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To Dismember A Borg, Part Four

Posted on 12 Jul 2016 @ 3:25pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Rejik tr'Nansalaem & Decurion Sienae t'Jhaelaa & Uhlan Mardek tr'Krell & Kon Vyona

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Medical Bay
Timeline: MD4 - 1500 Hours

With about eighty-five percent of the Borg technology removed from his body, Rejik finally felt free. This was so both on a physical level as well as a psychological one. The virus he'd injected himself with which hindered much of the assimilation process when the Borg got to him on Xolecis had done its job but Rejik now felt hope that he could return to being a Romulan again. Or at the very least, a better Romulan than everyone else thanks to his enhancements. Being a better man wasn't necessarily why he'd accepted assimilation into the Borg. It certainly had its perks. And even though he was a relatively new drone, there was no doubt that he preferred this life over the previous one. He now had focus and direction, both of which he'd lost during the Dominion War. He'd be a better soldier in the Romulan Guard now. At last.

While holding a small mirror up with his left hand, Rejik ran his hand over his hairless scalp. For now he was bald although that would change in the future and he'd adorn the hairstyle that most military men had. The Doctor would need to stimulate his hair follicles. It was an easy process and his hair would grow back in time. For now he was left looking like this. He didn't expect that his ocular implant would impede his appearance. He rather liked the slick and streamlined look. While it would certainly give away that he was part Borg, he wanted to keep it in order to help him perform his duties. He expected that the Commander would see the logic in the request seeing as their people needed all of the help they could get in this post-Romulus era.

"So what do you think?" Sienae stepped up behind Rejik and saw him looking in the mirror.

"Your work is impressive," the former drone commented. "Much progress has been made to restore me to my former self and still I am having some difficulty imagining what I will look like when you are fully done. Perhaps it is the order that being part Borg has given me. They obviously lack creativity and imagination."

"The only remaining things now are cosmetic." Sienae explained. "Everything that could be removed, has been removed. And with success I might add." she added with a bright smile.

"Your efforts are greatly appreciated," Rejik praised as he continued to examine his features. "If I am permitted to re-integrate myself in the Romulan Guard, it is my hope that restoring the majority of my appearance will make it easier for others to work with me."

"I agree." Sienae nodded, "After all, no-one really trusts the Borg and the less Borg-like you look, the better." she added as she ran the tricorder over him to check his vitals.

"Are you certain that it's a matter of trust?" Rejik asked the Doctor. "Or is it that people are afraid of becoming Borg?"

"Don't the two go hand in hand?" Sienae queried, tilting her head slightly to watch him.

"I suppose that they do, in a way," the former drone conceded. "However a Borg does not lie. Therefore there is no reason for anyone to not trust what I say. I do not intend to assimilate anyone who is aboard this vessel."

"Oh you can't anyway." Sienae replied, "We um...we've made sure of that." she took his arm and pressed into the flesh of his forearm, "No tubules." she added, indicating that they'd been removed.

Rejik was not alarmed by this news. He more or less expected it based on their discussions from the last few days. He just hoped that there wouldn't come a time in the future where he would have need of them. He was about to reply to the Doctor when the door opened, forcing him to look in that direction.

The door to the medical bay opened and Mardek entered. He was due to start his shift. He saluted. "Jolan'tru, maenek. Reporting for duty." Then he nodded towards the former drone. "Rejik."

"Uhlan," the part Romulan greeted in turn to the medical aide.

"Jolan tru." Sienae nodded her head graciously at her apprentice, "It seems our patient here is doing remarkably well this morning Uhlan." she smiled at Mardek.

The young aide nodded. "I am glad to see the surgery a success as it seems. Do you want me to help with his reconvalescence? I guess step-by-step rehabilitation is in order for him to move his arms naturally again."

"It'll take a lot of work." Sienae nodded, "If you're sure you wish to be involved then yes, that would be most welcome." she inclined her head to him.

"I helped removing all that alien stuff out of his body...I guess it is fitting to finish the job by helping him getting on his feet again." Mardek shrugged. "At least - who can say he had observed healing processes on a Borg drone - and still master of his own mind. I can learn from this."

"I welcome any assistance that you can give me Uhlan," Rejik told him.

"We are at your disposal." Sienae inclined her head, "And Mardek here will be most helpful I'm sure." she smiled at him.

"He has been thus far," Rejik acknowledged. "When do you recommend we begin the first of these therapy sessions?" he asked.

Mardek drew his PADD, ready to cross-check the medical data.

"As soon as you feel up to it." Sienae replied, "Studies show that the sooner you begin rehabilitation, the more successful it will be."

"Then he should begin at once," Volus said as he stepped into the Medical Bay and approached the medical staff. When he was alongside them, he took a moment to look over their patient. "You've made remarkable progress already it seems. You're starting to look like one of us again." He then gently felt under his eye with his hand. "Minus your eye implant...."

