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A Commander On The Mend

Posted on 15 Oct 2015 @ 6:31pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa

Mission: Silent Infestation
Location: Deck 11 - Section 01, Room 07
Timeline: MD22 - 1400 Hours

Commander's log, supplemental. With the assistance of Commander Mobilek and the I.R.V. Clenos, all life on Xolecis II has been eradicated. Science has confirmed this. It is a shame to destroy any form of life but in this instance, as we were dealing with the Borg, it was necessary. Once we completed our mission at Xolecis, the Imperiax returned on its previous heading to deliver supplies in the Devoras System. It is expected that we shall arrive in about a week. The extra time at our disposal will especially be beneficial for me as I was just released this morning from the Doctor's care in the Medical Bay. It's difficult to grasp what has happened to me in the last few days. I am simply grateful that my crew sought to save me, instead of using the opportunity to advance their own careers. I am uncertain if I'll ever be able to adequately repay them in kind.

"Everything check's out." Sienae commented as she finished her scan of the Commander, "I'm not detecting any trace elements of the creature's DNA in you Sir and your body has recovered faster than I'd have imagined." she smiled warmly at him, happier now that the chain of command had been restored.

Volus nodded from his seat in his room. "I know that the serum I injected myself with on Anaeth seemed to enhance my regenerative capabilities. Even though it is gone as you say, I am forced to wonder if it has had a residual effect nonetheless."

"I guess that only time will tell." Sienae replied, unsure of what residual effects his transformation and subsequent restoration would have.

They still knew very little of Commander Nuvol's eternity serum. As what was once in him was now mostly, if not completely, gone there was literally no chance for them to uncover more. "Understood. Thank you for everything that you've done for me Doctor," Volus said appreciatively.

"You're welcome Sir, though our scientists were exemplary and I couldn't have solved this without them." she was quick to say.

"Of course," Volus acknowledged. "They have my thanks as well." Being a scientist himself, he knew that there were times when multiple individuals had to work together to achieve a certain goal. Evidently, making him... himself again had required the expertise of several people. He was grateful to each of them.

At the moment Volus' door chime rang out in his quarters. "That sounds like my cue to leave." Sienae commented, "Let me know if you need anything." she smiled at him.

"I will," he said. Volus then spoke again, a little louder this time so that the person at the door would hear him. "Enter."

"Am I interrupting something?" Dhael asked as she stepped through the door and spotted the doctor.

"Not at all." Sienae smiled, "I was just leaving." she turned to Volus and respectfully nodded her head, "Good day to you Commander." And with another brief smile at Dhael, left his quarters.

"Everything's alright?" Dhael asked with concern as the door closed, wondering if the doctor had been called due to complications.

"The Doctor assures me that I am to make a full recovery with time," Volus told his Subcommander. He got up from his seat and gingerly made his way over to the replicator to get himself something to drink. "Would you like anything?" he asked Dhael.

"Water will suffice." Dhael watched him for a moment before asking "Do you remember any of it Sir?"

Volus shook his head. "Not exactly," he said. A glass of water materialized on the replicator pad alongside a cup of hot tea. He took them both and returned to where he'd been sitting, giving Dhael what she'd asked for. Volus then sat back down in his chair. "I don't really remember what happened. They're more like feelings. Primal urges. Instinctual impulses." He took a small sip from his drink before continuing. "I am told that I caused some physical harm to Lieutenant Grax."

"I read the report." Dhael nodded, "Fortunately the doctor fixed him up and he's going to be fine. It must be difficult to come to terms with." she noted as she watched him, wondering what kind of state he was in emotionally.

"The fact that I was involuntarily transformed into a raging lizard?" He nodded. "It was disconcerting to say the least. I can say with some confidence that it wasn't one of the proudest moments of my career as a military officer or as a scientist."

"Have there been any residual side effects?" Dhael asked, eager to know that he was the same Volus that she had left behind.

"None that Doctor Sienae could detect although she claims that I've recovered quicker than expected." Volus chuckled softly. "I'm not sure how true that is. I feel like the floor of a shuttlecraft."

"From what I understand, we're lucky that we managed to get you back in one piece." Dhael observed, pleased to see that Volus didn't seem any different from the man she had always known.

"I appreciate everyone's efforts in returning me to my normal self. They will get commendations for their work," the Commander said. "I've read your report about the mission on the planet. Unsurprisingly the Tal Shiar nearly had you all killed. The Major's actions, while understandable, put you all at great risk."

"Yes know my feelings about the Tal Shiar, if it were up to me then I wouldn't even have her on board, whatever it cost my career." Dhael replied, her eyes full of hostility as they discussed her least favourite organisation.

Volus only nodded. He too had no love for the Tal Shiar as they tried to destroy his career both as a scientist and as a military officer. In that, their feelings towards them, he could agree with. Thus, there was nothing more to really say about that for now. However, Dar wasn't the only topic of interest take came up from Xolecis. "Speaking in regards to the actions of an officer. I am curious about your decision to bring a Borg onto this vessel."

