were ready to proceed, the transporter was activated. Veridian waves of light enveloped the Commander's reptilian form and began to disassemble him molecule by molecule. Moments later, the monster was gone. The transporter then came to life on the adjacent pad and a more humanoid figure began to take shape. Oddly, the pad from which Volus was originally being transported from, also came to life and a creature was beginning to reform there. Periodically, both figures would show up on just one of the pads as some integrated form.

At that moment, an alert sounded on the control board. "Uh oh," Bisrik said softly. "I think that the transporter is getting confused between the two signatures because of how the Commander's DNA was linked to it. We need to purge pad one at the right moment to get rid of the lizard-thing before it rematerializes otherwise we could lose them both."

Isha frowned. "It shouldn't be doing that. Why is it trying to reform the old pattern," she muttered to herself as her hand flew deftly over the console. Fortunately the complex nature of the operation meant transport was going to take far longer than normal, giving her time to think.

"Ah, got it!" she cried seeing the data coming from both pads. "Decurion, keep an eye on the sensor resolution. If it drops, scream. And I do mean, scream. I'm going to use the sensors to identify the lizard DNA in high concentration on pad one and order it purged."

For several seconds the forms flickered, both writhing as the transport both neared completion and failure. A lizard form appeared strongly on pad one, thrashing, before it vanished completely. Several circuits overloaded, sending a shower of sparks into the room. With a groan, the transporter shut down as a plume of smoke obscured the contents of the pads.

"Did we get him?" Sienae tried to peer through the smoke, trying to make out what was left on the pad.

Silence reigned in the transporter room for a moment. Slowly, the fog was sucked away by the ship's environmental system. Before long, the silhouette of normal humanoid figure could be seen by everyone in the room. That person, let out a tired groan before collapsing to one knee.

Isha stood, stunned. "I think it worked," she said, completely surprised. "Huh, who would have guessed." She stepped round the console to inspect Commander Volus, or at least who she hoped was Volus. "Decurion, can you start pulling all the data from the transporter logs, we might be able to learn a lot from this."

"Of course," Bisrik replied. He got to work on doing that right away.

With medkit in hand, Sienae rushed forward, dropping to her knee to be at Volus' height as she asked "Sir? How are you feeling?"

"I've felt better," the Commander replied in short breaths. "What happened?" he asked.

"It's a long story Sir. I'll fill you in once we get you back to the medical bay." Sienae replied softly before tapping her combadge and saying "Doctor to the bridge...we've got him."


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