"I wanted to keep it. Although I do not know what will become of me once I am medically cleared to continue my life, I know that this will greatly enhance my abilities," Rejik explained.

"Is that so?" Volus questioned with a light nod. "And what exactly does it do?"

"My implant functions as a tactical scanner," he replied.

"You were a weapons controller when you still served in the Guard. If that is the path you wish to walk on once more, I can see how having it would be of benefit to you. We are a long way from you returning to duty though.. and I am not speaking on medical terms," Volus told him.

"Medically, we are on a very good way, though, Sir. He is recuperating excellently. I guess his Borg-altered physiology helps somewhat, but I would need to run some tests and simulations to have more concrete numbers on that. Although is it fascinating...on a certain level to see that the Borg seem to enhance the drone naturally thus enhancing the capabilities they had before assimilation. We removed parts serving to enhance reflexes. They should have aided in close combat to subdue and assimilate more victims. Retrospectively, something tells me, that this might have been his primary aspect while in the hive-mind. We did not find many parts actually working as engineering tools or more sophisticated scanning equipment. I would assess his capabilities as stormtrooper or leader of such forcefully invading vital installations and assimilating their personnel. But I might be wrong." Mardek reported. "Maybe Rejik could tell us about that?! There is a lot to learn about the Borg."

"It makes sense for the Borg to make use of an individual's inherent skills even though they are all linked into one Collective," Volus said. "You might give someone the knowledge to repair a piece of technology but that doesn't mean that they are best suited for the task."

"It is the most efficient way of handling it, and as we know, the Borg are quite efficient at what they do," Rejik said. "Drones can still perform a multitude of tasks, however during the assimilation process, much of what becomes of them is dependent on their past and experience. If we were to use the Doctor as an example, she would likely become a caretaker for Borg children or even conduct repairs on the damaged ones. She wouldn't become a... 'stormtrooper' as the Uhlan put it."

Mardek nodded and made some notes on his PADD. He realized the way Rejik spoke of 'damaged' drones - not 'wounded' ones - but said nothing. He felt raising his opinion once more was beyond his standings before his CO but he was not chastened for it either. He thought about what assimilation would do to a person's mind and experiences.

"I hadn't realized that past skills were retained." Sienae mused, "Does anything else remain? Are you still aware on some level?" she asked Rejik, her mind thinking all sorts of horrible thoughts about being locked inside a killing machine.

"There was once a time... I believe. There was a place called Unimatrix Zero where a Borg 'went to' while they were regenerating. To my knowledge, it no longer exists. So I believe that the answer is yes," Rejik said to the Doctor. "We do retain a part of ourselves despite our being assimilated."

"Extraordinary...." Volus commented. "While I find it doubtful that you are the first Borg that the Empire has interacted with, the information you could provide us about them would still be invaluable."

"I agree." Sienae nodded, "We'd like to know everything that you can tell us. However small the details." she smiled at Rejik.

"I will help in whatever capacity that is required," Rejik told them.

"Good. I've spoken with Sublieutenant Varuh and he will be installing an alcove for you on deck eighteen. That will be your home for the foreseeable future." The Commander regarded Sienae. "Doctor, once it is ready to be brought online, you'll be expected to be there to make certain that it is operating as it should in conjunction with his bodily functions."

"I'll be there Sir." Sienae nodded her head, "I won't allow him to use it until I'm sure that he'll come to no harm." she smiled over at Rejik.

Volus expected nothing less from the Doctor as she and her staff had done a remarkable job. He returned his attention to Rejik. "Once the Subcommander returns from her mission, the three of us will need to have a lengthy discussion regarding your future. So take the time that you have available to really think about what it is you want to do."

"I will do so," the drone replied simply.

"I am impressed with your progress," he told the other man. "I am also curious to see what you will bring to the table when you are fully recovered." Volus looked to the others. "And in that line of thought, I will take my leave so that the rehabilitation process may begin. Doctor, keep me informed."

"Yes Commander." Sienae nodded her head before turning her attention back to the notes that she was making on her patient.

As the Imperiax's commanding officer left the room, Rejik moved and flexed his hands and arms as if to prepare himself for what was to come. "I am ready to begin," the former drone told the Doctor and medical aide.

Mardek looked over to Dr. Sienae. "I guess we should grasp the opportunity to test his physis and observe the wound healing. We can learn about his altered condition that way and gain some empirical data to extrapolate later. Also, we can do some rehabilitation on his arm for now." he suggested.

"A good suggestion." Sienae nodded, then patted Rejik on the shoulder as she added "Let's get to work."

"I will prepare the medical scanners and Vyona would take a blood sample. We can do the rehabilitation session on the holodeck. I can try and reserve some time for medical." Mardek replied.

"Sounds perfect." Sienae nodded, "I'll be in my office, make a start and I'll join you shortly." And with that, she disappeared, leaving Mardek and Rejik to it.


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