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Moonshine - Conclusion

Posted on 15 Jul 2016 @ 3:06pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Commander's Ready Room
Timeline: MD4 - 1400 Hours

Scientists oftentimes allowed their minds to drift off into imaginary lands, if you will. A side-effect perhaps of being analytical, imaginative or even creative. Always thinking. Sometimes a person just had to filter out all the noise and distractions that were going on around them in order to try and make sense of a problem. Volus rarely ever went to that place but he was there now. Much preoccupied his thoughts. Would he ever see Dhael and the others again? Was it possible to find some way to help them? What were the Tal Shiar after? He had no answers and he wasn't in a very good mood as a result.

Distractions weren't always bad. Maybe he needed to think about something else to reset his mind. And so, he contacted the Imperiax's Leader of Singularity Control and asked him to come up to his ready room. At that point the Commander completely lost track of time and he spaced out again. Yes, current matters were definitely bothering him right now. He hadn't been this way since... well ironically since the Tal Shiar tried to have him killed five years ago. And now, here they were again meddling in affairs. Volus didn't like it one bit.

It did not take too much time until the bell chimed. Not wanting to let his Commander wait too long, Varuh made haste to meet Commander Volus. He had delegated Singularity to Tomak while he was away.

The alert from the door took Volus away from his thoughts. He sat up in his chair and straightened his posture so that he was at least presentable to the person he was set to meet. He assumed that it was Varuh but that wasn't confirmed until after he called out for him to enter.

Varuh entered the ready room and stood before his superior and commander. He saluted. In his other hand he held his PADD.

"Reporting as ordered, riov."

Volus nodded and offered with his hand for the Sublieutenant to take a seat across from him. "Varuh, your punctuality is on point as always. Right now I need to occupy my mind with less troubling matters and I was hoping you'd be able to update me on your progress with the Mortis. How much progress have your people made thus far?"

Varuh sat down, nodded and took a look on his PADD. "Sir, the repairs that could have been done on the Imperiax are almost completed. I have removed the payload of ordnance and added it to our arsenal. All warheads were without flaw and the targeting software untainted from Borg influence. The greatest problem remains the fact that the Borg have collapsed the singularity. How they were able to do so without a decommissioning facility is beyond me, but maybe Rejik can tell. So...we have a quite operable bird for recon and infiltration purposes but it is without power. The salvaged Borg alcoves have been transferred to R&D save one which I held back on your explicit orders for possible usage of our 'guest'. Tomak tells me we are currently checking the replaced parts for safety. And still there are some parts of the hull that need to be replaced. But this can be done easily and won't take much time. Also, our fighters have been equipped with the new targeting software. For efficiency's sake we are performing small margins above average taken into account our new recruits integrating into the team." he concluded his short report.

All positives. That was good. Out of everything Varuh reported on, it sounded like the matter of Rejik and his future aboard the ship as a member of the crew was the most pressing concern to deal with. And so, he sought to focus on that. "How difficult will it be to integrate the alcove into our systems? Are there any risks involved due to the nature of the technology?" he asked the Sublieutenant.

"I already thought of this. We can use Bisrik's portable generator or a similar external power source to feed the alcove with the required power. This way we can keep the Borg technology separated from the ship's systems. I guess we better play it safe unless we have unlocked the secrets the Borg technology holds and prevent it from assimilating us. We could transform a cabin into a quarantined quarter for him to 'recharge'. I am not sure whether normal food would work for him any more." Varuh replied.

"I expect, however, more than one raised brow concerning an ex-Borg operating the ship's systems freely. But this is a matter of trust and it must be earned. Deviating from the way of D'Era is not a thing to be forgiven easily. On the other hand, Rejik is proof that our species has developed some kind of countermeasure to halt or at least belay assimilation. Concerning the deck we place the alcoves I would suggest Deck 18, near the Reman barracks. In case of emergency he can be subdued or terminated more easily." Varuh concluded.

"Agreed," the Commander acknowledged. The Sublieutenant's thoughts on how to deal with Rejik were sound and well-reasoned. "Even though we'll be restricting Rejik's access to our systems, is there a danger that he could do something with the Uhlan's device? From what I recall, it employs the use of a micro-singularity."

"Frankly spoken, Sir: I cannot say for sure. As far as I understand matters, he needs active nanites for that and we have deactivated those by shutting down the tubules - unless he lied to us - which i find rather unlikely, but cannot prove." Varuh answered. He was still torn inside on that topic. If they would have played this by the book, the drone would not have been alive since they encountered him. But then the whole situation was completely different from the book. A part of Varuh wanted to believe that an assimilated being was not lost and could be rescued or even repatriated.

Volus was forced to agree with his Leader of Singularity Control. It was unlikely that Rejik would lie to them at this juncture. Not while they were giving him this one chance to be free from the Borg. "Doctor Sienae informed me earlier that she and her medical staff have nearly completed the procedures to remove Rejik's implants. Given another week or so, I believe that he'll be back to normal. Well... a bit more enhanced than normal perhaps."

