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A Borg Bump On The Promenade

Posted on 03 Jan 2017 @ 12:57am by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Rejik tr'Nansalaem & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Starbase Sei - Promenade
Timeline: MD1 - 1030 Hours

It had been some time since Dhael had been granted the opportunity for some down time and the last few days had been filled with indulgent moments but had also been very lonely. Today that was about to change for she had been summoned to meet with Volus. She assumed that it was to be about their reassignment. It was an hour until their meeting, and so she spent the time wandering the bazaar on the recreation level of the Starbase, buying up silks and other fabrics whilst she got the chance. Still wearing civilian clothes, she arrived by a stall selling jewellery and was just about to try on a bracelet that the vendor was holding out for her when her eye caught a hooded figure across the way. "One moment." she pulled her hand away from the vendor and turned, stepping in front of the object of her attention and bending down so that she could look under the hood.

"Rejik?" she asked as she finally caught sight of his downcast face.

Had it been anyone else who'd said his name, it was probable that Rejik would have silenced them for a few hours. He recognized the woman's voice however. It wasn't unexpected to find her here. She was a friend. "Subcommander," he greeted her, only lifting his head a little bit to see her face.

"Doing a bit of shopping too huh?" Dhael asked, jumping to the most logical conclusion for his presence in the bazaar.

"I do not have many possessions," he said to her. Not that he had any use for such things. Maybe in his old life but not now. "In truth I was simply passing the time. You, on the other hand, seem to be indulging yourself considerably." He motioned with his left hand to the items that she was carrying.

"It might be a long time before we come back to a station." Dhael replied, "So I'm making the most of it. I'm afraid that I have a weakness for possessions and all of mine were lost when we lost the Imperiax." she let out a heavy sigh, still feeling the loss of the great old ship.

"You should count yourself fortunate. Items can be easily replaced. Lives cannot," the Borg stated bluntly. It was more of a rhetorical reminder more than anything else. Rejik didn't really believe that the woman before him didn't comprehend the meaning behind what he said.

"I know." Dhael replied softly, "Trust me, I know." she added, her mind turning to all of those that they had lost such a short time ago.

"The Commander will be pleased that you are here," the former Drone said in an attempt to change the subject. "He considers you a very capable officer. While I do not know what is to become of us, the fact that we've been reunited bodes well."

"I've missed his counsel." Dhael replied, "It will be good to see him again." she smiled fondly, thinking of what they'd shared during their time together as a command team, "How is he?" she asked as the vendor handed over a bag containing the items she'd purchased including the bracelet that she had been looking at.

"Well, for the most part," Rejik answered. "He is also preoccupied by many things although I do believe that the time away from the Imperial Fleet has done him some good. He was able to spend some time with his children, something that I know he was unable to do in the wake of Hobus."

"I'm glad." Dhael smiled fondly, "He lost so much when the homeworld was destroyed, it's good that he's reconnected with that which he still has." she finished paying the vendor then asked "Shall we get a drink somewhere? All of this shopping has made me thirsty."

They'd all lost very much although for Rejik, he'd used the destruction of Romulus and Remus to his advantage as a way to restart his life. Sure, he was now part Borg, but he was also more able to contribute to the military than ever before. Rejik nodded to the Subcommander's suggestion. "Very well," he said. "I have no preference, so you may lead the way."

"Let's try that place." Dhael pointed to a small bar towards the edge of the bazaar. They walked there in silence and once settled in a booth with a glass of Romulan Ale each, she asked "So, what have you been doing with yourself since we last met?"

"For the most part I have remained by the Commander's side," he replied, after which he took a sip from his glass of ale in a very stiff, robotic way. "Being what I am now, I have nowhere to go. I cannot risk contacting my family. They should not suffer for my decisions. The wait has been frustrating, however. Whatever news that the Commander returns with today, I hope that it will allow me to actually do something again."

"Not one for leisure time then huh?" Dhael teased lightly as she sipped her ale, "Do Borg even get off duty time?" she pondered, suspecting that the answer was no.

"No," Rejik confirmed her suspicions. "My understanding of their social structure is that when drones have completed the work assigned to them, they are then required to regenerate. However, as you are aware, my link to the Collective was only temporary due to the virus I injected myself with. I do not completely function in that manner. I have, however, found it difficult to partake in activities because they always feel like a waste of time and energy."

