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Inspecting The New Ship, Part One

Posted on 11 Dec 2016 @ 7:40pm by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell
Edited on on 13 Dec 2016 @ 9:25am

Mission: The Choices We Make
Location: Deck 40 - Forward Docking Port
Timeline: MD2 - 0530 Hours

Varuh walked down the docking gangway to enter the new ship which would be his new home for the next months as he reckoned. Looking sharp and with a PADD in his hands containing all the informations he would need he approached the guards at the docking gate where the ship connected to the starbase. He was approached by the senior watch officer while the two reman commandos readied their disruptor rifles.

"Jolan tru, Lieutenant..." Varuh's bionic eye whirred out a bit. In his artificial sight the officer's face was bracketed and a small display changing persona transmitted from and compared by his PADD. Finally the face matched and displayed: tr'Savek, Detrius. Lieutenant. Starbase Sei security department. Serial number 375-246S120. "tr'Savek." he finished his sentence. He was glad he payed for this upgrade. All you needed was a PADD with the correct programs and data. This new eye would come in handy.

"Jolan tru, I know you?" the guard officer greeted back, puzzled.

"Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell, Leader of Singularity Control of the ship behind the doors. No, we have not met yet, I reckon. Requesting permission to board the ship to begin pre-launch inspections."

"You are a bit early. The ship will be opened for boarding at 0600 hours." The officer replied, a bit nervous. This was odd...very odd.

"Do you have the slightest idea on MY time schedule? We are to leave the station today and I will make sure that there are no delays. IF there should be one person aboard ensuring the ship is ship-shape, this would be the chief engineer, wouldn't it, Detrius?" Varuh replied in a cold tone.

"Ahem...yes. Sure." the guard replied confused. "Please state your security clearance code." The two Remans were looking quizzically at each other.

"Of course. Varuh-fvehai-sei-mne-kre." Varuh replied, zeroing in onto the Remans. His PADD quickly displayed him the names of the two: z'Rak and Vetiz.

"The code is o.k. - permission granted." Detrius replied. "Open the door."

With a hiss the blast door opened revealing dim green light from the emergency lighting. Varuh stroke past the two Reman guards nodding to each of them. "Kon z'Rak, Kon Vetiz." he greeted them and stepped onto the new Imperiax. The blast doors closed behind him again. Outside of the door the three guards looked after him dumbstruck.

"Now what was that all about?" Detrius asked.

"I do not know. Never seen him before." z'Rak added. "Maybe he is secret police?" he muttered.

"Tal Shiar?" Detrius spat back while is face paled. "Would make sense...well in that case, we just have granted access to the chief engineer. Nothing odd happened...understood?"

"Totally understood, master." z'Rak and Vetiz answered. All three suddenly had the urge to down some ale after shift.

* * * * *

"Computer, lights on." Varuh commanded. A mechanical voice answered him. "IDENTITY CHECK REQUIRED."

"Varuh tr'Krell, Sublieutenant. Occupation: this ship's main engineer. Security code Varuh-fvehai-sei-mne-kre."

"PROCESSING...ACKNOWLEDGED. COMMANDS AND RIGHTS UPDATED FOR VARUH TR'KRELL." the mechanical voice answered. Varuh mused he would replace it with a more appealing one later. The lights went on and illuminated his path. Varuh looked at his PADD searching for his office. He pushed a button and an arrow appeared in his artificial view indicating the shortest way to the turbolifts.

"Neat." he mused. He started to like his new eye.


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