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A Disturbing Prospect

Posted on 28 Oct 2015 @ 4:57pm by Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Zhanduk

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Wardroom
Timeline: MD1 - 0800 Hours

Dhael was at the breakfast table early. After the communication from Ejhin the night before she had been unable to sleep in the knowledge that this morning she needed to talk to her commanding officer and hope that he wouldn't ask too many questions. As the doors to the wardroom slid open, she actually jumped at the noise, so strung up with nerves was she.

"Someone's hungry this morning," Volus announced as he strode into the room. There weren't many instances where he'd arrived after the Subcommander. He didn't know the reason for her early start but he was certain that he'd find out sooner or later. "Good morning Dhael," he finally greeted her as he took his seat at the end of the table. "What has Zhanduk prepared for us today?"

"I am uncertain." Dhael replied with a warm smile, "In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if he's remembered us. I haven't seen him since I arrived."

"Oh? He isn't slacking, is he? Maybe we should have Grax pay him a visit," the Commander said as he draped his napkin over his lap.

It didn't appear as if that was going to be necessary. The door to the wardroom opened once more and the Reman entered, carrying a couple of trays. Zhanduk, who very rarely had much to say, simply nodded to the two Romulans and put down the trays before them. "I will be back shortly with your khavas," he told them as he left the room.

Volus removed the lid from his tray and placed it to the side. Immediately, his senses were overwhelmed by the aromas of his dish and it made him smile. The Reman had prepared for him a morning favourite consisting of an hlai egg, a few strips of fried meat, potatoes and some bread. No matter how Zhanduk behaved around them, he could not fault the man for his cooking. He always did a decent job.

"We should be arriving at outpost rha'hwi later this afternoon," he told the Subcommander as he took his fork and knife into his hands.

Dhael nodded as she pushed the food in front of her around her plate. Deciding that she couldn't just sit there making small talk for the entire meal, she finally said "That's good. Uh Sir? Can I talk to you about something?"

"Of course." Volus immediately picked up on how she asked that question and became concerned that something was wrong with her. As he waited for Dhael to tell him, he cut up some of his food and began to eat his breakfast.

"I had a communication last night from an old friend." Dhael began, figuring that there was no time like the present, "He says he has information that Hobus didn't go supernova by accident." she looked to Volus for a reaction.

A reaction is what Dhael got. Volus completely stopped chewing his food and he just sat there with the fork in his mouth as he attempted to digest what the Subcommander had just said. Ever since the day the Hobus star went supernova, Volus had always believed, or at the very least speculated that something was amiss. There was no reason for Hobus to have gone supernova in the first place. And yet it had and Romulus and Remus were no more. The Commander surmised that maybe it was only a matter of time before the truth came out although being privy to that knowledge scared him a little. It also excited him, and made him feel like a junior scientist again.

Volus pulled the fork out of his mouth and swallowed his food. He wanted to speak but his throat was now dry. It didn't help that Zhanduk hadn't returned yet. "If there was any a time that I could use some khavas, it would be now," he told the woman across from him. Volus gave Dhael a small smile, giving her his full attention. "Who is this friend of yours? Can he be trusted?"

"I've known him for many years." Dhael explained, "And yes, I would trust him with my life." she added, avoiding his first question, "He wouldn't tell me more and has asked to meet me face to face and alone." she looked at Volus and added softly "I'd like to go."

The fact that the Subcommander had little information to give him was worrying. What if she walked into some kind of trap? To what ends? It was well known that her parents had worked for the Tal Shiar once upon a time. "You can understand the concern I would have in regards to this meeting. Where are you to meet this friend of yours?"

"Trelleb V." Dhael replied, "There's an abandoned Reman mining facility there...the planet is now uninhabited." she explained.