"Perhaps you just haven't found the right pastime yet." Dhael observed as she took a drink, "And also, the longer you're away from your experience, the more you might feel more Romulan again."

"You may be correct," Rejik agreed. "Although despite the changes I have undergone, there is a very large part of me that does not want to return to being what I once was. I am committed to moving forward in this new form. I am a more functional individual now than I ever was." And that was largely in part to his Borg enhancements.

"You like being part Borg?" Dhael looked shocked, "Why?" she asked bluntly, not sure that she could ever feel that way if she was ever in the same situation.

"The simplest answer I can give you Subcommander is that I am better now," he told her. "My experience aboard the Warbird Rom'drex crippled me psychologically and I was never able to move on from it. Instead of helping me, my peers chose to cast me aside. Becoming Borg was not my first choice for a remedy but it has done much to return my focus and inner-strength. I now feel like I can do anything and that nobody can stand in my way."

"Some would say that those feelings are quite dangerous." Dhael pointed out, worried that Rejik thought himself invincible.

"If you are worried that I will take matters into my own hands, I do not plan on it," he said in an attempt to dissuade her fears. "It just means that I am quite capable now of taking care of myself. I will not allow myself to be... forgotten."

"A desire that I can identify with." Dhael smiled at him, "It would please me if I ended my days in this universe safe in the knowledge that I had made an impact upon my people, however small."

"If I may ask, is there something specific you are working towards?" Rejik asked her.

"More of an ideal really." Dhael replied, not wanting to go into detail about her dedication to the reunification movement, "Let's just say that I dream of a day when our people can enjoy a new age of prosperity and freedom." she added, hoping that it would be enough of an answer for the Borg.

Unfortunately it wasn't. "What is wrong with the freedom that currently exists in the Empire?" he inquired.

"I believe that there is still too much control." Dhael replied, groaning inside as the conversation threatened to pull her into a debate she did not wish to have.

Rejik cocked his head to the right a bit as if to show that he was trying to understand what she was saying. "Control is necessary, to a certain degree, if order is to be maintained. Is it so wrong to give our people a direction to focus towards? One that proves to be beneficial for all Rihannsu?" Order, thanks to his transformation, had corrected his deviant ways. He truly believed it was the correct one now.

"It depends on how it's done." Dhael replied, "I prefer guidance over control. And you can't deny that our government has at times been too heavy handed."

"They do so with our best interests in mind," Rejik suggested. Although, even he knew that sometimes individual agendas had a hand to play in how matters turned out. "Is this really about them, or do you refer mostly to another segment within the Empire? Your disdain for the Tal Shiar is no secret; not to anyone."

"If you were raised by my parents then I guarantee you'd feel the same." Dhael replied, her jaw set tightly. With a bit of luck he'd see that the subject upset her and allow her to avoid his question.

"It is quite probable that I would," the drone agreed with a nod. Before anything further could be said between them, Rejik's communicator sounded.

"Volus to Rejik," spoke the Commander's voice over the comm.

"Proceed Commander," Rejik answered.

"I have just concluded my meeting with the Admiral. Where are you located?" he asked.

"I am with Subcommander Dhael on the Promenade," the drone replied. "Our discussion in the last hour has been very illuminating."

"It's good to hear your voice Commander." Dhael chimed in, unable to hide the smile on her face at the sound of his voice.

"Likewise," Volus responded. "It is very fortuitous that you are here as well as there is something we need to discuss. Rejik, bring her to the Mortis. I will meet you there in ten siuren."

"Yes Commander," the drone replied. He then terminated the comm link and looked up to Dhael. "It appears as if our exchange this morning has come to an end."

"So it seems." Dhael nodded as she stood up, "The Commander does not like to be kept waiting so I suggest we get going."

"I agree," Rejik said and he too got up from his seat. He did not know what the Commander wanted to speak to them about but the fact that Dhael was going to be involved was encouraging to say the least. Whilst Rejik had not served with her as long as Volus had, it couldn't be mere coincidence that the three of them were on Starbase Sei at the same time. Rejik could not predict the future, but all the signs were indicating that change was on the horizon and that they'd be right in the thick of it.


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