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One Centurion, Two Escapes

Posted on 30 Oct 2016 @ 2:38pm by Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Gavarian Corridor
Timeline: 8th d. of 2nd m. of Air, y. 1940 AS

The Cardassians. A spineless race of ryak'na.

For the second time in less than a month Centurion Lyirru found himself escaping from a ship on the verge of destruction.

Shortly after the Imperiax had been destroyed, Lyirru had been temporarily assign to the Warbird Araram. The Warbird had been tasked with leading a squadron of 6 Romulan vessels into the Gavarian Corridor and retaking a lost sector from the Cardassians.

Their mission started well, they met little resistance as they travelled to their destination. But once there, Romulan intelligence had failed them. They were met by 8 Keldon Class heavy cruises and 4 Galor Class warships.

The battle had been fiercely fought on both sides but with the Romulan Squadron out gunned, they quickly lost ground and ships.

As Lyirru watched out of the escape pods tiny viewport, the Araram was destroyed from a singularly breach, he couldn't help but think that the Araram's Commander had been stupid enough to remain and fight rather than withdraw. He knew the loss of 6 Warbirds would be a devastating to the Romulans war effort.

He looked over at his pilot. A young officer who had served under him in the Warbird Control department. A Sublieutenant by the name of Eren, who risked his own life to save Lyirru's after a metal beam collapsed onto him during the fire fight and severed his left leg from the knee down.

Eren had acted quickly to pull him free and used an emergency medical kit to stop the bleeding before the order to abandon ship was given. The Sublieutenant then dragged Lyirru to the nearest escape pod and jettisoned.

The Cardassians didn't seem to be too bothered about the escape pods and left them along, probably to try and inflict fear into their enemy, so story's could be told of the Romulan defeat.

Lyirru wouldn't be telling stories of what had happened here today. The last thing the Empire needed was cowards telling others how they'd been defeated.

He glanced at the stump where his leg once was, the bandage was soaked with green blood. He was bleeding again, his only hope now was that they managed to get to safety before he bled out.


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