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A First Step To A Second Chance

Posted on 26 Oct 2015 @ 6:11pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Rejik tr'Nansalaem & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Lieutenant Isha t'Laroc & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Major Tanjien Dar & Lieutenant Grax & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 21 - Holding Cell 1
Timeline: MD1 - 0900 Hours

For over a month, the Romulan formerly known as Rejik tr'Nansalaem was stood in the corner of his holding cell on deck twenty-one. His head was lowered. His right arm was elevated slightly. A port on the underside of his wrist was connected to an energy access point that was specially installed on the wall to keep him alive, although minimally. After many discussions and meetings with his senior staff, Commander Volus had finally decided to meet with Rejik to decide his fate.

Assembled in front of Rejik's holding cell was Volus along with his Subcommander, Dhael. Lieutenant Grax and a couple of his Reman Commandos were also stood at the ready just in case anything went wrong. Jen Dar sat off to the side, reading from an aged hardbound copy of Les Miserables, this particular book printed in the year 1912, with her attention drifting from the 19th century French text to the Borgified Romulan as the interest level of each dictated. Across her lap and under her book was the 12 gauge shotgun she had carried to the planet when this semi-drone was recovered. Last, but not least, Lieutenant Isha, Sublieutenant Varuh and Doctor Sienae were also present as they were going to be dealing with Rejik very closely in the days and maybe weeks to come if things went as planned.

"Are we ready to proceed?" Volus asked, his question directed to both the Leaders of Medicine, and Singularity Control.

"We are." Sienae nodded, grateful that they were finally going to give this poor man more than the current 'drip feed' that was just about keeping him alive.

Varuh saw this Borg drone from ambivalent points of view. On the one side he represented a Romulan not wanting to be assimilated. On the other hand he represented the treachery the Borg were representing. Forgetting the ways of D'era. It would be much to be done to convince him of his loyalty but still then, Varuh could not fathom what Rejik went through. He was standing aside, waiting to engage in all kind of discussion. A part of him felt sorry for him.

"Very well," the Commander acknowledged. "Mister Varuh, increase the energy to Rejik's port to full."

Isha had her tricorder in hand, fascinated by the drone before her. Borg technology was almost the pinnacle of what could be studied, despite its insidious nature. Over the years she'd read some reports and studies, but never had Isha had the chance to be this close. She wanted to disassemble bits of the technology, but that would be possibly be a touch unethical.

Right now, though, she was watching to see what changed as the power was increased. What could be learnt from simply seeing how power was distributed? Isha wondered what would happen once the power hit maximum.

Varuh took a deep breath and stood ready at the console. How would the drone react? "Powering, Commander." He reported as he operated the console and regulated the flux of energy into the brig, feeding the Borg held captive there.

On hearing that the power was being increased Jen momentarily put down the book and took hold of the shotgun, just in case.

"His vitals are rising from their current baseline but are stable, there's no suggestion that the power up is causing any harm." the doctor reported as she kept her eyes on the readouts.

As the power levels being fed into Rejik climbed, the former Romulan began to slowly lift his head. His entire posture straightened. After about ten siuren, there was further movement. He began to twitch his head from side to side as he inspected where he was being held and beyond the forcefield. Then, he spoke. "Much time has passed," he said.

"Yes," Volus confirmed his observation, which he deduced must have come from an internal chronometer. "It was for our protection. I am Commander Volus, Commanding Officer of the Imperiax. You've already met most of the people here, save a few. You are Rejik then?"

"Yes. And no," he replied. "I am Rejik. Yet, I am also the One."

"The one what?" Jen asked without bothering to make eye contact.

"It sounds like it's your Borg designation," Volus speculated. "Although it is not the usual name that is given to drones. Why is it that you behave as an individual and not as a part of the Collective?"

"You are correct Commander. One, is my designation," he affirmed. "I am an individual because I wished it to be so. I did not allow the Borg to fully assimilate me."

"Sooo...instead of being assimilated into a Borg collective you have chosen to found your own collective and...did not invite anyone in?" Varuh asked, puzzled. "You are one of one...meaning you have transcended being Rejik? Are you even a drone?"

"I am both," Rejik attempted to clarify, although he was uncertain if any of them would truly be able to understand. "I am, who I am, with the augmentations of a drone. Do you not agree that this form is more appealing compared to the alternative?" he asked Varuh. "I did not want to lose my individuality."

"Do the Borg hold any influence over you at all now? Can you feel them in your mind?" Dhael broke her silence as she eyed the man-machine before her.

"No," he replied bluntly.

"How is this possible?" Volus asked. "How have you circumvented the Collective?"

"There are experimental Borg nanites in my bloodstream. They were designed by our military scientists to prevent full assimilation. When I acquired the power node to give to the Remans, I also acquired the nanites just in case. I injected myself with them just before the Borg on Xolecis got to me," Rejik explained.

