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To The Tiber Sector!

Posted on 22 May 2016 @ 2:25pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Uhlan Aelona t'Tomalak & Decurion N'alae t'Lareth & Decurion Gariol tr'Serobok & Decurion Mavieste t'Raedianh & Kon Bagheris

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Bridge
Timeline: MD4 - 1230 Hours

Watching the console before her closely, N'alae finally looked up, her gaze settling upon Volus as she said "All personnel are now on board the ship Sir."

And possibly beyond their reach, the Commander thought to himself. Beyond revealing themselves to the mystery Shrike-class vessel, there wasn't going to be much they could do lest they endangered the entire operation. It was a position he didn't enjoy being in. "What about the Subcommander's emergency beacon?" he said over his shoulder as he acknowledged the science controller.

"Nothing since the first transmission Sir." N'alae replied, the frustration evident in her voice, "But then I understand that its power supply was limited to just one burst of activity." she added, remembering Valkis' report.

"Commander, I've identified the other ship as the I.R.V. V'ashnu." The Warbird Controller turned to regard Volus. "It belongs to the Tal Shiar."

So, it was confirmed. Valkis' hunch on who they were potentially dealing with had proven to be true after all. If the Tal Shiar was here, in this system, then Dhael's contact must have indeed had something they were looking for. The pieces were falling into place. If only they could do more to help Valkis and the others! Volus gripped the arms of his chair in frustration. What could they do?

"The V'ashnu is re-cloaking," Mavieste said from her station.

"I'm picking up a subspace distortion Sir." N'alae looked up at Volus, "She's going to warp." she concluded.

"Fvadt!" the Commander cursed out loud as he abruptly stood from his seat. There was no way for them to track their people now. They were on their own. Volus turned towards the science station. "Is there anything that you can use from your scans that would tell us where they're going?"

"I can work out their trajectory from their last known position. But it will take some time considering they cloaked." N'alae replied, "Once I have that, I can run a program to identify any planets or colonies that they might be headed to?"

"Begin at once," Volus requested. He did have an idea, however, although he had no idea if the person he was going to ask would be as enthusiastic as he was about it. There was only one way to find out. He activated his communicator. "Volus to Uhlan Aelona, report to the bridge."

"Aelona here, on my way" With that the communication was cut and after a few minutes she arrived at the bridge "Commander you required my presence here?" She said formally.

"Yes Uhlan," Volus replied as he faced the ship's Protocol Officer. He was impressed on the speed upon which she responded to his summons. Maybe she had taken their discussion to heart after all. "We've been involved in a developing situation with the Tal Shiar. Do you have any experience in dealing with them?" he asked her. Due to Volus's age alone, there was no doubt that he had more direct experience with reference to them, but he was looking for diplomatic leverage on this day and he had none of that.

"I..." Aelona stopped her sentence and thought for a moment. The Commander was asking her opinion on something "I had dealt with them in the past on certain political interference" She answered the Commander standing there at attention.

"Based on the information that we have, it is believed that the I.R.V. V'ashnu has taken Subcommander Dhael," he revealed to her. "They also have Lieutenant Valkis and our away team. The V'ashnu has since cloaked and departed the system but we do not know where they are going. Science is working on that but you can understand that time is of the essence. Are there any political channels you can access that might get us the information that we need?"

Taking a deep breath on the amount of information that was given to her she nodded to herself walking towards her console. Tapping on it "The Tal Shiar is at it again I guess..." relocating some of the information that is required for her, she waited and tapped onto her console "Political view of this, is that they are playing hard to get. They can pull the 'Intelligence Required' card" Aelona swiped some other information aside "They got more routes to find their brutal ways to justify their needs. However...." She slid the incoming information towards the Subcommander's console "...They're dealing with me. Getting more information as we speak, but relevant information is what you have right now."

Volus looked at the information that was sent to Dhael's station. The information that Aelona provided him wasn't much to draw on but it was a start. "They're going somewhere in the Tiber Sector," he announced.

"There are five solar systems in that sector Sir, six habitable worlds, two of which have Romulan settlements on them." N'alae reeled off as she checked the ship's database.

"At warp factor eight it'll take us almost two days to reach that area of space," Gariol, the current flight controller, said.

"Uhlan, do we know if there are any Tal Shiar bases in that sector?" Volus asked his Protocol Officer. Knowing the Tal Shiar as he did, he expected that such information was going to be extremely sensitive. It wasn't like they advertised such things to anyone, least of all the Guard.

Looking at the incoming information she shrugs "Unknown, but reports indicate that there are Romulan vessels that are known to be Tal Shiar to enter and leave various locations. I can give a pinpoint direction of the crossroad, but we might not find anything."

"Sir, we could opt to scan for residual emissions from short-range shuttle-class craft as well." Kon Bagheris stated raspingly from the singularity console.

"Their drives are different from those of capital craft and starbases commonly use them. Completely different signature. If they are really hiding somewhere out there, they won't be fools to have them found that easily, at a direct crossroads but somewhere in the vicinity. I would expect the station to be located at transporter range or range of a shuttle around that crossroads to give no clue on their exact whereabouts. Instead I would place it at a location to ambush someone at that crossroads if need arises or deploy somewhere in vicinity of the meeting point with a minefield in which the station is hidden and only shuttles or transporters can reach it. This station is unlikely to be a docking facility but something like a covert science station or listening post...or a prison. Maybe all of it. And if I, a humble slave, can think of that, Romulan masters of deception will certainly have given a thought about something that trivial." Somewhat he was oozing some sarcasm. "At least we should think about that possibility as well."

The Reman was quite talkative, more than Volus expected, but there was no denying that the information he shared was valuable. He had to take all things into consideration especially when dealing with the Tal Shiar. They were a dangerous sect in the Star Empire. The Imperiax needed to proceed with caution. "We won't be able to detect much ahead of time," the Commander commented. "We could be diving into wasp's nest." It was not an easy decision, that much was certain. There was, however, much at stake if they did nothing.

Volus clenched his fists as he considered their options. After a few long moments he finally spoke. "Gariol, set course for the Tiber Sector, warp eight. Proceed when ready."

"Yes Commander," the Decurion acknowledged as he carried out that order.

It was a gamble to purposely go looking for the Tal Shiar. It was akin to looking for trouble. Volus knew this. He understood this. They were limited in their choices though. What else could they do? If Dhael, Valkis and the others were still alive, then the Imperiax needed to get to them first. Even if that meant entering a scenario where there was possibly no escape from.


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