"He requested asylum with us." Dhael replied, "And whilst he might be Borg, there's something about him that I trust." she tried to explain, "I don't know what it is but it's like I instinctively know that he tells us the truth. Perhaps you should talk with him and make up your own mind?"

"I assure you that I will," he said to his Subcommander. "Where is he being kept now?"

"In the brig until we can be sure that his intentions are genuine." Dhael replied, "Regardless of my feelings, we still need to be sure." she smiled at Volus.

"I expect that we have Remans standing watch?" Volus questioned further.

"Of course." Dhael nodded, "Grax and his people have proven very trustworthy...I have great respect for them."

"It's strange how the annihilation of one's home planet changes a person's perspective on the people around them," the Commander agreed. For centuries, the Remans were largely used either as workers or as cannon fodder. With the losses of Romulus and Remus they no longer had the luxury of discriminating against them. They had to be united to get through the trials and tribulations that came in the aftermath of Hobus. Volus, as others had, gave the Remans the opportunity to prove their worth. Grax and his commandos were doing well in showing what they could do. At least thus far.

Returning to the subject of their Borg passenger, Volus spoke once more. "I'm assuming that as Rejik no longer eats food because of his transformation that an energy port has been or is going to be installed in the brig to sustain him?"

" was installed." Dhael confirmed, "And he's only being fed enough power to keep him alive and awake, he's not able to draw enough from it to be fully charged."

"Good. It's the best way for us to maintain control until it is decided what should be done with him," Volus stated. "I can't imagine a day when a Romulan Commander would even entertain the thought of having a Borg drone among their crew. Rejik has much to answer for in due time."

Dhael nodded, "I agree, but one thing we need to remember are that these are dangerous and interesting times and I'm starting to get used to having to expect the unexpected."

"It's not exactly something that I want to get used to," Volus told the Subcommander. "Sooner rather than later, order and balance will need to be restored to the Guard and the Star Empire for the sake of our sanity. This chaos needs to end."

"I agree wholeheartedly Sir." Dhael nodded, "And I'm proud of the fact that the Imperiax and her crew are going to have the opportunity to help that chaos end."

Volus wasn't so certain how true Dhael's statement could be. Sure, they would do their part when they were called upon to do so, but there were always orders and it was necessary for them to follow those orders. While it was doubtful that they could do anything extravagant to change the quality of life within the Empire, their efforts were not wasted. Every little bit helped.

The Commander took another sip from his drink before setting the glass down. "We will see," he finally offered her. "Was there anything else you wished to discuss with me at this time, Subcommander?" he asked.

"No Sir." Dhael shook her head, "I think that's about it." she smiled at him, so glad that he was back in one piece.

"Continue to perform your duties the way that you are Dhael. You are doing a fine job. You might be replacing me sooner than you think," Volus said to her in a slightly amused tone.

"I hope not Sir, you're doing a much better job of this than I ever could." Dhael was quick to reply, not sure that she was ready for her own command just yet.

"Don't underestimate yourself. Even without a command of your own at the moment, there is always room for you to improve and enhance your abilities while under my wing." Volus got up from his seat and then leaned back slightly to stretch his back in an attempt to demonstrate that he wasn't so old despite what had happened to him recently. "I think that I have a few years left in me," he reassured her.

"Oh I'm counting on that Sir." Dhael smiled at him, "Besides, I think we make a good team do you not think so?"

Volus nodded. "Thus far," he agreed. The Commander made the short walk with the Subcommander to the door of his quarters. He then opened it. "I'm certain that Doctor Sienae will keep you apprised of my condition should it change. Otherwise, I imagine I should be back to duty sooner rather than later. Keep my chair warm for me."

"I will." Dhael nodded, "And I'll keep you updated of any developments." she promised before turning and heading out into the corridor leaving Volus alone.

The door to the room closed once the Subcommander was far enough away from the sensor. Instead of returning to his seat to enjoy the remainder of his drink, Volus went to the washroom. There was something that he wanted to 'see' of himself. He stood and looked at the reflection in the mirror. He examined the features on his visage. In a way it was difficult for him to imagine that not so long ago his physiology was completely different. He had been different. His experience was almost akin to a science experiment gone wrong. Yes, the serum saved his life on Anaeth but was what he went through the ultimate side-effect from taking it? Could it ever be perfected? There was no way for Volus to know that answer and he doubted that Nuvol would know as well which was probably for the best. The last thing the Empire needed was for a scientist to create these creatures or anything like them again.

Why was it then that Volus had a sneaking suspicion that they hadn't seen the last of these reptilian beasts? Or at the very least the one that had been purged from his own body? That thought made him shudder a bit. There was no possible way that he existed, was there?


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