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A Timely Rescue, Part One

Posted on 25 Jul 2016 @ 3:09pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Lieutenant Grax & Valkis tr'Tellus & Decurion N'alae t'Lareth & Decurion Gariol tr'Serobok

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Bridge, Vreenak-class Shuttlecraft
Timeline: MD4 - 1600 Hours

Lyirru picked himself up off the floor and got himself back to the helm. His head was pounding, he must of hit it on his way down but he didn't remember doing it.

A quick diagnostic of the shuttle's systems didn't provide much reassurance. "Everything is pretty much broke!" Lyirru reported angrily as his fist came down hard on his console. "Life support is operational, just." He said thankfully.

"Everyone alright back there?" He called out.

"Just perfect." Dhael replied, dabbing at the wound on her cheek from where she'd bashed into the bulkhead, a trickle of green blood oozing down her face. She looked around at the others to see how they were faring.

Sitting against the wall, he was resting and trying to regain energy "What will happen next?" He avoided the question about him being fine or not. Grax cracks his neck to get a bit feeling back.

"Hopefully, we'll get picked up by the Imperiax. I'm reluctant to send a distress call as the explosion would have already detected across half of the sector. I'd rather not let the Tal'Shiar know where exactly we are." Lyirru said before wiping his brow on his sleeve and noticing green blood from a head wound on his uniform.

Valkis held his left shoulder as it was hurting a lot. Probably something was broken when he hit the ground. "First they have to figure out what happened. This will buy us some time. At least if we get away before their ships arrive. I really hope the Imperiax will arrive first."

"You and me both Valkis." Dhael nodded as she went to retrieve a medkit to help the injured.

* * * * *

"Commander?" N'alae looked up from her station, "Sensors are picking up a looks like it's a collapsed starship singularity." she frowned as she looked over at her commanding officer.

Several scenarios went through Volus' mind but before indulging any of them, he needed more information. "Distance and position?" he requested of her.

"Two point seven five light years away Sir." N'alae replied, "Along the same trajectory as the V'ashnu was headed." she added, the enormity of that statement seeping slowly into her brain.

"Is there any sign of debris?" Volus then asked. A giant chasm of sadness and regret began to form in the pit of his stomach. While they hadn't confirmed as of yet that it was the V'ashnu that suffered this catastrophic fate, it was incredibly difficult not to think it might be possible.

"Impossible to say Sir." the science officer replied, "There's just too much interference from the collapse of the singularity from this distance."

That was more or less as expected. Volus sighed. "Gariol, how long will it take for us to reach the disturbance?" he asked.

"About fifteen hours at maximum warp, Sir," the Decurion answered.

"Alter our heading and proceed." Volus ordered. He then activated his personal comm device. "Volus to Engineering. Mister Varuh, we'll be pushing the engines hard for the better part of the day. Give us everything you can from them and anything more if possible."

"Aye, Commander, acknowledged. Preparing for emergency warp. Shutting off non-critical systems and diverting power to drives. Reinforcing singularity containment fields. Reinforcing structural integrity fore and aft sections. You will have warp 9.32 in...10 seconds." Varuh answered.

He gave signs to the alert crew of the singularity control which acted like a well-oiled clockwork. He was sure the calculations Decurion Vorhs made and R&D proved valid would help a lot to get some more out of this bucket of bolts. Monitoring his console he awaited the transition.

"Singularity to bridge - ready for emergency warp." Varuh reported. He was carefully watching the readings on the core integrity and the ship's structure. He was willing to pull them out of warp if anything would go wrong. He was sure, the Imperiax would desperately need a spacedock for warp coil renewal after this stunt they pulled.

"Khnai Varuh. Good work. Bridge out." Really, Volus didn't expect anything less from his Leader of Singularity Control. "Decurion, increase our speed as the Sublieutenant specified," the Commander then requested of Gariol.

Gariol did so with little difficulty. "The increase in speed means that we'll arrive at the disturbance three hours earlier," he said, informing the Commander.

Twelve hours was still a long time but there wasn't much else they could do. Varuh was coaxing as much as he could out of the engines; and they were only capable of going up to an emergency speed of warp 9.3. If anyone was out there, Volus only hoped that they would last until the Imperiax arrived.

* khnai - thank you


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