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Posted on 02 Nov 2016 @ 8:32pm by Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Virinat Colony
Timeline: 3rd d. of 1st m. of Earth, y. 1940 AS

Three months had past since Lyirru had been injured on the Warbird Araram. His rehabilitation had been difficult. It took several operations to repair the damage that had been done and replace the limb.

Although the surgeons had told him he had a clean bill of health, his 'new' leg still hurt. He was unsure whether it was his mind playing tricks or if it did actually hurt. When he complained to the Doctors they kept saying it was fine.

Next it was how to learn to walk again. It sounded stupid when they told him he'd have to learn again but the first time he stood up he came crashing back down. It took six weeks to use his new limp like the old one. He couldn't help but limp when he walked but he was told that would go with time.

Now he stood outside his home on Virinat Colony. He'd not been back since he heard about the destruction of the home world. The small amount of land next to the dwelling was largely overgrown. He had once taken pride in tending to his garden and watching his daughters play.

He pushed back the fond memories of his daughters and limped his way up the path to the door. He placed his thumb on the reader and heard the door unlock. He pushed the door open and waited for a few moments. He allowed the stale air be replaced with the fresh breeze from outside.

He slowly made his way inside. He thumbed the power on from a control panel by the front door. The dull natural light that came in through the windows was replaced by warm lighting from around the house.

A thick layer of dust coated everything. He noticed a data pad on the table and remember he had been working on his weekly orbital weather station report when the news came in about the home world's destruction.

The feeling still made him feel numb, even today. He lost everything that he held dear to him that day.

Lyirru took a deep breath. "I must move forward with my life. I can't leave it the past." He said out loud to himself.

His first order of business was to get the house and land back to its former glory and something to be proud of once again.


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