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Sight Beyond Sight

Posted on 09 Nov 2016 @ 10:06pm by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Uhlan Mardek tr'Krell
Edited on on 25 Dec 2016 @ 7:13pm

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Physician's Chambers - Krell Estates, Umbrios
Timeline: 10th d. of 1st m. of Air, y. 1940 AS

Uhlan Mardek ir-Rateg washed his hands standing besides other surgeons hired by the Krell family. He was wearing his scrubs and cleaned himself from the surgery he had performed. His patient was asleep, the narcosis yet to fade. The house's lead physician Durik approached the young medic-to-be.

"You performed excellent, youngling." the old medic spoke. "The surgery will be a success, if we will not face unexpected complications which I find very unlikely. Master Varuh has spoken about you. Is it true that you have successfully operated on a borg? You have made many experiences already as a medic many would be waiting for half of their career."

"I am thankful for your advice you gave me during the surgery. I have learned a lot. But you do me too much honor - I have not completed my studies yet. I am no maenek, but a mere student." Mardek replied politely. "But regarding the borg - yes, it is true. Maybe I can tell you later about it, if you like. I would listen to your stories as well, deihu."

Durik nodded solemny and dried his hands. "You will be soon, young one. You will be soon. Your accomplishments will not go unnoticed - I strongly believe this. Maenek Sienae also has a good reputation. She taught you well. It was also a wise decision to accept Master Varuh's offer. I believe, you will be a strong asset to the house. The clan has suffered under the absence of late Master Luthian. His death was kept secret by sinister forces so our political power was impaired or even crippled. We have to recuperate quickly and need those, who live for D'Era - like you. I have seen many faces in my life and served no less than 3 masters of Krell. You are special and this is, what young master Varuh sees in you. Like his father he can read people's hearts."

"Again, I humbly accept your praise, Deihu Durik. My prayers are with Master Varuh that he will recuperate soon." Mardek answered. "Right now I would like to retire to the guest chambers - I could need some sleep now."

"Rest well, child." the old Medic replied.

8 hours later

Varuh was sitting in the bed of the master's chamber and looking into a mirror Mardek presented him with. He turned his head and looked closely at his new features. For Romulan standards the injuries he had suffered were disfigurating and the way his sight was restored looked rather intimidating than stylish. But he was above vanity and just was interested in his new eye working as designed. A rather big sum of Talons have changed their owner to acquire all hardware needed to modify the medical implant to Varuh's desired specifications. The optical lens was still blackened.

"I see you have been successful, Mardek. Just like I imagined. Durik told me all about it. Your performance was excellent during surgery. Shall we see whether this eye will give me sight beyond sight?"

"As you wish, Lord Krell." Mardek answered using the formal title rather than rank. It was more befitting in this surroundings. On a ship this one was a mere engineer...well at least a leader of techs. But here he was a noble, a lord even, commanding respect. Mardek took a small manipulator from a table next to the bed and began using it on ports of the bionic eye. "This might hurt a bit from feedback, hru'hfirh."

The eye flared up greenish and Varuh twitched, grimacing from the sudden pain he suffered.

"The pain will recede soon. You want an analgetic?" Mardek asked.

"No need to, Mardek. I have lived through more than that. He concentrated and closed his good eye hoping for his vision to remain. To his relief the vision stayed, although a bit blurry.

"This is not right yet - it is blurry." he told Mardek.

"We will adjust then. Tell me when the sight gets better." the young medic replied and worked his manipulator on the eye.

"This is wait...getting better now...almost...bit too much...yes. This looks right to me." Varuh spoke. He opened his other eye. No difference in sight. In fact, he could not tell any difference.

Mardek nodded. "Now concentrate on the left eye and try to focus on the statue over there, hru'hfirh."

Varuh turned his head and closed his good eye while adjusting to the new object of interest. With a quiet whirr, the lens extended out of the eyesocket and the vision became a close-up of it. A small number stating the zoom appeared in Varuh's field of sight. "It works well." Varuh told turning back to Mardek, the eye whirring back into the skull.

Mardek found this a bit unnerving but remained calm. He was happy that the surgery was a success and the sight has been restored.

"I guess we train a bit zooming in and out so you will get familiar with that new funtion. Tomorrow we might get to the more advanced functions of your new eye." Mardek informed Varuh.

"Very well. What to zoom in next?" Varuh asked continuing his excercise.

maenek - medical doctor
hru'hfirh - lord of a house
deihu - Title of Elder or respectful for a senator


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