"Let us hope so. Since we cannot fathom the future, we will have to wait." Varuh replied. He scratched his chin, thinking something. He silently nodded to himself and began to speak again.

"We also have another project readied, Sir. Call it a joint venture of R&D and singularity department in the fields of applied technology and recreation." he reached into his pocket and produced a small vial containing a blueish hued liquid. He placed it onto the commander's table.

Being a knowledgeable scientist, the vial that the Sublieutenant produced for him could have been just about anything. It could have been Romulan Ale, or even some kind of substance designed to kill Rejik as they were discussing him. The fact that Varuh did mention the word 'recreation' meant that it was unlikely that the fluid was some kind of dangerous compound.

"You'll have to give me more than that," the Commander told him as he gently rattled the vial from its cork. "What is it?"

"Since we lost the Hearthworlds, we thought it would be quite hard to get some decent stuff. I present you our first home-brewn Romulan Ale. Not the replicated filth. We, that is Bisrik and me have put some spare equipment to good use and trained our skills in practical biology and chemistry a bit. We are able now to supply our wardroom with our own recreational beverage. And the project itself has improved the relationship between Romulan and Reman crewmembers to a certain degree already. Consider it a pastime project of which many will benefit and few will actually have fun while brewing it." Varuh replied.

"We will be able to improve the taste even more once the biologically grown components are available. Rest assured, no duty was neglected, we have used our spare time for it and it is legal as well, as I, as leader of house tr'Krell can provide an official license to brew ale on behalf of my house." he concluded.

Volus had to admit that this was unexpected; that they had an ale distillery aboard the ship. It was always a possibility that the vial had been Romulan Ale. In that he was correct. But now he found himself wanting to try Varuh's concoction in order to taste how well he and Bisrik had done. As one might expect, however, thoughts of duty invaded his mind. He couldn't certainly start drinking on the job, could he? He was the Commander of the Imperiax! Regulations be damned. It was just one small vial.

"May I?" he asked Varuh while holding out the vial containing the blue liquid.

"In fact, we hoped you would ask. We decided that we would not distribute this without the consent of the ship's master." Varuh replied.

"A wise decision," the Commander said with a hint of a smile. He removed the stopper and then swirled the liquid a couple more times in the vial. In one swift motion, he threw the contents back into his mouth and swallowed. He wouldn't admit it to Varuh to his face, but that drink was very welcome right now. Nodding his approval, he replaced the cap on the vial and handed it back to the Sublieutenant. "I am impressed Varuh," he said. "Romulan Ale can be quite difficult to master and yet you and Mister Bisrik have succeeded. With our homeworlds gone, it has been more costly to acquire. You may have made everyone's lives on the Imperiax, that much better today."

"We are honored with your approval, Sir. With your permission we will start to supply the ward room and later the mess with the beverage a.s.a.p. and will try to improve the taste. My house's expertise in the field of brewery will be of use. Also, we have taken steps to provide our Reman comrades with their own brew - but I do not recommend drinking it. Their taste in alcohol is quite...peculiar. At least there is now one thing less for Zhanduk to poison us. The drinks are safe now." Varuh added with a smile. "He was quite helpful. At least we know from him our ale is good. He REALLY hates it...badly. So it must be good."

Volus laughed. It felt like he hadn't done so in quite some time. "Yes, I can imagine that he would," he agreed. "Thank you, for this, Varuh. You've lifted an old man's spirits today. Well as much as possible given our current situation."

"Technically, I have provided an old man some kind of spirit to lift today." Varuh mused and tried his best not to smirk at that kind of rather lame jest. He concentrated back on the topics to be discussed. "I can assure, his facial expression was rather...unique, when he learned that he was to volunteer to test an unknown beverage and even more so when he realized what it was. With your permission, I would bring you your personal bottle of ale to your quarters later." Varuh replied. He smirked...well, thinking of Zhanduk's face really made him happy and it was hard not to chuckle.

"I'd like that," Volus said. "It would be a greater boon if we had something to celebrate, but alas that may not be the case for today. At the very least, it might help me sleep."

"As you wish, Sir. Is there anything else, you need from me?" Varuh inquired.

The Commander shook his head to signal that he didn't. "Not right now. Just keep me apprised on your progress in installing the alcove and the production of your ale. You're dismissed."

"Aye, Sir." Varuh rose and saluted sharply. Then he left the commander's ready room.

When the door closed behind the Sublieutenant, Volus stood up from his seat and approached the viewing port to watch the stars as the Imperiax warped past them. His thoughts immediately went back to Dhael and the predicament they were in. Volus wasn't sure if it was the talk with Varuh that had done it, or maybe the very minute amount of Romulan Ale he'd had, but he was strangely feeling a little bit more optimistic that they would see Dhael and the others again. Whether or not they would, there was no way to know for certain. He had to hang on to hope though and if he started to run out of it, maybe he'd have to visit his Leader of Singularity Control for another vial of liquid courage.


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