Isha frowned slightly as the conversation continued. "The Borg are truly insidious, how can you know for certain the Collective isn't letting you think you aren't being controlled? Not to mention they actively seek to adapt technology, which would make your nanites a desirable addition."

She found the desire to examine his nanites quite overwhelming, so how would the Collective feel? Were the Borg already working on a counter measure?

"We have no way of knowing how long these nanites last." Dhael commented, "If they die or malfunction, you could be reassimilated into the collective." she looked concerned.

"Your concerns are valid," Rejik agreed before turning towards Lieutenant Isha. "There is always a chance that the original nanites could assimilate the modified ones."

Jen stood up finally and walked over to Rejik, shotgun ever at the ready for either another buttstroke or a full pattern of buckshot if necessary. "Knowing our military scientists as I do, the is a often a rush on their projects and shortfalls in their budgets resulting in inferior or incomplete development. I'm assuming you are the first live test subject?"

"With all due respect, ma'am. Borg technology - dangerous as it is - would surely fall under secret service responsibility, wouldn't it? And I really doubt, that either Tal Shiar or Diann are underfunded - nor have ever been. I never have heard of Galae having acquired borg technology for studying - as far as my security clearance allows. This would make the origin of said nanites even more...interesting, wouldn't it?" Varuh interjected. "Whether he is the first, second or whatever test subject seems irrelevant to me in comparison to the question where he acquired the nanites."

"Before we deal with that, I believe that our most pressing concern is to neutralize the nanites that are naturally created by a Borg drone," the Commander said aloud to his crew. "Doing this would eliminate the risk of anyone being assimilated by Rejik as well as preventing him from being re-assimilated by the Borg. Is there a way that we can eliminate them completely from his system?"

"I believe there are theories about how to eliminate Borg nanites from a humanoid system, but there are two issues with it as far as I know," Isha replied. "I imagine anything we do to neutralize the normal nanites will have the same effect on the modified ones. Secondly, and more importantly, I don't think a drone can survive for long without nanites to regulate the non-organic systems and interface them with the organic. If all the nanites stop functioning and replicating, he'll probably die."

She gave the Commander a shrug. "I'm not saying it isn't possible, Sir, but it is like trying to get most of the copper out of his green blood cells without stopping oxygen transfer. A more effective method might be to look at the modified nanites and make sure they become the dominate variety and can adapt at least as quickly as normal ones. That way Rejik would be safe from assimilation, it might actually damage the Collective if they try, but we'd still be at risk unless they are modified to be only defensive rather than aggressive. Hard to say without knowing exactly how they currently work."

"Would it be possible to identify and eliminate all of the Borg components, which are able to communicate with the collective? I would guess the nanites are harmless as long as they are not guided by the collective. They seem too small to be efficient microcomputers." Varuh interjected.

"I'm willing to work with your department to try and find out." Sienae looked at Varuh, knowing that the Borg side of Rejik was far beyond her understanding as a doctor.

"Other than academic curiosity, is there any reason not to just kill him instead of risking Borg infestation?" Jen asked.

"If I can be of assistance, I will be, as D'era commands. I must say, that most of the borg technology is alien to me as well." Varuh answered. He was intrigued by that opportunity but was aware of his deficit in knowledge on that particular topic. Further studies were required.

Volus stepped up to the holding cell that held Rejik. There was something that he wanted to what was left of the other man. "We have the potential means to help you, as you've heard, but why should we do so? You're a deserter. If I reported your current... condition to my superiors they would have me kill you. Even if you were not Borg, you would die. What did you hope to accomplish by coming here?"

It took a few long moments before Rejik answered. "The destruction of the Rom'drex during the Dominion War took a heavy toll on me and my career suffered because of it. I was not strong enough. These... modifications have cleared my mind and given me a singular purpose; to be better than I was. I know that I can achieve this. I already have. I want a second chance."

"Very rarely does any Romulan get a second chance. Especially with the crimes that you committed." Volus reminded himself of the times that they were currently in. Things could not always be as they once were. "Will you permit these officers to help you?" he asked.

"Yes. And I will help them," Rejik replied.

The Commander turned to the others. "Proceed with the work on the nanites. Rejik is to be heavily guarded at all times by the Remans. I want updates dierhaey."

"We'll get right on it Commander." Sienae replied, looking over at Varuh and giving him a nod that she was ready when he was.

"Let's go over the equipment needed here first." Varuh replied producing his PADD and started discussing the items they would need here in the brig together with Doctor Sienae.

As the senior staff started working on their most immediate problem, Commander Volus notified Dhael that she would be taking over the bridge watch for the next hour. Valkis wished to speak with him about an important matter although he was unsure as to what that specifically was. With only one way to find out, Volus departed from the holding cell area and headed for the nearest turbolift. There was no need to keep the Tal Diann Master waiting any longer than was necessary.

* dierhaey - hourly


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