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The Worst Case Scenario

Posted on 01 Feb 2016 @ 8:34am by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Decurion Rhhaein i-Iuruth & Valkis tr'Tellus
Edited on on 01 Feb 2016 @ 8:37am

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Bridge, Tal Shiar Starship - Holding Cell
Timeline: MD4 - 1100 Hours

Much to Kaol's dismay, Dhael did not appear to have anything to discuss since coming aboard his vessel. It was a shame. While finding her on Trelleb V was a welcome surprise in a way, her presence complicated matters. He had no interest in harming her but if she was keeping information from him... from the Tal Shiar as well, then he was going to be left with no other choice.

Upon arriving to the holding cell area, Dhael was dragged by two Romulan men before an empty block. The force field was dropped and she was unceremoniously shoved in. Just as quickly as it had been deactivated, the force field was brought back up, separating Kaol from the woman he once loved.

"You will remain here for now to... think about what has happened over the last hour. I hope that you will come to your senses," he said to her. "I invite you to dinner in my quarters tonight... so that we might remember old times. By then, I expect that you will tell me everything that I wish to know."

Not willing to let him get to her, Dhael simply glowered at him, wanting him gone so that she could do what she needed to get out of here.

Kaol simply raised a disappointed eyebrow once it was evident that she would not speak to him although he supposed that it was understandable given that she'd just been taken into custody. He really did hope that she would be more cooperative later on. As he had nothing further to say to her for the moment, Kaol departed from the holding cell area, leaving one of the two other guards to stay behind. The Subcommander was too resourceful to be left alone. She needed to be watched.

Turning her back to the forcefield so that the guards couldn't see what she was doing, Dhael palmed the small device that Valkis had given to her from its hiding place in her sleeve and began to enter her message. 'Captured. Need Help' was all she wrote for it was not capable of anything more and then she pressed send before returning the device to her sleeve and nonchalantly walking over to the tiny cot in the corner of the cell, sitting down and glowering at the guards that had been left behind.

* * * * *

Lyirru wasn't surprised when an indicator on his console lit up informing him that a message was being broadcast on one of the Tal Diann frequencies.

"Commander." Lyirru said in a formal manner. "I'm picking up a message on a Tal Diann frequency."

"Fvadt!" the Commander swore under his breath. This was not good. He should have expected it though. Secret meetings rarely ended well for anyone. "Centurion, activate alert status yellow," he requested. "Rhhaein, take us out of orbit and set a course for the fifth planet. Full impulse."

Lyirru nodded as he began tapping his console. "Alert status yellow activated, Commander." He tried to hold back a smug grin of being right. Then again the Commander wasn't stupid, he probably was aware of probable outcome as well.

At least Rhhaein would no longer be on edge waiting for something to happen. She was almost pleased to finally get the ship out of orbit. "Course set Commander."

Volus stood up from his seat and wandered over to where Lieutenant Valkis was stationed. "What did she send us?" he asked the Tal Diann Master.

Valkis looked at the message and decrypted it. "I doubt you will like this. The Subcommander has been captured and needs help." He entered another command to the console. "Tracing the signal..."

Time was of the essence. Volus looked to the front of the bridge. "Decurion, what is our estimated time of arrival to Trelleb V?" he asked.

"We should arrive in four minutes Commander." Rhhaein responded. Rhhaein was also preparing herself to take evasive action when the ship arrived.

Valkis looked at his readings. "I have an approximate position in orbit of Trelleb V. Transmitting coordinates to your console, Decurion Rhhaein." Then he turned to Volus. "Commander, we should have a plan to rescue the Subcommander. Logically I would guess that she is hostage of the Tal Shiar. In this case I have an idea, but it is risky."

"What is your idea?" Volus asked. If the information that Dhael had gone to retrieve did in fact exist, then it was likely that they were dealing with the Tal Shiar which didn't bode well for any of them.

Lyirru left his post and headed for Valkis' station as he wanted to hear what the Lieutenant's plan was.

"We need two shuttles," Valkis started to present his plan, "The first one for me, and solely for me, and the second one for a handful of experts. Both shuttles start cloaked, until we reach the position of the Tal Shiar vessel. I guess that the Subcommander is on a ship according to the signal I receive. Or there is something else cloaked in orbit. Whatever it is, as soon as we arrive I, and only I, will decloak my shuttle and contact them. If they are really the Tal Shiar I will state the fact that Major Korak still wants me back and that I decided to return to the Tal Shiar. They should then either allow me to land my shuttle in their hangar or they will beam me aboard."

"Will it be enough to entice them though?" Volus wondered. "We have no confirmation of what is out there. It may or may not be a Tal Shiar vessel."

"This is true, but the Shiar is a good guess, and even the most probable," Valkis replied.

Based on all of the information and facts that they had on hand, the Commander was forced to agree with the Diann Master.

Valkis continued. "Taken that the guess with the Tal Shiar is true, it does not matter if they allow me to land in their hangar or beam me aboard, they have to lower their shields. The second away team will then beam themselves onto the ship as well. They only have a small time window for this, and they must beam into areas with little sensors. Maintenance corridors, for example. The good thing with Tal Shiar ships is that it is seen as highly improbable that anyone tries to get aboard. Typically, people try to get off board." He paused for a second. "The risks are mostly that I will be blown into pieces instead of being allowed to enter their ship or that the second team will miss the time window. Furthermore we will need someone in the second team who recognizes the ship once it decloaks and immediately knows a good place to beam to. Maybe Centurion Lyirru is the best choice for this task. Furthermore, we will need a pilot for the final stage of the rescue operation and a combat specialist. I suggest the best, Lieutenant Grax. As pilot I think Decurion Rhhaein is the best choice. Both teams will have to work independently."

Rhhaein heard the plan and was a little nervous tangling with a Tal Shiar vessel. She had gone against Klingon and Dominion ships but something about the Tal Shiar always seemed to be a little more sinister.

"While using a second shuttle would put the other team closer to whatever is out there... it may not have the capability to react the way that you want it to," Volus said. "The Imperiax's sensors are more sophisticated than the ones on any of our shuttles. If it comes down to seconds, the transport should be done from here. If something goes wrong, there'll be more that we can do. Not to mention that I'm less likely to lose two shuttlecraft in the process." Volus gave Valkis a small smile.

"Agreed," Valkis replied, "Oh, by the way, I think it would be advantageous if I could rely on all my training. I mean, without any restriction."

Considering the circumstances and what was at stake, Volus couldn't say no. "Do what you must to bring Dhael back here. Have your team assemble in transporter room one. I would like a word with them before they go."

Lyirru nodded, "I have a good working knowledge of most ships in the Romulan fleet. Just let me know where you'll want to be and I'll do my best to get us in there."

Rhhaein's stomach turned a little on hearing her Commander's plan.

"Sure." Valkis turned to Lyirru. "Centurion, if anything goes wrong, trust in Grax." Turning to Volus again he said. "Commander, if I should fall, send all my belongings to my cousin Khoren on Artaleirh. Do not send it to my sister. I do not want to have any of these artifacts on Rator III."

Volus nodded. He would do as Valkis asked although he hoped that events would not play out that way. "I won't have to," he said to the other man. "We will see each other again." There was no way for the Commander to see into the future and even he knew that despite what he'd said, it was possible Valkis and the others might not return. If a small amount of hope helped them through this mission though, Volus would continue to encourage them and wish them well. D'era would be with them on this day.


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