"Trelleb V....." The name was familiar but for the moment Volus couldn't recall what had happened there. As he thought about it further, Zhanduk made his return to the Wardroom and poured the two command officers some khavas. The Commander nodded his thanks to the chef and it was then that he remembered the tragedy of Trelleb V. "Ah yes I remember now," he began. "The Remans dug into a new section of the mine and uncovered some torbernite deposits. The dust from drilling the torbernite killed most of the workers that were present at the time. Afterwards they terminated the operation deeming it not salvageable. And you want to go there?"

"Well let's face it Sir, it isn't likely that anyone will disturb us in a place like that." Dhael replied, knowing that she was right.

That was true. "I still don't like it," Volus told her. He then took a deep breath. "Do you believe that he has what he says he does? The truth about Hobus?"

"I don't see why not." Dhael replied, "He's always been trustworthy, and I don't think he has any reason to deceive me about this." she added, the confidence she had in her old friend shining through.

Volus got up from his seat and grabbed a datapad to work with from the side of the room. After powering it up, he brought up information about the Trelleb System and then returned to the table. "If something unusual did happen to Hobus... then I need to know. However, I won't allow you to go alone. Not exactly. You can take one of the shuttles to the planet, but I'd like to station the Imperiax under cloak in orbit of Trelleb II."

"Fair enough." Dhael nodded, "But I go to the meeting alone." she stated firmly, unwilling to budge on that fact.

He was willing to give her that as it was one of the conditions of the meeting. Volus did have a suggestion to make though. "I'd like you to speak with Valkis. See if the Tal Diann have some kind of mobile transmitter that he can give you. If something did go wrong then at least you could let us know."

"You mean like an emergency signal?" Dhael clarified, wondering if there was such a device that had a range suitable for the distance that she would be from the ship.

"Exactly. Nothing that would require you to speak into. Just something that would allow you to alert us if you needed to be extracted at a moment's notice," Volus explained.

"Okay." Dhael nodded, "That seems like a sensible idea." she added as she poured herself some khavas. Once she was done, she looked up at her commanding officer and said "Thank you for trusting me on this one Sir."

Volus nodded in acknowledgment. "If it was for any other reason I probably wouldn't have allowed it," he admitted. "However this is... too large of a nugget to ignore. If there is more to Hobus than we have been led to believe, then the truth must be uncovered."

"I agree." Dhael nodded, "Though it does worry me because if it wasn't natural then whoever is behind it won't want to get caught."

"Yes," the Commander agreed. "I don't need to tell you to be extra careful. You have your training as a weapons controller to fall back on. Unless there are any surprises, you should be fine."

"I've been known to take care of myself." Dhael smiled at him, confident in her abilities, "Besides, I trust my contact completely, he won't do anything to harm me."

"I worry for his life if he was to try," Volus said, returning the smile. He took a deep breath and then reached to his communicator to activate it. "Volus to bridge. Engage the cloaking device and alter our course for the Trelleb System. Warp eight," he requested.

"Aye sir," answered the officer from the bridge.

The inherent background noise of the ship, that one became accustomed to over time, changed and quieted as the cloak engaged. Although the artificial gravity was functioning normally, a very short shift could be felt in the deck plating as the ship modified its heading.

"I expect that you won't want many people to know about the reason behind our diversion," the Commander stated although he suspected what the answer was likely to be.

She nodded, "The less people that know about it the better."

Volus took a long drink from his khavas and then nodded as well. "So be it. I'm certain that we'll be able to find something interesting enough to occupy our time while we wait for you," he said.

"Knowing what this place is like, I know that you're right." Dhael smiled at him, "I guess I should go and see if Valkis is available to ask him about that transmitter." she added as she set her napkin down on the table and pushed her still half full plate away.

"Will you be at Rejik's re-awakening at 0900?" the Commander asked.

"Yes. I was planning to be." Dhael replied.

"Good. I will need your opinion on him after we've spoken." Volus finished the last of his coffee and after he put his mug down he got up from his seat. The Commander then rounded the table and headed for the main door at the other end of the room.

"Very well Sir, then I'll see you there." Dhael replied as she stood up and followed Volus to the door, intent on meeting up with Valkis before they attended the reawakening.


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