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A Gift From An Old Friend

Posted on 20 Nov 2016 @ 8:19pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Rejik tr'Nansalaem & Valkis tr'Tellus & Admiral Evelyn t'Sernak
Edited on on 20 Nov 2016 @ 8:22pm

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Starbase Sei - Admiral's Office
Timeline: MD1 - 1000 Hours

There was one direct benefit to having Rejik's ship in their possession. It meant that he and Volus could go wherever they wanted to at any point in time. Being in between assignments, this was a good thing. They could forego the traditional travel methods of shuttlecrafts or transports and travel to their destinations directly and much faster instead. Using the Lanora-class scout ship so openly was a risk and did present them with some challenges though. Rejik was a military deserter. As such, if they were ever found out, or if he was ever discovered it was more than guaranteed that the Commander's career would be over. Precautions had to be taken. Volus felt as if he still had a role to play in the future of the Romulan Star Empire.

As the ch'Haven-class Starbase appeared on the short range sensors, the Romulan drone dropped the scout out of warp and he contacted a man whom he'd become very close to in the last six months. "Commander, we are in visual range of Starbase Sei."

A few moments later, Volus' voice could be heard over the comm. "Contact them. I'll be up in a siure." And he was. After entering the command section, he took a seat in the main chair. "Is the transponder operational?" he asked Rejik.

"Yes Commander," he replied. "Also, I have the Starbase on subspace."

Volus nodded in acknowledgement and then spoke aloud. "This is Commander Volus aboard the R.I.S. Fausius. I have a meeting with Admiral Evelyn. Request permission to dock."

"Jolan tru Fausius. Permission granted. Proceed to hangar bay rhi," the monotonous voice responded.

"Understood," Volus confirmed. The comm was then terminated and as ordered, Rejik maneuvered the shuttle into the designated hangar bay.

Once the Mortis (as it is really named) was powered down and locked up, both men exited via the side hatch, thus stepping foot onto the Starbase.

"While I am grateful that we have your vessel, it is nice to be in an open area again," Volus commented as the two of them made their way for the boarding control station. As was always the case, the Commander proceeded through the security check in quickly. Rejik, on the other hand, took a little more time because he was using a fabricated identification chip. Eventually, that too passed and they continued on their way.

"What will you do while I am meeting with the Admiral?" Volus asked him as they walked along the corridor.

"I do not know," Rejik answered honestly.

Volus didn't need to warn him to maintain a low profile. Neither of them could risk him being discovered by Sei's security. "Maybe you should go to the promenade. At this time of day there'll be many people. You're less likely to be noticed."

What exactly would he do there? Then again, it was probably more appealing than just standing in some dark corner and waiting for who knows how long. "I suppose that I could wander down there and explore the shops for a time."

"It'll do you some good," Volus said as he patted him on the shoulder. When they arrived at the nearest turbolift, they were forced to wait a minute or two, but when the doors parted, Volus moved inside. . "I will contact you once I have finished speaking with the Admiral." Rejik only nodded slightly but it was all that Volus needed to see. The doors shut and he directed the lift to the Starbase's Operations Centre.

Having visited several of these Starbases over the years, the layout wasn't unfamiliar to him therefore there wasn't much excitement with regards to going somewhere new. If he was honest, Volus was just anxious to speak with the Admiral to find out why he'd been summoned here. From the turbolift in Operations, he was led to her office.

When the doors opened, Evelyn stood from her chair behind her desk and smiled. "Jolan tru Commander," she greeted.

"Jolan tru Admiral," Volus returned with the same warm smile.

"How was your voyage here?" she asked him. "My Leader of Station Control informed me that you arrived on the Fausius. Please have a seat." The Admiral gestured to the chair on the other side of her desk. She too sat down.

"Yes, we picked it up on Xolecis II. It was instrumental in allowing me and my crew to escape the Cardassians when the Imperiax was destroyed. You know this, however, from my reports months ago. Is there a problem in my using it?" he asked. Or did she find out that it's really the Mortis?

The Admiral narrowed her eyes and studied Volus for a few long moments. Then her smile returned. "No, you may continue to do so although I wonder if you'd be interested in something... bigger."

That caught Volus' attention. Was he being given a new assignment after all this time? "I live to serve the Empire," he said.

"Spoken like a soldier," Evelyn commented. She leaned forward and input a few commands into her controls. At the side of the room, a holographic communications pad lit up and a male Romulan appeared on it. "Someone would like to speak to you," she told him.

The man was immediately recognizable to Volus and he smiled upon seeing him. They hadn't spoken for some time, but the Commander knew that his career as a member of the Government had really taken him places. For better or worse remained to be seen. "Senator Valkis," he greeted. "I hope that you're not getting too comfortable aboard Deep Space Twelve," he jested. With DS12 being a former Cardassian station now in the Federation's control, it was somewhat ironic that he was stationed there especially if you considered the Imperiax's demise.

