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A Shot In The Dark

Posted on 20 Feb 2016 @ 10:17pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Decurion Rhhaein i-Iuruth & Lieutenant Grax & Valkis tr'Tellus
Edited on on 20 Feb 2016 @ 10:18pm

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Transporter Room 1, Vreenak-class Shuttlecraft
Timeline: MD4 - 1200 Hours

In minutes, the Imperiax was set to arrive in orbit of Trelleb V, the last known location of Subcommander Dhael. The likelihood that she was still alive was very high. Her emergency beacon was still active somewhere in the vicinity of the planet. There was no way to confirm her status until they saw her face to face but Volus was confident that Dhael could take care of herself for the most part. At least until help arrived.

As soon as the order was given to pursue Lieutenant Valkis' daring plan, the Commander studied the sensor readouts for some time although he was not able to get any usable information from them. They didn't know who was out there. They didn't know who'd taken Dhael captive. They were taking a shot in the dark and there was no guarantee that they would succeed in retrieving her. Even so, they had to try. The fact that she even requested help indicated that it was vital that they do so. It was probable that she'd gotten whatever it was she'd gone down to Trelleb V for. And whatever it was, she needed to bring it back to safer hands.

Once he'd finished his work on the bridge and their plan was ready to move forward, Volus headed to the main transporter room on deck ten. There, he waited for the away team to assemble so that he could speak to them before they jumped into the raven's nest.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat and a Raktajino, Lyirru collected a disruptor and scanner, then headed to the transporter room. As he entered he noticed he was the first of the away team to arrive but saw Volus waiting near the transporter control console. "Commander." He said with a curt nod.

Rhhaein was waiting next to the transporter pad. She was doing a systems check on her disruptor. It was obvious she was nervous and almost to the point of shaking. She gave a wary smile to everyone present to calm her nerves.

Walking into the transporter room he clicked his armor on his left arm and walked onto the pad. "We're ready Commander," he stated as he turned around on the pad and waited for this to begin.

"While the three of you have been requested by Lieutenant Valkis for this away mission, know that you do not have to go if you do not wish to," Volus told them. "We do not know what vessel is out there. It could be one of our own from the Guard. It could an alien one. It could even be from the Tal Shiar. What we do know is that the Subcommander was taken captive and that it is possible she carries on her something of value that may impact the future of the Empire. It is important that she be returned to the Imperiax."

Lyirru nodded, "I'm in, sir." He said simply. He detested the Tal Shiar and all it stood for. A personal victory against them was always satisfying but the future of the Empire was definitely worth risking ones life for.

Looking at the rest of the team and then back at the Commander "I think that we all can say that we are ready Commander. They don't know what hit them" Grax was quite serious in that last regard. No one was touching the crew of the Imperiax.

"Commander," Rhhaein addressed her senior officer, "I like the Subcommander. I am ready to help her."

They were now ready. Volus turned to Lyirru. "Centurion, I will leave the transport in your capable hands. The Imperiax will remain nearby for as long as we are able. Should our unknown ship depart, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide further assistance." After giving his officers one final glance, the Commander said, "May D'era watch over the three of you." He then departed from the transporter room, leaving Lyirru, Rhhaein and Grax to make whatever final preparations they needed to make.

* * * * *

Valkis took a seat in the pilot's chair of the Vreenak-class shuttle. He activated the controls and checked all systems. All seemed to work properly, so he started the engines and opened communications to the bridge.

"Bridge, this is Valkis. Requesting clearance to start."

"Lieutenant," the Commander said from the bridge. "You're cleared for departure. Return safely with Dhael." It was less of a request and more of an order.

"For sure, Commander." Valkis entered the commands to levitate the shuttle. Then he accelerated it slowly towards the hangar's space gate and activated the cloaking device. Once he was outside the Imperiax, he pushed his vessel to mid-impulse speed quickly. Half his way to Dhael's transponder signal he decloaked and flew towards the signal, slowly decelerating his ship. This would make it appear to the unknown ship as if he had just entered the system out of warp, whilst this maneuver allowed the Imperiax at the same time to catch up with him.

