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A Timely Rescue, Part Two

Posted on 07 Sep 2016 @ 7:30pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Valkis tr'Tellus & Decurion N'alae t'Lareth & Decurion Gariol tr'Serobok & Decurion Mavieste t'Raedianh

Mission: Revealing Truths
Location: Deck 10 - Bridge, Vreenak-class Shuttlecraft
Timeline: MD5 - 0230 Hours

"Wort!" Lyirru cursed as his fisted came down heavily on the console. He spent the past eight hours trying to repair the shuttle's engines, but with limited supplies and spare parts his efforts were seemingly in vain. Lack of sleep and living in such close quarters with others wasn't helping his mood either.

"Anyone sitting on a couple of IPS relays by any chance?" Lyirru called out in frustration.

"Don't tell me you lost them? They can't have gone far in this metal box." Dhael replied from her position on the floor with her back against the bulkhead. With so many of them in the shuttle it was claustrophobic and especially considering the fact that they had a prisoner there that she for one despised.

"Consider that this has only been what...ten to eleven hours now. This is a walk in the park if you equal it to the mines" Grax pointed out as his wound got infected and he yet did not show anyone.

"I've not lost anything, I've used up the ones in the spares locker." Lyirru replied, trying hide his anger but failed. "I suppose I could take the ones out of the life support system and kill the prisoner. Hopefully, we'll have enough air for me to complete repairs and get us back to the Imperiax."

"I am dead anyways," Major Kaol muttered from his very uncomfortable position away from everyone.

Valkis did not enjoy the situation either, but he did not show any sign of aggression. Inside him he felt the fire of anger, but he was in total control of his feelings. "Calm down, everyone," he said with a gentle tone, "I am sure that someone will pick us up soon. And nobody touches the prisoner, his knowledge is of great value."

"Unless we run out of food." Lyirru smirked.

* * * * *

The door to the turbolift opened and Commander Volus stepped onto the right side of the bridge. He took a sip from his mug of khavas as he took the long way around to his seat. It had been a long night. The Imperiax was expected to arrive at any moment to the location of the destroyed Romulan vessel. He hadn't even gone off duty yet. What was he really supposed to do? If the singularity implosion was from the V'ashnu, he was eager to find out if his people were still alive. Thus far, sensors scans were still inconclusive on that front but he knew that it was only a matter of time before they finally got answers.

"Commander," the helmsman spoke. "We're nearing the location of the disturbance."

Volus took a seat in his chair. It was time to get to work. "Drop us out of warp but maintain cloak. All sensors to full. Are we able to finally get through the interference caused by the singularity?"

"I'm working on it Sir. There's still a lot of interference." N'alae replied, her entire focus on her console, "There's a debris field." she commented as she cleaned up the images, "And...Sir! There's a shuttlecraft, fifty thousand kilometers from our current position." she looked up at Volus excitedly.

"Bio-signs?" the Commander inquired.

"Nothing yet." N'alae shook her head, "Just a few more kilometers and we should be able to cut through the interference with the sensors."

For that they obviously needed to get closer. "Gariol, alter our heading for the shuttlecraft. Full impulse."

"Aye Commander," the Decurion answered. He input the commands into his console and the Imperiax responded to the instructions. The distance between the two vessels quickly decreased.

"I'm reading six lifesigns." N'alae blurted out as the sensors finally began to function, "Five Romulans, one Reman." she added, her eyes sparkling as she looked over at Volus, having to force herself not to jump on the spot excitedly.

The bridge elevator opened and Sublieutenant Varuh entered the bridge. He saluted Volus. "Commander, all warp drives successfully back to normal. Situation in Singularity Control nominal." then he took his place at the singularity console.

Volus nodded in acknowledgement. "Good work, as always. It's possible we may have found the away team," he told the Sublieutenant. "See if you can find out what happened to the V'ashnu, if the debris out there belongs to her."

"Aye, Sir." the singularity chief answered and began working on the sensor data and comparing it with the ship's database. After some moments he spoke.

"Sir, comparing the residual radiation of the collapsed singularity and the temporal data we got on the explosion I would assume the debris in front of us belonging to a smaller sized craft. Light cruiser or destroyer, but definitively Romulan design. I have readings on typical alloy compositions in the debris. And furthermore, the distortion would not match that I would expect from a capital ship's demise. I would think of a Falcon-class or a Shrike-class...which would match the class of the V'ashnu." he tapped some more commands into his console. "Computer simulations confirm this estimate by 87.3%, Sir. To be more sure we would need more physical evidence like actual wreckage to analyze." Varuh reported.

