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Eye For An Eye

Posted on 03 Nov 2016 @ 9:36pm by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Uhlan Mardek tr'Krell
Edited on on 09 Nov 2016 @ 11:01pm

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Master's Chambers - Krell Estates, Umbrios
Timeline: 6th d. of 1st m. of Air, y. 1940 AS

"Rak'tajino!" Varuh mused "How long has it been?" and took another sip. He was sitting in the master's chamber in the Krell family palace at a long table. Sunlight was entering through the many windows but Varuh's seat was shrouded by shadows. He was enjoying civilisation again. After getting out of his sickbed he demanded a bath and a light, but luxorious meal and finally allowed himself to sleep after Mardek finished his stories about the last moments of the IRV Imperiax enjoying a glass of romulan ale with his guest - the best brew the Krell cellars could muster. The pendant hung safely around his neck, its secrets yet to be unlocked. On the other side of the table was the young medic-to-be Uhlan Mardek ir-Rateg, honoured guest of the house and probably Varuh's savior. Both were enjoying a hearty breakfast of fresh bread, smoked and dried hlai strips, s'almha, boiled aab and fresh fruits of the season.

"So, frankly spoken, you state that my left eye is irreversibly damaged?" Varuh inqired, helping himself another strip of hlai from a turquise adorned silver plate.

"I am afraid so, Sir, indeed. A monitor has blown up next to your face and the glass shards have put that eyeball out of commision for good. The vitreus humor has been damaged and some retinal blood vessels cut leading to the optic nerve dying. We did all to prevent necrosis and blood poisoning but that forced us to cut and cauterise the optical nerve to make it useable for a bionic replacement. The alternative would have been permanent blindness on the eye. We - that is Dr. Sienae and myself hoped you would prefer it this way. There are good cosmetical replacements - noone would be able to tell the difference - even you would not if callibrated correctly. You might suffer from phantom pain from time to time - or not. Time will tell this." Mardek answered.

Varuh nodded. "You were right. Blindness would be the end of my Galae career and I do not wish to end it yet." he took a bite of bread and chewed thoughtfully. "However, it is not in my interests to hide this battle wound either. Vanity has no place in my heart and D'Era demands me to grow from my experiences. Now that I lost my eye I want my new one to be better than the old one. Do not understand me wrong, I have not become a borg admirer, but I share their philosophy of enhancing the body to a certain extent. I would not be willing to trade off still healthy bodyparts freely, but as my eye is lost anyways, why not strife for more...potential."

Mardek tilted his head, puzzled. "Sir?"

"I do not care about how it would look like, but it should help me with my work. O.k. - I do not want to look like a second Rejik." he chuckled. "That would be too extreme, but the night's rest gave me time to think about a few scenarios. I want it zoomable to help me in repairing delicate mechanisms." Varuh continued.

"But digital zoom would require a computer interface and extended brain surgery. I do not think you would like that risk." Mardek replied.

"No, just a mechanical zoom would be enough. I have another idea or two for the rest of that problem." Varuh answered, taking a sip of Rak'tajino.

"Well...if you would have no problems in a lens prodding out of your face when zoomed out? I find that thought...unaesthetic at least. But as you stated, that aesthetics are not of your concern, this might be doable although giving you a rather crude look." Mardek replied, beheading an aab and sprinkling it with some salt.

"What might be unaesthetical for our kind might prove intimidating to a Ferengi or be an applaudable adornment for a Klingon together with this battle scar. Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder and might influence interaction with other species. The most important thing is that it makes me a better engineer to fulfill my duty. Vanity does not serve D'Era nor gain mnhei'sahe. Duty and sacrifice do. Also, I would like to expand my view into the infrared and ultraviolet spectre. Being able to detect heat optically might prove useful both at work or in battle. UV-sight would allow me to evaluate certain chemical compunds without laboratory or tricorder."

"This should be doable, although the surgery would require to cut off some parts of your face bone to make space for the extra gadgets. Not that we already have done this a bit to remove splinters and shards. It would even give those surgeries a meaning." Mardek mused, partly excited about transcending a person's body but also aghast of the implications. This was quite a heretical path they were taking...or at least a very unconventional one.

"Lastly, I want a multi-purpose interface to connect my eye to other technical hardware. I want my bionic eye work as a possible display and overlay to my natural sight - like a HUD. I guess it would be handy if connected to a tricorder, PADD, external camera or a rifle's sight. I might be able to access technical data while repairing keeping my hands free or see where my rifle is pointing at." Varuh finished.

"This...I never heared of this before. Yes, technially it would be possible, I guess although it would be...pricey. This is not a standard surgery." Mardek replied.

"It is not outside house Krell's financial reach. And I want you to help with the surgery. You are a capable medic. You have already proven this with Rejik. And you saved my life and safeguarded my family heirloom - I consider thee tafv. If you are willing to assist, I will offer you adoption into house Krell if you are successful, granting you the full status of nobleman." Varuh proposed. "Helping me following D'Era will enhance your mnhei'sahe as well as open new paths before you. You have an hour to meditate on my offer." he concluded, rose and left Mardek ir-Rateg puzzled and overwhelmed in the chamber.

* * * * *

hlai - meat of a Romulan bird, similar to an ostrich
s'almha - a sweetwater fish with red, delicious meat (non-canonic vocabulary)
aab - egg
mnhei'sahe - honor
tafv - trustworthy, something not easily associated with Romulans


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