Once he was close enough to the cloaked vessel, he stopped his shuttle and opened hailing frequencies. "Cloaked ship, this is Lieutenant Valkis tr'Tellus of the Tal Diann. Decloak and respond."

Nothing happened, hence he moved the shuttle closer to the ship. Of course, the only information he had was Dhael's transponder signal. He stopped one mile away from the signal and hailed again. "Cloaked ship, I repeat my command. Decloak and respond."

Again, there was no reply. Perhaps he was not as convincing as he had to be. He reduced his distance to the transponder signal to less than half a mile and charged the shuttle's disruptors. "I will now fire my disruptors straight forward. If you are a sensor echo, I cannot damage anyone. If you are a cloaked ship, however, you should prepare for damage."

Responding to that threat, a Shrike-class light cruiser shimmered into existence. It powered up its weapons and locked them onto the shuttle although it did not fire. Instead, the vessel acknowledged the hail that it received. "This is Major Kaol of the Tal Shiar. I don't know how you knew that my ship was here... but know that I give you this one opportunity to leave now. Otherwise, I will be forced to swat you like the gnat that you are."

Valkis deactivated his shuttle's disruptors. "Well, it seems that I have served in the most civilized division of the Tal Shiar," he replied with a smirk, "And it seems that the other departments really are no match. Anyway, as I am talking to a Tal Shiar Major already, could you do me a favor and contact Major Korak of the Tal Shiar?" His smirk faded and he became totally emotionless. "Tell him that I am willing to take his offer and join your ranks again. And tell him that I have some new knowledge to teach. On the other hand, you may also kill me. But if you do so, do not be too surprised if Korak has you, your family, and all your friends killed. Mind War does not take it easy if you kill those who are of greatest benefit. Call me once you have a reply from Korak." That said, he cut the connection and raised the shuttle's shields.

Kre siuren later, Major Kaol hailed Valkis' shuttle.

Valkis confirmed the call. "Yes, Major?" he asked with a polite smile.

"Your sudden arrival, and the manner upon which you found us is concerning. Nevertheless, we will take you aboard so that you can be brought before Major Korak," Kaol said to him. "Proceed to our hangar bay."

"Sure." Valkis terminated the call and brought his shuttle gently into the hangar bay. Before he finally entered the bay, he deactivated his shields. Once he had his vessel rested on the bay's ground, he deactivated all systems except auxiliary power and left his ship. He carried no weapons. His psionic training had to be his weapon now. He remembered how he had put it into action under real combat conditions for the first time when they fought off Jaeih and her supporters on the Imperiax. Since then, he had become a much stronger telepath. With the lack of Reman troops on a Tal Shiar ship, most crew here would be no match. At the same time, he preferred to solve their problem with as less violence as possible.

* * * * *

Lyirru walked towards the transporter console and activated it, as Commander Volus exited the transporter room. He assumed the Commander was heading back to the bridge to watch the operation unfold. Lyirru began scanning for their target. A few moments later a vessel decloaked near Valkis's shuttle. Shrike-class. Thought Lyirru with a smirk growing across his face.

He did a quick internal scan, a cargo hold about 40 meters away from the detention area. He doubted there would be anyone in there. Lyirru locked the transporters onto the cargo bay but as soon as the transporter beam reached the cargo bay it would alert the bridge to their arrival. He tapped away on the console trying a trick he learned during his first stint in the Imperial Navy. He smiled as his trick paid off. He disabled the Strike Class's intruder alert and internal sensors. 'Should buy us a few minutes.' He thought.

"The vessel is lowering its shields. I've disabled their intruder alert and internal sensors, it won't give us long but hopefully it'll be enough to get the job done. Standby for transport." He said as he programmed the transporter with a five second delay to allow for him to get onto the pad. The Centurion hit the energize button then quickly headed for the pad, drawing his disruptor as he went...


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