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Posted on 14 Nov 2016 @ 8:37pm by Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Virinat Colony & Starbase Sei
Timeline: Various, noted below

1st d. of 4th m. of Earth, y. 1940 AS. 1415 Hours

Lyirru knelt on the freshly cut grass as he tended to the boarder. It was full of colour now he had managed to spend time tidying it up after his long absence.

He had found the medical leave from the Empire's service quite refreshing. It was a shame he had to lose his leg to do so.

The medical staff at the colony were impressed with Lyirru's recovery and had signed him fit to return to active service but with him still officially assigned to the Imperiax under the command of Commander Volus and the crew still on leave, he had seen no point in returning. This gave him the time to restore the small garden to its former glory.

Today, however, that was about to change. He noticed a man in military uniform approach him. He glanced up, "What can I do for you?" He asked, as he squinted from the suns shining into his eyes.

"Jolan Tru. Forgive my intrusion, Centurion." The Romulan replied respectfully.

Lyirru frown, "Eren, is that you?" He said recognising the voice and holding his hand up to block out the sun light.

"It is indeed, sir." He said with a smile.

Chuckling Lyirru struggled to his feet, "Still struggling with this bloody leg." He said refusing several offers of help before hand from Eren.

"If I'd known you'd whinge so much about it I would have left you on the bridge of the Araram." Eren said with a smile. "But I'm here on official business. Your being called back to active service with the rest of the Imperiax crew." He said passing him a data pad.

Lyirru took the pad and thumbed through its contents. "Orders to assemble on Starbase Sei with the rest of the Imperiax crew. But nothing else."

"I'm also transferring to the Imperiax crew to whatever assignment they have next." Eren said.

"It'll be good to have you aboard." Lyirru said patting the Sublieutenant on the shoulder. "Though we maybe serving on a garbage scowl! Come in for a drink?" He said gesturing to the open door.

"Unfortunately, I'll need to pass. My ship was only make a brief stop for supplies. My Commander thought the personal touch at delivering your orders, would be best. You've been booked passage on a civilian transport which leaves the day after tomorrow. Starbase Sei is a good few weeks away."

"Shame. I best get my affairs in order before I leave. I'll see you on the Starbase in a few weeks." Lyirru replied.

"Until then, sir." Eren said with a respectful nod before turning on his heel and leaving.

2nd d. of 5th m. of Earth, y. 1940 AS. (MD1) 0830 Hours

Lyirru limped through the docking arm from the Transport to the Starbase. He noticed a D'deridex Warship docked at the station. 'Another ship for the front line.' He mused, as he adjusted his duffel bag on his shoulder.

A couple of minutes later he was slowly moved along the promenade. He glanced at what they had to offer, nothing of real interest. Either cheap tat or over priced rubbish.

He headed for the guest quarters where he'd arranged to stay a few nights, he was sure what or when his next assignment would take place so wanted to make the necessary arrangements for his stay at the Starbase.

He took him what felt like hours to find his quarters. He pressed his thumb against the thumb reader which allowed him access and he crossed the threshold. He gave the room a quick visual scan, nothing out of the ordinary caught his eye.

Lyirru dumped his bag on the bed of the small quarters before heading to the replicator and ordered his customary Raktajino before sitting himself down and putting his left leg up on the coffee table to rest it. He noticed the message indicator blinking on the screen on the nearby desk.

Sighing he hauled himself up and moved towards the console. He had several messages, most weren't of any importance but one was from Commander Volus, inviting the crew for a drink at the Starbase's main bar. An offer Lyirru couldn't refuse. He decided to turn in for a nap. True it was early in the day Station time but he was still running on Virinat Colony time which meant Lyirru's body clock was in late evening mode.

He looked forward to seeing everyone again and starting a new adventure with them.


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