"I can not detect any real signs of a fight like plasma torpedo residuals. Those would show up on the sensors. But I am inclined to say that the debris field is indeed the remains of a smaller Romulan craft or at least using mostly Romulan technology. We really might need to get more optical proof from the debris itself to be sure."

He typed in more data and waited.

"I am currently running a simulation on the outcome of a possible catastrophic singularity containment field failure. Computer results indicate a 92.3% probability. The debris cloud would be statistically similar to the one we are facing given no other influences. Simulation also veers towards classifying the debris cloud as Shrike-class remnants instead of Falcon-class which supports the theory that we might have the V'ashnu in front of us - or what is left of her. My guess is the ship was blown up on purpose by disabling the singularity safeties. Such catastrophic errors should not happen normally. The statisticals for this are nearly non-existant."

He scratched his chin and typed in another set of data.

"Comparing the energy signature of the shuttle we are steering towards with our database it is highly probable that this is a Vreenak-class, commander." Varuh concluded his analysis. "Someone might have escaped safely."

It was starting to look that way, Volus mused. "I suppose there's only one way to find out." He turned his attention back towards the front of the bridge. "Gariol, intercept the shuttlecraft. Best possible speed."

"Aye Commander," the Decurion acknowledged. He immediately followed his orders and altered the ship's heading.

"Mavieste, open a communications channel," Volus then requested. Once she'd done so, he spoke anew. "Romulan shuttlecraft, this is Commander Volus of the Imperiax. What is your status?" As he waited for an answer, he drummed his fingers on the ends of the arms of his chair.

Lyirru heard the hail and quickly jumped in the pilot seat and opened a channel. "Th-- is ---turion Lyirru, it's good -- -ear your voice, Comma----. We're all ----unted for plus we ha-- - -ostage. Most of the ---ttle's syste-- are badly --maged. Life support -- --nning on ----nal power."

For Volus, hearing the Centurion's voice even though it was somewhat muffled by the subspace interference, reaffirmed his belief that his people were alright. "Maintain your position," he advised the occupants of the shuttle. "We'll bring you aboard." Once again, the Commander turned to his Leader of Singularity Control. "Varuh, how long will it take to reconfigure our tractor beam emitter to compensate for the disruption caused by the collapsed singularity?"

Varuh scratched his chin and began analyzing the situation. He began a level two scan of the shuttlecraft. "We would need to amplify the power to do so which would not be a serious problem, however...I have multiple structural integrity breaches on the shuttle detected. They are running on emergency power and it looks like those power systems are not running at 100% efficiency. Their integrity fields could fail. Using the powered tractor beam could lead the shuttle to fall apart. I would rather suggest locating the Imperiax near them and sending out a shuttle of our own and use mag-clamps and tow them in. Beaming them out is no option. Their signal would be scrambled...which will prove lethal." he explained.

He certainly couldn't fault the Sublieutenant's thought process on the matter. As always, Varuh was efficient. "Prepare a shuttle. I'll be joining you to retrieve them," Volus told him.

"Aye, sir." Varuh replied. He went through the repairs report Tomak gave him earlier and decided that shuttle two was in best shape. He contacted the flight bay.

"Sublieutenant Varuh to shuttle bay. Ready shuttle two for immediate rescue mission. Have additional inertial dampers added to payload pods. I want the engines hot and running when I get there and the bay cleared for lift-off. Commence flight preparations now. Bridge out."

He turned to Volus and saluted. "Sir, I will wait in the cockpit for you." and left the bridge.

Before joining Varuh, the Commander rose from his chair to issue further orders to his crew. "Gariol, position us as near as you can to the shuttlecraft and hold position until we return. You are in command."

"Yes Sir," the Decurion acknowledged, seemingly not phased with the responsibility that had just been placed on his shoulders.

Volus then turned towards the station that was adjacent to flight control. "Mavieste, inform Galae Command that we are beginning rescue operations of... what is left of the V'ashnu crew." Were there actually any survivors beyond their own? Either way, the incident needed to be reported and input into the logs. Their involvement was going to raise questions no matter what they did but that was something for them to worry about at a later time. "Alert Doctor Sienae that there may be injuries. Have her on stand by in hangar bay one."

"Yes Commander," the Warbird Controller responded. She immediately began to act out those orders.

With his instructions given, Volus took his leave from the bridge. While he hoped that every member of the away team would return to the Imperiax unscathed, he was more interested in finding out whether or not Dhael had found or retrieved anything of value from her meeting on Trelleb V. It was the entire reason why they were in the position they were in now. Hopefully their efforts will not have been for naught.


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