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Rise And Shine!

Posted on 01 Nov 2016 @ 11:29pm by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Uhlan Mardek tr'Krell
Edited on on 01 Nov 2016 @ 11:37pm

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Krell Estate, Umbrios
Timeline: 25th d. of 4th m. of Fire, y. 1940 AS

He drifted through emptiness. Yet he felt calm, warm and protected. Varuh tr'Krell was not aware of where he was neither when. He just...'was'. Flashes of consciousness repeated themselves over and over again. A white-hot flash. Searing pain. The smell of burned plastics, sweat and blood. The faces of his father and his mother. Greenish light and buzzing like a tool, then darkness again.

* * * * *

Uhlan Mardek ir-Rateg admired the alien art in the estate's master bedroom. The tr'Krell family crest was present on shining marble floor. A teal desert scropion on cream white with the sun of Umbrios. Quite luxorious. he mused to himself. How he ended up here, guarding the sleep of Varuh tr'Krell and observing medical diagnosis units parked next to his bed...he would not have believed it. Yet, he was sure he held the reason for it right in his hands - a pendant with a memory crystal. He remembered Varuh clutching it - even in his unconcious state. It must be of importance. His honor dictated that he would keep it safe for his patient.

It was quite a shock, when Kon Bagheris carried the almost lifeless sublieutenant aboard the IRS Mortis. Dr. Sienae and Mardek were tending to the wounded who were massing in their numbers. He had sustained severe burns and a trauma to his left eye. Also, he had lost some blood. Mardek remembered that they had to stabilize him and put him into an artificial comatosis unless they would be at a real medical facility again. It took 2 days unless they were picked up by a Warbird and brought to the next starbase. Up to this point, Varuh was stabilized and healing from his wounds. They could not save his eye, however and it was removed. Restorative surgery was in order. To his utmost surprise, the first thing on that starbase, Mardek was confronted by a Tal Shiar Court Uhlan and Varuh was relocated to Umbrios by higher orders and he was simply ordered to accompany him.

He enjoyed some days of luxory at the Krell estate offering each help he could do. He looked at the injured leader of the house. His left eye was covered with an eyepatch - a bionic one had to be grafted first. A large scar went through his face, right through the eye - a reminder of the monitor exploding directly next to his face. The burns, however were healed and there was no more hint of them. The scar, however...well, that would have to wait after surgery.

The door opened and the house's physicians entered and greeted Mardek politely. They looked at the instruments lining the bed and the leading physician finally nodded and spoke. "It is time. He has slept enough. Bring him back amongst the living again."

An infusion was administered and the vital signs began to rise. Finally, Varuh twitched his face and groaned.
Then he opened his remaining eye, closing it at once again, his face contorted with pain.

"Where...where am I?" he asked with coarse voice.

"At home, young master. On Umbrios." the leading physician answered while helping Varuh a glass of water.

"Durik? I am on Umbrios? But...the Imperiax! Why can't I open my left eye?" Varuh asked, his brain rebooting.

Mardek approached the bed and spoke. "The Imperiax has been destroyed, sir. We got you out in one piece - mostly. I am sorry, we could not save your eye. You were sent to recuperate to your estate on Tal Shiar Court orders.

Varuh shot up straight. "The Tal Shiar Court???" Then he grasped at his chest, searching for something he usually kept there. Mardek offered Varuh the memory crystal pendant he was holding. "I believe this is yours. I kept it safe for you since we left the Imperiax with the Mortis."

Varuh's face became calmer almost suddenly. He sighed and put on the pendant. "I am in your debt, Uhlan..." - he tried to remember the name. He knew the face when they worked on Rejik. "Mardek?"

"Correct, Sir. You might repay me later for that. It looked very important to you." the young medic answered. "Nobody touched it."

Varuh nodded.

"There are however more pressing matters concerning your health, I would daresay." Mardek replied.

"This is correct, honoured guest." Durik, the leading physician added. "You would have to undergo further surgery to restore your vision. A bionic eye and we would have some cosmetic surgery on the scar in your face."

"Show me." Varuh ordered and was given a mirror. He looked into it and contemplated. "No cosmetic surgery, just the implant. I will keep the scar. I have been baptized in fire and am reborn again. The scar will be testimony for that."

"As you wish." Durik replied. "You should eat and drink now. We will leave you alone."

"Mardek can stay. I have questions...many." Varuh replied.

"I will brief you on all you have missed, Sir." Mardek replied and began to tell the Sublieutenant about the last moments of the Imperiax while the physicians left the chamber.


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