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Major Deficit

Posted on 14 Dec 2015 @ 3:22pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Valkis tr'Tellus

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Commander's Ready Room
Timeline: MD4 - 1030 Hours

In the intelligence community it was not too unusual that someone was missing, either temporary or forever. However, it was quite unusual to find someone missing without any notice. Yet, their Tal Shiar representative was missing. Valkis did not wonder when she did not appear on the bridge when they reached Trelleb. This could be either due to an important message being received from her superiors or from simple arrogance towards the ship's crew. Neither of both was unusual for the Tal Shiar. But as she did not respond to a request of him, Valkis started to wonder. So he had investigated and what he found concerned him.

The only right thing Valkis could do was to inform Volus. Now he was in the Commander's Ready Room and told the reason for this meeting without any rhetorical finesse. "Sir, we are missing Major Dar."

The Commander's right eyebrow lifted in curiosity. "Missing? She is no longer on the ship?" he asked, wanting clarification.

"Exactly this is the definition of 'missing', sir," Valkis replied. "I have wondered that she was not on the bridge and did not show up later. So I tried to contact her, but without a reply. I had the computer localize her, but without success. Finally I even hacked the internal sensors of the Tal Shiar Centre, but there she was not either. She is no longer on this ship."

Even though he often was at odds with how the Major conducted herself, it didn't make Volus happy that someone had disappeared off of his ship. Again. "This reminds me of when Sublieutenant Lhaerth vanished," he said to Valkis. "Theories?" he then questioned.

"I think we can exclude murder, both from her training and because the internal sensors would have detected something," Valkis mused, "Hence I guess she has been ordered to leave secretly. It would fit to the Shiar."

"I take it, as we are dealing with the Tal Shiar, that we won't be able to access her personal files to see if she was contacted by anyone?" Volus further asked.

This immediately brought his counter-intelligence training into Valkis' mind. There they had learned to hack Tal Shiar files as well, an exercise not too difficult for a former Tal Shiar agent. He replied grinning "Well, it would be possible with some effort... and extremely illegal. If the Tal Shiar would find out we would be charged for high treason. I am not sure if we should take that risk. However, you are the person in charge, it is your decision."

"No, you are right. There is no need to upset them over this," Volus said. "Dar was just one operative. I'm certain another will turn up to assume the position sooner or later. As is the way of things." A thought did occur to the Commander though. "Is it possible that she could have taken something from us before disappearing?" Maybe she'd found out something that needed to be given to her superiors.

"I think our leader of warbird control is better suited to answer this question, sir," Valkis replied.

Volus nodded in agreement. "I'll have him take a look then. Was there anything else you wished to bring to my attention, Lieutenant?" he asked the Tal Diann Master.

"Not yet," Valkis replied. He refused to say 'no' simply because he had learned that on this ship, the next problem could raise within just a moment.

"Then you're dismissed," Volus said. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

Valkis bowed his head. "Sir." Then he saluted and left the ready room.


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