"Probably not. The core design is still Cardassian," Telhas replied, "And actually I am not totally voluntary here." He grinned as he continued. "You know me, I have a tendency to attract enemies. Especially when I change my name to Telhas and tell my fellow senators that the Empire became weak." He shrugged. "Actually, I even told them that it became a shame." He laughed.

"A bold statement on your part." Not that Volus completely disagreed with him regarding the current government although it sounded as if the method upon which he acted probably could have been better. "Having been with the Tal Shiar and the Tal Diann I expect that you have your personal safety taken care of." Not only was Valkis, no Telhas, resourceful and experienced but he also had his mental powers to fall back on if need be. He'd shown in the past that he would not hesitate to use them if necessary.

"Of course I have. Unfortunately I had to fire several people of my staff here in the embassy, but now I can be sure that I am surrounded by loyal people. It was even advantageous for most of them." Indeed, getting rid of those he did not trust by helping them to proceed their career even increased his mnhei'sahe. And this had proven beneficial in what he had planned for Volus. "However, this is not the reason why we are talking, although it never hurts to talk with an old friend."

"Indeed," Volus concurred. "To what then do I owe the pleasure?" he asked with curiosity.

"Well, I have been talking to a friend to obtain a warbird for my personal use," Telhas grinned, "You know, Senator's privilege, and as we were talking he told me that they were also sending some D'deridex warbirds to the fleets as replacements for lost ships. So... to make a long story short, Admiral Evelyn, would you be so kind to inform Commander Volus about my idea?"

"Of course, Senator," Evelyn said with a smile. "I feel as if I should repeat my question from earlier to you Commander. Are you interested in something a little bigger?"

"What? A D'deridex?" Volus replied with no small amount of amazement. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time he'd be in command of one but it was a giant leap from the raptor that was his home for about half a year. "After what happened with the Imperiax?" He certainly felt the need to ask.

"Your reports made it clear that what happened was not your fault," the Admiral replied. "The fact is that we still need ships out there. The people need to be reassured that they are safe within our borders. You are one of our most experienced Commanders. If you hadn't earned the ire of the Tal Shiar as much as you have over the years, there's every chance that you would have been an Admiral by now." She handed Volus a datapad. "I suppose that commanding the Imperial Warbird Imperiax will just have to do in the meantime."

Volus smiled as he glanced over the contents of the pad. They kept the name. "I would like it entered in the record that the ship previously bearing this name be commended for its service during the Dominion War. I hope that this new bird will be deserving of its legacy."

"So do I," the Admiral agreed.

"And by the sound of it, I have you to thank Senator," Volus said, returning his attention to the holo-communication pad. "I owe you a great debt for this opportunity."

Telhas smiled. "One day, my friend, and this day may never come. I may ask you a favour. Until then, continue your good work. You are one of the best commanders I know. And if you ever need some political support, do not hesitate and contact me. Same for you, Admiral."

Volus nodded. The Admiral did the same behind him. "Jolan tru," he said to the Senator.

"Jolan tru," Telhas replied. It could be seen how he reached his hand forward to press a button, then the hologram flickered and faded.

Once Telhas disappeared, the Admiral returned to her desk. "Other than the transfer of command, that datapad also contains your personnel roster and schedule for the duration of your stay here at Starbase Sei. You'll find a number of familiar names will be joining you on your new ship."

She wasn't wrong. Volus scanned through the list; Dhael, Varuh, Lyirru, Bisrik, N'alae, L'Mekratek, even Zhanduk. They were all returning. There were also names he was not familiar with but that did not really concern him. Experience reassured him that it would not take long for the bonds of friendship and family to be forged.

"Many of them have already arrived although they are not aware of this development," Evelyn told him. "I thought that you would like to have that honor."

"Thank you Admiral," he appreciated. "I will see if we can gather somewhere this evening so that I may give them the news."

"With regards to your orders, you will get them tomorrow afternoon when I come aboard the Imperiax. I expect that you will be able to make the necessary arrangements for my arrival?" she asked, regardless that she knew the answer.

"We will be ready," Volus assured her and he had no doubt that they would be.

"Good. You are dismissed then Commander." The Admiral stood from her desk and bowed slightly. "Congratulations and may D'era watch over you," she said to him

Volus bowed his head in return. "Jolan tru Admiral." He then took his leave from the Admiral's Office.

Although he expected that his meeting with the Admiral would lead to his being assigned somewhere within the Romulan Guard, Volus did not expect what was given to him; command of a warbird. For the first time in six years, something had gone right for him. Did this mean that behind the scenes there'd been some kind of shift in power away from the Tal Shiar? There was no way for him to know but if that was indeed the case, Volus was going to welcome it. All he wanted was to be permitted to do his job and serve the Romulan people. Maybe now he could actually do that again. This was a good day and for the first time in many months, Volus was looking forward to what the future might bring him next.


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