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Rebel Daughter

Posted on 30 Nov 2015 @ 1:15pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Uhlan Aelona t'Tomalak

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 21 - Holding Cell 2, Deck 10 - Commander's Ready Room
Timeline: MD23 - 0900 Hours (Silent Infestation), MD1 - 1100 Hours

Sitting in her brig looking forward and saying nothing. It had been a few days already ever since they imprisoned her for lack of respect towards a staff member. While in fact the person was not in senior position for real, merely temporarily due the fact that Commander Volus was ill. But giving her duties that are not hers to do....well that was beyond her believing. What was going to happen next to her, sending her back to the Romulan Empire to aid the Praetor was one of the last options she had.

Suddenly, the doors to the holding area opened and a tall Romulan man entered the room. Volus merely glanced at the occupant in cell one. He would deal with Rejik another time. His immediate concern was the Tal Prai'ex Representative that had been assigned to the Imperiax, and her current confinement in cell two.

The Commander stepped up to the cell that the young woman was currently sat in and he simply looked at her for a long moment. Insubordination did not occur very frequently on Romulan vessels. In the heat of the moment it was quite possible that Volus would have killed her on the spot for disobeying an order. It seemed that luck was on her side that day. What she did next, for her future, was in her hands. "Uhlan Aelona...." Volus called, breaking the silence that permeated the room.

Her eyes slid upwards as she lifted her head towards the eye sight of her Commander. "Commander Volus.." she responded as she stood up rather calmly and not in a hurry. Standing there in attention "Good to see you in good health sir, what can I do for you?" Aelona spoke.

Volus nodded first, thanking the Uhlan for her comment. He clasped his hands behind his back. "There isn't much that you can do for me from within that holding cell," he said. "I wish that I could say that I am surprised to see you there. Truthfully I am not.. I have served in the Romulan Guard for a very long time. I have seen many people come and go. You... however are somewhat of an enigma to me. I give you this opportunity to explain your actions Uhlan."

Narrowing her eyes as she puts her hands together. "I am trying to figure out the very same thing Commander. My actions have somehow provoked the Lieutenant. While I am in service of our Praetor assigned to this vessel to see upon diplomatic and work regulations are uphold on." She took a deep breath and leaned forward placing her hands before mouth "I'm stunned that my duties on this vessel under your reign of command is seen as a mere administration job. Mmm as the Humans would say, a flying player that fills the blanks of others that are not available or too busy."

"I don't disagree that the handling of ship to planet communications is not within your purview," Volus told her. "However, at the time there was no general controller manning the appropriate station. Whether or not you agreed with Lieutenant Valkis' order, you are required to follow it regardless. He had a reason to ask you to contact the away team, and it was because he was shorthanded on the bridge; something that will need to be discussed with the appropriate personnel. I can understand if he'd asked you to complete a complex task... but he simply made a request for you to press one button. What if the away team's lives were at stake but we didn't know it?"

Aelona looked at him and took a deep breath, the best way was to admit towards it and just go with the flow "Alright, my sincere apology for the taken action Commander. I regret it and it could have endangered my fellow crew mates on the ground" She said with rather a cold look as if she did not care.

The look didn't go unnoticed. "Why do you do that?" Volus asked. "Why are you so rebellious against authority? Instead of fighting us you could be working with us."

"I'm simply following now orders sir, that I do not agree with them is my own personal opinion. As such I would like to resume my duties sir" Aelona looked at him "I will pay more attention towards the little details as you have pointed out" She added.

"We are all privy to mistakes. You are young. Serve this starship with the best interests of the Romulan Empire at heart. You wouldn't be assigned here if you couldn't do that," Volus told the Uhlan. He stepped up to the holding cell and pressed a few buttons to deactivate the force field. "I expect you to start doing your best," he urged.

The field went down as she looked at the Commander, conflicted with feelings and choices "Yes sir" She merely and poorly responded in a few words.

Volus stood out of the way and allowed the Uhlan to exit her holding cell. "I'd like a report of your department's readiness by tomorrow morning at 0900 hours," he requested.

Nodding towards the Commander "Understood, I will start at once" Aelona stated as she walked out of the brig area to resume her duties. Thought she would keep more close eye on her Commander motivations and its crew duties.

Well, it's a start. Volus thought to himself as the Tal Prai'ex Representative left the room. It was going to take a little bit of work to get Aelona back on track; to get her focused on her duties again. It was an achievable goal though. Volus knew she could do it. The only question was did she want to? Only time would reveal the truth of this.

* * * * *

Walking up towards the ready room of the Commander, she wanted to do her duties again. But this was one of these chances to point out what is going on. The ship diverted course and Romulan Command did not know anything about this. She pressed the chime of the ready room and awaited for the Commander to responds, he might know more about this alternate course.

"Enter," came a voice from beyond the door.

With that she entered the office and stopped at the Commander's desk, giving a brief nod of respect towards him. "Commander, my apology for the intrusion. But can I have a moment of your time?" Aelona spoke waiting for his reply on the matter.

Volus switched off the monitor on his personal computer. "Of course Uhlan," he replied, giving Aelona his full attention.

With that being said, Aelona nodded and continued her question "I noticed that the Imperiax has diverted of its course towards the Trelleb system. Is there anything I should be informed off sir?"

It was inevitable that someone would start asking questions. He had to applaud the Uhlan for keeping herself aware of their current situation. "At the moment I can't divulge any information," the Commander told her. "The Imperiax is headed for Trelleb, but that is all that can be revealed at this time. It is a matter of... ship security." Even within the ship, Volus imagined that there would be some who'd try to stop them from finding out the truth about Hobus. He had to play it safe for now until they knew more.

"I see" She thought for a second and looked down to the floor in thought as she finally spoke up "If it is a matter of ship security, should I report towards the department of Security to receive the required issue? I mean this has to be reported towards the state" It was after all her duty to do what was required.

Volus had to get creative here. He couldn't reveal their actual reason for going to Trelleb in fear of alerting anyone who might possibly be involved that they would have a presence there. "I cannot tell you the exact reason for our journey to Trelleb," he told Aelona. "In the end, it's quite possible that we may find nothing in that system. If something was found, however, it could potentially change the perceptions of many regarding events from the past year in the Empire. Nobody can know we are going here. Not yet. Do you understand?" he asked.

She narrowed her eyes as she looked at her Commander "Understandable, but what does the Commander expect me to report towards Romulan Senate?" Aelona placed the ball back into his yard again.

Leaning back in his chair, Volus gave the matter some thought. He didn't want the Uhlan to directly lie to Galae Command as that would mean the end of her career, and probably his. Then, an idea came to him. "Advise Command that we will be inspecting the mining facility on Trelleb V to see if it is viable for the Empire to restart operations there. There were a few Remans on Xolecis who expressed a desire to have a good, honest employment again. Is that satisfactory?"

It was deceiving on a positive note, Aelona took a deep breath letting it sink in. It was something major to mislead them in this fashion "Understood Commander, I will inform them with the given information. Anything else or can may I make my leave?"

"There is nothing else, Uhlan," Volus said to her. "You're dismissed."

Nodding towards the Commander, she gave him a proper salute and left the room. This was not the first time that Aelona was going to be knocking on his door, that was for sure.


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